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How to understand the variety of coffee makers

Principle of operation of devices
Drip machines. Their main difference is that they are not capable ofCreate pressure hot water specifically. Water independently moves through a layer of coffee under gravity of the weight. It gradually flows in small drops, and therefore has the corresponding name.

When purchasing this coffee machine, you need to find out the following characteristics:
  • Power. Lovers of strong coffee have to buy low-power devices (up to 800 W). And coffee makers are more powerful for connoisseurs of soft taste.
  • The volume of the flask. Decide how many cups of coffee you will need to cook at the same time. There are flasks, designed for cooking from five to fifteen cups.
  • Fortress of the drink. Some coffee makers are already designed for the preparation of a drink of a certain fortress. You will only need to press a certain button. In others, you can set the time necessary for boiling your coffee to get the desired strength.
Geyser coffee makers. Their appearance resembles the usual porcelainCoffee pot. They do not need electricity, they put them just on the stove. But you can meet those who connect to the network. The principle of operation of these coffee machines is the same. They look like a metal vessel equipped with special separators. The function of the dividers is to simply separate the water from the ground coffee. To make coffee, pour cold water into the bottom. Then the water passes through a dense layer of ground coffee, rising gradually upwards.

When choosing a geyser coffee machine, focus on the following:
  • The size. This is a very important point! If the machine is designed to make five cups of drink, then you will cook at least five cups each time. It depends on the design of the device.
  • Filling indicator. It shows the liquid level and says when it needs to be topped up.
Cap. This part of the coffee machine should not be heated. Manufacturers usually equip it with hinges. In this case, it is easy to lift it to see the level of coffee.

Espresso. Such apparatuses when preparing coffee useSteam. Water is poured into a sealed vessel. When the desired level is reached, it immediately boils, a small valve opens, and the steam passes through the tamped coffee through the horn. This model will allow you to prepare and cappuccino. But this coffee maker has its own characteristics:
  • Requires coffee only a certain grind.
  • If the coffee horn is made of metal, thenDrink get quite thick and saturated, having a lush foam. A horn made of their plastic will give a watery drink with a light foam and a slightly acidic taste.
Capsule coffee makers. These household appliances do not require you to absolutelyNo knowledge and skills. They are very simple arranged. Capsule with pressed coffee should be placed in a container. It is pierced and poured with boiling water. The resulting thickening is collected in a special tray designed for this purpose. In your cup comes ready coffee. And this coffee maker has its own characteristics:
  • You in it can not prepare a coffee drink from ground beans.
  • Not always available for sale is the desired version of capsules with coffee.
Coffee machine "French press". It includes a glass cylinder(Heat resistant), a piston passing through the whole machine, a metal filter. It is always located from the bottom. Ground coffee is poured into the coffee machine, poured with boiling water, give a little infusion, and then lower the piston down.

These coffee machines are very simple to handle, they do not need to be connected to the mains, the weight is about 300 grams, which makes them quite transportable. They do not need filters, which makes them less expensive.
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