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Shebbie chic in the interior - inspiration for creativity

Shebbie chic: why is it so interesting?

The Victorian era is the basis of this style. A perfect combination of colors and tenderness will conquer any person. What else can you dream about? Shebbie shikstal is popular precisely because of lovers of antiques. That's where it all began. He who loves the old fashioned way will appreciate the shobby.

"Shabby luxury" - translates "shebbie chic". So is bornstyle, so begins a new era. This is an interior with a touch of nostalgia. To do this, the old worn furniture, upholstery fabrics and much more will do.

Many are looking for such furniture in a flea market. But there is no way to get there. Therefore, today many designers create new things that look visually old. A lot of beautiful furniture was released as faded or shabby. That's the whole point. Some furniture was specially treated with certain compounds, which make the effect of forced repainting by the old thing. It looks very stylish and interesting.

Very important in the interior are such details as the frame for paintings vykalkal, embroidered tablecloths, covers knitted, etc.

How to repair "shebbie chic"

Let's talk about all the subtleties of the interior inStyle style. Why is he so good? It is the harmony of all things in the room. With a very simple design of walls, ceilings and floors in light colors, it will be very easy to write antique furniture with scuffs (bed, wardrobe, bedside table). It is not necessary to forget that the sheba must first of all remind us of old times. So you need to think about design things.

Some specially make flooring"Shabby." In the end, without varnishing. Designers recommend covering the floor with a varnish varnish. Takon will look even better. The more natural materials, the better the room looks. Therefore, linoleum does not fit into this interior at all. If you decide to put a laminate, then it must be very carefully selected.

The walls are also painted with crucular compounds. This is a very old look. As a result, you feel like you were born for a few centuries ago. Exciting! You can choose a textile wallpaper in the style of the Victorian era. Now the market a huge selection of wallpaper "under the fabric." Silk-screen printing is very effective. If it's hard to choose a suitable cover, you can always contact the designer, he will help you decide.

What kind of furniture to choose?

The most interesting part is a selection of furniture forStyle cheek chic. True, this is not an easy task. Fans of antiques themselves restore their furniture and decorate it. So, remember that the furniture of the shebbi chic must be necessarily lighter and with smooth curves. Very beautiful look curved legs of chairs, armchairs and tables. Oval countertops just fine fit. There will be as much as possible beautiful wicker chairs with an openwork back. All these little things will give an incredible ease to the interior.

Upholstered furniture is typical for this style. In addition to comfortable couches in the interior fit sofa, beautiful and soft padded stools, chairs. Now it is worthwhile to mark the wooden furniture. On such furniture looks very stylish look shabby.Bezhevye and pale pink shades will give the style a special tenderness and freshness.

Textile decoration

What is famous for chic chic? Of course, a variety of fabrics. In the room you can combine a dozen different prints and textures. It will not spoil the interior, so it will even be more interesting. You can use different curtains, bedspreads, tablecloths, etc., the main thing - to connect your imagination. The most popular prints are floral. It is best to use natural materials - wool, cotton, linen.

Exquisitely will look covers on chairs or sofas with manual sewing. Openwork knitted capes also fit perfectly into the Shebestyle.

Not everyone likes chebbin chic, because the firstThe impression of him is a lot of different things scattered around the room. But this is not chaos, an artistic mess. Therefore, such an interior is suitable for creative work. Art negligence - that's what a shebic chic.

Welcome beautiful vases, knitted toys,Photographs on walls in retro style, lamps with pendants. Particular attention should be paid to colors. It is the flower prints that are so popular. You can put beautiful artificial flowers in the room, they will decorate your corner. So now there is the opportunity to open a part of your soul to the world and decorate the room in the style of the shebbie shik. Creative disorder will create a good atmosphere for the soul.

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