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Bamboo Wallpaper

Bamboo Wallpaper

Not so long ago the walls were pasted with washing, paper,Vinyl wallpaper, but it's time for the bamboo wallpaper. They are made of thin rods, which are obtained from young bamboo shoots of rather large size. They should be rightly assessed by lovers of Eastern culture and people who prefer ecologically beautiful and clean interiors.

The advantages of bamboo wallpaper are obvious. Pokleit them can be significantly faster in time than, say, paper. And the weight of the packaging is much smaller than the roll of other wallpaper, which facilitates their delivery.

Varieties of bamboo wallpaper

Experts distinguish several types of wallpaper, mainly by the thickness of the layer of wood. The choice of these wallpapers depends entirely on your preferences.

Thick wallpaper contributes to the creation of goodMood, show texture, form a warm, soothing atmosphere. Application of fine wallpaper leads to the creation of visibility on the walls of a pleasant ripple. It in its turn helps to relax the person looking at them. Ubbukovyh wallpapers beautiful dirt-repellent and dust-repellent properties. It is known that this material is used for finishing all kinds of partitions, ceilings and furniture.

Bamboo in the present time, having a highDegree of resistance to wear, very popular. Wallpaper made of this material is hardy to frequent changes in temperature, while remaining attractive and respectable. In the recent past, such wallpaper was used most in the institutions of Japanese and Chinese orientation in the quality of traditional material. Now, due to the fact that they glue well, are relatively inexpensive, they are no longer a problem with, their use has increased significantly. And the fact that they are made of environmentally friendly material, plays a positive role when choosing in their favor.

The wallpaper, made of bamboo, is very diverse, has a different texture, processing method and a rare color scheme. Depending on the method of processing, they are divided into:

  • Burned
  • Intertwined
  • Propylated

On the color scale are:

  • Light wallpaper, this is the color of natural dried bamboo;
  • Dark, obtained as a result of heat treatment;
  • Striped, this is when you combine racks of different sizes;
  • All possible shades of green, yellow and black, this color depends on the time of collection and the color of the bamboo itself.

If the slats from the plant material are uneven in color and structure, this is not a drawback, on the contrary, this design has created a nature.

Pasting wallpaper

For pasting bamboo wallpaper there is no need forCareful preparation of walls, both for paper wallpapers. It is enough that they did not have cracks, depressions, cavities, they were even. To comply with these recommendations, it is necessary to avoid occurrence of mold in such niches, which eventually spread throughout the room. The adhesive glue can be replaced with liquid nails. If you need to attach a bamboo wallpaper on the chipboard and fiberboard, you can use the staplers - this is a variety of strong small carnations, they are very simple and convenient to use.

How to care for bamboo wallpaper

In order to extend the life of bambooYou need to look after them properly. Clean them with a vacuum cleaner, make it possible to wipe the wallpaper with a damp soft cloth, using a mild detergent. It is not recommended to use brushes, it is necessary to avoid getting water on the wallpaper, this can lead to a kusadke after drying, which in turn will lead to a discrepancy between the joints. Also it is necessary to protect these from a continuous hit of sunlight. Under his constant influence, the bamboo canvas loses its original color.

Choosing for your shelter bamboo wallpaper, you will make the right choice!

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