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We make a dressing room with our own hands

Therefore, if there is a desire, then for himImplementation will not require so much. Just imagine, you will have a room with a lot of boxes, boxes, shoulders and the like. All things will be in their places, and in the room there will be a large mirror. Such thoughts will surely make every girl happy.

Organization of the wardrobe

You can make a dressing gown with your own hands. The possibilities are true for this not so much, but, as they say, there would be a desire. So, let's see where you can put your wardrobe:

  • You can turn the utility room into a house inDressing room. For example, for this, a pantry is not a bad idea. But it is worth considering the fact that such a premise is only suitable if the area is not less than two square meters. If you do not have a storage room, then instead of it you can use a closet, a niche or an attic. In this case, you will need to take care of furniture, accessories for wardrobe and proper lighting.
  • Under the dressing room can be allocated part of the room,If its area is large. A bedroom or an entrance hall is suitable. But when choosing this option, you will have to take care not only of furniture and accessories, but also about a partition or modular system that will separate the room from the dressing room.

If you have the opportunity to createWardrobe, then this is wonderful. It can be counted that half the battle is done. You just have to decide how you want to complete your wardrobe. You can make it easier for yourself and take advantage of the already finished factory system, which consists of metal or wooden boxes, hangers. You can hire a craftsman who will specially make the necessary parts for you: racks, boxes, niches and other necessary accessories. Most often this is all made of gypsum plasterboard or wood.

Rules for the organization of the dressing room

In designing a dressing room, you need to consider some rules that will help you do everything right and get rid of unnecessary problems. The rules are as follows:

  • The depth of the dressing room should not be less than one meter, and the width - not less than one and a half meters. This minimal space is enough to place boxes and shelves.
  • That your wardrobe is different from the usualcabinet, there must be a place for dressing. Also in the dressing room should be a large mirror. However, these conditions are not mandatory, so you can do without them.
  • In the dressing room must be stored only things,shoes, as well as various accessories: bags, belts, hats, jewelry and the like. Also in the cloakroom you can store money to care for these things. If it will store all the contract, then the dressing room will quickly turn into a closet.

This is the minimum rule that is recommendedobserve when creating a dressing room. Taking them into account, you can safely proceed to create a plan-drawing, where you need to take into account all the dimensions and layout. After all, it's better to fix the error on paper than on the finished interior.

Planning a wardrobe room

First, apply to your future planWardrobe batteries, windows, doors, possible depressions and protrusions in the walls. This will help you to optimally plan the placement of racks, drawers, shelves. After this, proceed to the ozonation of the inner space. The way you place your wardrobe depends on your preferences and comfort ideas. But do not forget that there are standard standards for planning individual zones of the dressing room, which are always relevant.

The dress for long and outer clothing should beis designed in such a way that the clothes in it are placed freely. The depth of this zone should be no less than fifty centimeters in depth and about half a meter in height. The length of the zone should be calculated taking into account the number of your clothes.

The vending area should be a zone for accommodationshort clothes: jackets, shirts, blouses and skirts. In width it should be about half a meter, and height - about a meter. Such a height for this zone leaves for you a free space from below upwards. This space in the future can be used for the third and fourth zones.

Under the standard layout, the third zonedesigned for storing shoes. It can be equipped with a special rack equipped with shoe shelves. Also, this zone can be used to store boxes from under shoes. Therefore, the height of the third zone can be limited only by the ceiling. Its depth should be at least thirty centimeters. In the fourth zone it is necessary to store headgear and various accessories. Therefore, it should be located on top. Here you can also put funds for the care of shoes and clothes.

Proceeding from the above, we will sum up. The dressing room is divided into three main zones:

  • The upper one, located at a height of two and a half meters from the floor;
  • The middle zone, located about sixty centimeters-one and a half meters from the floor;
  • The lower zone, which should not occupy space, located eighty centimeters from the floor.

Do not forget to leave room for a mirror. In addition, think over the lighting, what kind of finishing materials you will use, the shape and colors of the shelves, the baskets, boxes, cabinets and the like. Even in a small dressing room it is possible to place your things nicely and compactly.

Possibilities and advantages of the dressing room

Some people may think that the place fordressing room - this is absolutely unnecessary thing. But look at it from the other side. The dressing room will save you from unnecessary furniture in the apartment: from hangers, chests of drawers and cabinets. So, you can make your apartment lighter and freer, increase its space a little. And this is in spite of the fact that you will lose several square meters of the area.

It is also worth noting another positivefeature of the dressing room. It can extend the shelf life of your things. Every thing will be a place for us and it will not collapse anywhere. Free placement of things will save the hunt for friction, shifting from place to place, unnecessary contact with another clothing.

Do not forget that in the dressing room you canstore not only clothes, shoes and accessories, but also bed linen, a vacuum cleaner, a sewing machine, suitcases, bags, some household appliances, various items for needlework. If the room for the wardrobe is spacious, then it can accommodate an outdoor hanger and will give a table.

By creating your wardrobe, you are thuscorrect mistakes of architects who do not always successfully plan the houses and apartments in which we live. Just imagine how many advantages this little useful room has. And each woman will be happy that she has a dressing room.

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