/ What to please your beloved on Valentine's Day?

What to please your beloved on Valentine's Day?

Gifts that will meet any man

We award

If your guy is very good at technology,deliciously cooks or perfectly makes a massage, then hand him an unusual gift - a letter for his achievements. You can draw this drawing yourself. If art is not your hobby, then just find an appropriate collage on the Internet or type it in a Word and print it. However, please note that in the reading and writing it is not necessary to praise a man for occasional actions. Better praise him for really worthwhile things, for what you respect for him. Believe the girls, after such a gift your man more than once wants to prove his talents.

We remember

If you think that men do notsentimental, then you are mistaken. Most of the guys are not averse to plunge into romance, memories and the like. The main thing is not to put too much pressure on them. However, on February 14 - an excellent occasion to awaken in the man pleasant memories. Approach it creatively. Create a photo album from your joint photos or make a video presentation. Write under each photo: "Our first trip to the theater", "Our first trip to the world" and so on. For a person who loves you, this will be a very pleasant surprise.

Recognition of feelings

We confess our feelings often. But why not do it in the original form? If the windows of your house go into the yard, then why not write under the windows of a love confession? If there is no snow on the street, then it is possible to write a recognition with colored boxes or paint. You can draw a heart. If on the street there is snow, the tone of snow can be laid out a heart or recognition of rose petals or candles. Believe me, many guys like this gift.

Warm bath

Unfortunately, you can not escape from work anywhere. If your favorite works on 14 February, then surely he will return home tired. Prepare for his return a hot bath with foam and rose petals, place candles in the bathroom. Take a bottle of wine or champagne with you and go together to this beautiful place. By the way, after it you can make your loved one an erotic massage and continue the evening in bed.

The letter of the mysterious stranger

To the Code of All Lovers write romantica letter to your boyfriend and mail it. Do not specify the sender. In your message, tell me about how you love him, how strong, caring, intelligent, handsome, talented he is. Thank for all the good that it does for you. Write about what you feel for him. Do not forget to leave in the letter a few tips on which the guy will guess who the author of the letter is.

Unfortunately, in our country, mail is very oftenDelivers letters with delays, so this letter is best sent by courier or by mail. If the letter is sent by e-mail, then do not forget to create a new mailbox.

A film with humor

If you and your second half with humor allgreat, then shoot a video with your joint participation. First, take off your boyfriend. Let him talk a few phrases. Then you are filmed. Mount it all with the help of special programs and impose the appropriate music. On an empty disc, burn your video and pack it in a beautiful box. Decorate the capsule with recognitions, a greeting rhyme and the like.

Romantic Dinner

A path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach. So why not take advantage of this and prepare a wonderful festive dinner for your loved one? If you are well prepared, then, of course, you can do everything yourself by cooking a camel. But since this is a holiday, we advise you to cheat a little. Order a restaurant a few delicious dishes, but until they are delivered, take care of yourself. Visit the beauty salon, buy yourself a beautiful dress or a set of garments. And in the evening, before the arrival of the beloved, cover on the table, decorate the room with hearts and the like. Do not forget about the candles. By the way, let your darling also contribute to this dinner - he will buy wine or champagne.

Original methods of presenting presents

Of course, you can give your giftfavorite wrapped in a beautiful wrapper, bbant or something like that. But you can come up with a more original way to win the gift, which the guy probably will remember for a long time.

Treasure Island: draw a map

First, you need to find a secluded place inhis apartment, where the guy just will not notice before the holiday. Hide the gift there. Preliminary draw on the thick paper plan of your apartment. This will be your card to treasure. Draw a tangled path from point A to point B and show the road signs. You can create a pair of such cards. The first, should lead to the second, the second to the third and so on, until it reaches the main card. On the cards you need to provide prompts. They can be written in verses, riddles and so on. The more interesting, the more interesting.

Hide your card in the most unexpectedplaces: in the freezer, in the closet, in the zipper, in the flower pot and so on. Once all the riddles are guessed by your spouse, and the whole card will be collected, go for a treasure hunt. All this will take no more than twenty minutes, but it will remember such a surprise for a long time.

Morning or what lies beneath the pillow, dear

If you want to cheer up your secondhalf for the whole day, then give your gift in the morning. This may not be your main gift at all, only its component. So, while the beloved will brush his teeth and clean himself up in the bathroom, put the gift in a blanket or under a pillow. When he comes out of the shower, ask him to fill the bed. It will be very pleasant to find a surprise there. And you at this time cute smile and patter.

Invasion of the Sharks

Today in every city there are companies thatare engaged in decorating rooms with balls. So why not use their services on such a wonderful day as Valentine's Day? In advance, order a sculpture of bells for a loved one. You can do otherwise. Order a lot of helium balls that will fly to the ceiling and stay there. To each ball attach a note with notes, compliments and the like. This gift is sure to please your boyfriend.

By the way, in recent years, great popularityenjoy glowing balls. Inside the balloons put a small light bulb that glows. If you decorate the room for a romantic dinner or your bedroom with such balls, it will look very impressive. It is best if you place the balls in the bedroom. Put on a beautiful sexy underwear in the evening, make a hairdo and makeup seduce your lover.

Balls can be used for a different purpose. If you decide to give your beloved something small, for example, tickets to football, a subscription to the gym, then hide this little thing in a ball. Before the arrival of a young man, inflate the balls and place a gift.

On a note. Before St. Valentine's Day, prices for balls, and many romantic little bats are very much raised. Therefore, in advance, think out your gift and buy everything you need. So you can save a decent amount of money and its time, because in the midst of the holiday it can be very difficult to find something in the store.

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