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Choosing a toilet or bidet

How many items do you need
In standard apartments more than one toilet bowlto put it very difficult. But if the toilet room is of sufficient size, then you can install in it a bidet. In the apartments of modern houses there is a toilet for guests. But it should not be equipped with a bidet. In cottages or apartments, built on an individual layout, it all depends on the customer. As a rule, up to three guest toilets are installed (on each floor one by one). In the bedrooms there is a shower or a bathroom, where a toilet is provided.

Toilet bowl or bidet material
Most often, they choose sanitary faience or sanitary porcelain. But you can take and plastic, steel, glass, cast iron and even gold. If sanfarfor and sanfayans are so in demand, then how are they different from each other? And accordingly, why the price of porcelain is much higher? The technology of production of these products is very expensive, but also the quality is higher. Externally, these materials are almost not different, if they are covered with a good glaze. They differ in their hygroscopicity (porosity). In porcelain it is much smaller.

This affects not only the durationUse of the thing, but also on the excellent ability to repel rust, dirt and urea. Associated odors are absent. Although there is no big difference between porcelain and faience. The period of faience use is 40 years, porcelain is 60 years. A repair is usually done at least 15 years later. Therefore, the main difference is that the worst quality faience requires more time and energy for hygienic care for it.

Choosing a toilet bowl
The modern name of "toilet bowl" vase for the toiletreceived thanks to the Spanish corporation "Unidad". She mastered their release in the late 19th century one of the first. When replacing the toilet, you must always pay attention to the piping drain. The toilet must necessarily correspond to the input into the riser (sewer). By the design of the toilet they are vertical, horizontal and oblique. The more vertical the drain is located, the toilet itself can be put closer to the riser. This is a good option for small toilets.

Mutual arrangement of the drain tank and toilet bowl
There are two types. When the joint tank must be fastened to the toilet with a shelf or directly to the body of the toilet. The first type is compact, the second monoblock. If the location is separate, the tank can be set at any level. They are usually attached to the wall. You can use the frame, which is attached to the tank, and the toilet.

Toilet flushing mechanism
A lot of trouble arises from this mechanism: Then the washout ceases to work, then the water begins to leak, then flows, without stopping, a strong current. You can avoid such problems by purchasing a model with a simple design. On sale you can find two-speed tanks. They have two buttons. Pressing one, you can let out 8 liters of water, and another - 4 liters. But this can not save water. Now we have found another solution. Just equipped the tank with a button that releases water only when this button is held. Consult with experts, they have more information. Unfortunately, you can buy a defective toilet or equipped with an incomprehensible drain system. Yes, and fakes there are many. Mechanisms of quality are very reliable, they serve for a long time, there is absolutely no sound of water when filling the tank. The toilet is washed evenly, the flow is directed by the dissectors under the upper roundings along the entire length of the perimeter.

Internal design of the bowl
Choose toilet bowl, based on their ownpreferences on it to sit. If close to the front edge, then with the gutter forward, and if to the rear, then, respectively, with the rear. A toilet bowl with a gutter is considered universal. Individual comfort can only be achieved by individual selection. Do not forget to determine the height of the device and its weight. Picking up the toilet, think about the highest member of the family.

Choosing a bidet
Everything that relates to the choice of a toilet bowl, is applicable andTo the bidet (design, material, mounting methods). But this plumbing gadget has a different purpose. This bath is small in size, but the water in it goes not to the tank, but immediately to the tap. The crane is mounted on the bowl. Equip them with different mixers. This allows you to adjust the direction of the jet using a rotating spout head.

On sale you can find toilets that perform the function of a bidet. This is a universal idea of ​​domestic craftsmen, but from the hygienic point of view it is bad and undesirable. The toilet is used as a urinal.

Do not hesitate to ask sellers any questions you are interested in. As a rule, professionals are always happy to share their knowledge.
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