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Top of the most popular kitchen gadgets

In the kitchen, even small things can play a huge role. Do not you agree with us? Here you can clean carrots or potatoes with a regular knife, and it will be much more convenient to do this with a special vegetable peeler. It will be faster and better.

It seems that you can eat with conventional plates, andbecause what difference does it make? And with a beautiful dish, even the usual soup of the soup is especially delicious. Or, for example, you cook pancakes. In fact, it is more convenient to make them in a special pancake. One, two and it's ready! We got perfect pancakes for breakfast. Technical progress does not stand still. Why not go one step at a time? Just take a closer look, because there are very nice things for your kitchen, they will make finding it much more pleasant.

Wine corks in the form of animals

Girls usually prefer to drink wine. It is very symbolic and fun to look at wine corks in the form of various animals. It's like a hint: "be as unattractive as animals." One Dutch designer created original wine corks for such cases. So you can think about this. We believe that such a cork will be pleasant for everyone.

Odor scavenger

In the kitchen, you just need to have an absorberodors. Otherwise, you will smell food with food. And if you need to go to work? How to get rid of this smell? Hood even does not always help. So the "scavenger" is extremely necessary for us.

It looks like a lid for a frying pan. It is made of a special fabric that absorbs all odors during cooking. At first, the cloth was designed for sports bags, but as a result, it was used as a noodle. This screen instantly absorbs odors and lets you enjoy fresh air. Moreover, it protects the plate from splashing during cooking.

Precision cutting board

We all strive for excellence. And many housewives want even their products to be cut into perfect pieces and slices. That's why you need a perfect board. Made this ultra-hard board of strong bamboo. On it you can see centimeters, millimeters and even degrees. So now you can cut the potatoes in perfect shape, your cubes or slices will be the same, you can even make perfect canapés. All in your hands.


Your attention is a multifunctionalthe egg. Now, to cut boiled eggs is a pleasure. You will be able to cope with these slippery eggs. There are eggs with various nozzles. It is best to take stainless steel, they are durable and reliable. If you like egg salads, then this gadget is made just for you.


Nuts are a very valuable and useful product. Therefore, without walnut can not do. One designer developed an interesting model. Orehokol made in the form of proteins. The kitchen squirrel is made of aluminum. You just put the nut on the paws, press on her cute tail and everything, you can eat nutlets. Immediately remembered "Squirrel sings songs, yes nuts all gnaws ...".

Stand for a sponge

Today you can find different stands forkitchen sponges. Usually they go double, that is, the upper shelf is needed for the "dish" sponge, and the lower one is for the sponge, which is used for cleaning the shell. It is very convenient to use. And so you always know where your sponges are, do not have to look all over the sink.

Cubes for drinks

Very convenient, there is no need for words. Do you like to make a cocktailide? Then you are probably tired of diluting your drinks with ice. After all, it grows with time and turns into ice. But you want to enjoy a dilute drink. If you are a fan of expensive whiskey, then the ice will only spoil everything. Therefore for you there are excellent balls or cubes of stainless steel. They act like ice. They have a filler - a safe food gel with a cooling effect.


This, of course, is not a gadget, but rather a home appliance. But this is a necessity in our time. Without it, nowhere. It saves both the time and the strength of the hostess. And the food tastes much better than on the stove. So if you were not even a super chef, then thanks to the multivarquet you will become them.

This gadget is able to cook, fry,bake, cook a couple, he can make even yogurt. It's enough just to throw the products in the bowl, add water and add the desired program. And you can rest. Almost all models have a delay timer. So you can, throw the products in the multivark and go to sleep. And in the morning she herself will turn on and cook the food. So when you wake up, you will be waiting for a delicious porridge or meat.

Scissors for pizza

Do you like to cook pizza at home? But it is not so convenient to cut it. In order not to damage the filling and the whole integrity of the dish, we recommend you buy pizza scissors. It is very convenient and modern. Especially designed ezhnichnichki help you gently cut your tasty and mouth-watering pizza.

Banana cutter

Do you like making fruit salads? Then, specially for you, a gadget is developed that will easily cut such "slippery" fruits as bananas, kiwis, etc. Looks like an appliance to an egg.

Today for a good housewife there is a verymany gadgets that can improve life. Thanks to these convenient adaptations it will be ready for joy. Everything is done easily and with comfort. We wish you good luck!

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