/ What you need to know about gluing wallpaper on the ceiling?

What you need to know about pasting wallpaper on the ceiling?

Repair ceiling is not the easiest stage inRepair. Today, very few people prefer a typical whitewashed ceiling. Many of us prefer hanging ceilings or ceilings with wallpaper. It looks unusual and beautiful.

Wallpaper or paint?

Many people when repairing the ceiling are chosen amongTwo options - wallpaper or paint. The stretch and hinged ceilings in this article, we will not tell, because it's a completely different topic. Pasting and painting the ceiling - this is the most budgetary and simple ways to give the ceiling the desired appearance. But sometimes it is very difficult to choose what is better?

Fortunately, today the choice of paint is veryIs great. You can choose a paint of different texture and color. Even the compositions of paints are very strong. It is worth noting that the paint looks very impressive on the ceiling. The coloring procedure is very simple. Even an inexperienced person can cope with it, so most often the ceilings are painted on their own. But there is one small disadvantage, during painting, very harmful vapors are released from the paint. But if everything is done correctly, then there will be no danger. In addition, the paint on the ceiling is very well held. Therefore, the appearance of the ceiling you will enjoy more than one year.

But let's look at the other side. The wallpaper is also very good for the ceiling. The wallpaper allows you to embody in reality more of your fantasies and zadumok. In addition, you can choose wallpaper, made of natural materials, and they will be ecologically clean and hypoallergenic. You can choose and wallpaper, which you can paint, wash, and the like. Such wallpapers are very practical and just serve for more than one year. All sorts of manipulations will help at any time to change them or give them a fresh look.

Therefore, before you stop on somethingOne, carefully weigh all the options. Iokrashivanie ceiling, and the sticker on it wallpaper will be a good choice. In addition, we must not forget that these two options can be combined with each other, which allows you to create a bright and unique interior design.

Types of wallpapers

If you still settled on the option with wallpaper,Then do not rush to run to the store and buy the first product. Do not forget that the wallpaper will have to be glued not on the usual walls, but on the ceiling. Therefore, first figure out what kind of wallpaper there is. Knowing this, you can choose the option that suits you the most. Remember that special wallpapers are being sold for ceilings. That's what they need to buy. They are distinguished from conventional wallpaper by the specific manufacturing technology. Between the two dense layers of wallpaper are joined, on top of which the pattern is applied. What kind of wallpaper? Read below
  • Paper wallpaper. This is the oldest and simplest version of the wallpaper. Even in our detstetikimi wallpaper pasted walls in the room. Like other types of wallpaper, they have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of wallpaper made from paper is environmental friendliness. After all, these wallpapers are made of paper. But their main shortcoming is fragility. On the ceiling, such wallpaper will last no more than five years.
  • Flizeline wallpaper, unlike paper, haveNon-woven base, which consists of synthetic fibers and cellulose. Often, people choose them for the ceiling, because these wallpaper due to its specific structure easily stick to the ceiling.
  • Vinyl wallpaper is made of paperThe substrate, which at the end is covered with PVC. Wallpapers have a relief surface, so they hide any of the ceiling's crevasses: cracks, unevennesses and the like. This is their huge advantage. After all, many Soviet apartments have a lot of unevenness, which is a good replacement for repairs. Such wallpaper is well tolerated by wet cleaning. Therefore, some mistresses prefer to cover with such wallpaper the kitchen and even a bathroom. Nooboi have low water resistance, and this is very bad for climates.
  • Glass-fiber wallpaper. This is another type of ecological modern warfare. They are made by pressing limestone, quartz sand, idolomite. Such wallpaper is good because they prevent the formation of mold or fungus, repel moisture and do not accumulate dust on their surface. In addition, these wallpapers have good sound insulation characteristics. Minus these miracle wallpapers only in their value. High cost does not allow them to be purchased by all.
  • Liquid wallpaper today is popular. High-quality wallpapers are made of hypoallergenic materials. But in order to inflict them, you will need skills and knowledge of technology.
  • Tissue wallpaper. Such wallpapers are expensive, but they look very original. They will give a special highlight to the interior. But with their gluing you need to be very neat, because it's easy to mess up the wallpaper.

How to paste wallpaper on the ceiling?

When you choose the suitable wallpaper and glue, you canStart the process of gluing. Be sure to prepare the ceiling beforehand for the gluing process. If it has old traces of paint, wallpaper or something else, then they need to be removed. When the glue is selected correctly, you need to simply glue the wallpaper in the glue and they themselves will move away from the ceiling. If this does not happen, the wallpaper will have to be scraped off with a spatula or use a special solvent.

If there are strong unevennesses on the ceiling, thenYou need to fix them. To do this, you can use a primer or putty. Putty is more suitable in cases where the ceiling has large irregularities or a strong slope. The primer is more universal. It quickly dries, it is better to glue the wallpaper, it is not toxic and does not let in air.

To facilitate the process, before pasting, makeOn the ceiling of the markup. Polotnyshaoboev need to glue in parallel to the sun's rays, that is, along the line, mentally carried from the window to the wall opposite. Then the seams will not be so noticeable.

Half hour before the process starts from the dry mixPrepare the glue solution. Adhere to the strict proportions indicated in the instructions. Glue must be stirred well, so that it does not have any lumps. While the glue will swell, deal with the pattern of wallpaper. Do not forget to leave about half a centimeter in the technical areas where contact occurs with the final wall. Do not forget that after shrinkage there is a small shrinkage of the wallpaper.

If you glue fleece or imported wallpaper, thenThey do not need to be impregnated with glue. Kleinuzhno put on the ceiling. If you are dealing with paper wallpaper, then they must be impregnated with glue. Spread the cloth on the floor and apply glue to the brush with a brush / brush. Then fold the cut in half and put the wrong side in. Wallpaper should be impregnated with glue about ten minutes.

For the pasting, you need to have an assistant thatWill help to serve the wallpaper. Impregnated with wallpaper, the wallpaper should be pressed tightly to the ceiling and rolled up in the direction of the edges with a clean roller of rubber. If you leave unnecessary areas, then they should be carefully cut off with a clerical knife.

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