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Skating rink in Moscow: where to skate, open, covered and night rinks in Moscow 2016

Look at the map of Moscow, which marked numerous ice health grounds. We will tell you about the most interesting and popular skating rinks in the capital for the upcoming winter season 2015-2016.

The city provides extensive opportunities for fans of outdoor activities on skates. There are many skating rinks in the city, they are in all areas. You will be able to choose a place where it will be convenient for you to get there.

You can ride not only in the traditional way -Winter day in the open air on a frozen pond, but also to visit an indoor ice rink, to ride on artificial ice. Artificial ice rink has its advantages - the winter wind will not burn your cheeks and freeze your nose.

If suddenly the desire to put on skates and famously dissectIce surface or thoughtfully write skates intricate patterns overtake you in the twilight twilight, you will be able to satisfy your whim, visiting any convenient for you night skating rink in the capital. Yes, yes, for a long time there are such nice things - night rollers in Moscow.

Open ice rinks in Moscow

If you are not afraid of the winter cold, and you wantTo feel all the charm of the freezing air, open ice skating rinks at your service. Numerous lists of open skating rinks can be viewed on the Internet, asking Yandex or Google about it.

Gorky Park of Culture is the owner of the largestOpen ice platform in Moscow. Here, the opportunities to spend an excellent whole day are not limited. The entrance is free, but in the wardrobe you have to wait for your turn.

At Patriarch's Ponds, the secondThe size of the ice surface free open ice rink in Moscow. Ponds - an invention of nature, so you can ride here when the frost will turn the surface of the pond into hard ice. There are no warm dressing rooms here, but you can skate at any time of the day for free.

One of the most popular winter resorts inThe capital is a skating rink in the Hermitage garden, the carriage row, house 3. It is divided into two parts: one smaller, with a natural one, another larger, with artificial ice. As a pleasant addition, the Hermitage Garden can be offered by a small cafe, where you can warm yourself a cup of coffee or tea with some sweet bun. Dressing up here in the warm changing rooms.

All the pleasure will cost you from 150 to 250 rubles per hour. Skates are rented at 150 rubles per hour. For the wardrobe have to pay 50 rubles.

Ice rink "Russian Winter" on Petrovka is a veteran of the Moscow ice, its pleasant friendly atmosphere gives you peace of mind and a good mood.

Covered ice rink in Moscow

Closed skating rinks, like all artificial, are good in that they can work in winter cold and in summer heat.

Palace for fans of ice skating inKrylatskom - the largest indoor skating rink in Moscow. Comfortable conditions are created by musical accompaniment of skating, a restaurant on ice. Fee for pleasure will not put you in a quandary: adults will pay 300 rubles for day skiing, 150 children will be taken from children, and students will give 200 rubles each.

The first artificial ice rink - "At the Arc de Triomphe". A beautiful ice platform provides a variety of services.

In Moscow, also popular indoor skating rink - "Crystal" in Luzhniki (subway "Sport", "Vorobyovy Gory", Luzhnetskaya nab., House 24). Excellent quality of ice, we checked ourselves, we recommend.

There is an ice rink with artificial surface in Moscow - the Lokomotiv skating rink, it is covered. There you can rent skates, music background, buffet, there are places where you can change clothes.

Where to skate at night: night skating rinks in Moscow in the winter season 2015-2016

A new fad of citizens, enjoying increased interest and popularity - night rollers in Moscow. This is an unusual entertainment, and it costs more than usual, but it's worth it!

Ice Palace "Morozovo", indoor night roller with very reasonable prices. You can skate as much as you like.

Skating rink in a room with artificial ice, ice rinkCSKA, allows you to use the service of night skiing two days a week. All the amenities are obvious: there is where to change clothes, there is where to have a bite, you can rent skates, and do not carry your own. All the pleasure - 250 rubles per hour, to sharpen skates will cost 200 rubles.

Young Muscovites pay tribute to the ice ground"Wings of the Soviets," which works at night. In wanting to enjoy the night skiing there is no shortage, there are discos on the ice, a variety of competitions.

Red Square in winter also allowsA great rest from the sedentary city life. The skating rink opens in December, a wonderful idea - a meeting of the new, 2016 ice skating near the Kremlin towers. A beautiful ice, skates for rent, a snack bar, in which you will be offered tasty and hot food.

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