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Lovely home accessories with your own hands

The main rule when creating accessories - noRush, otherwise things can not turn out neat. Even if you do it yourself, this does not mean that it should look careless. Even without practical purpose, the thing should bring you aesthetic pleasure when you look at it. Therefore, be patient and careful. Be sure to use high-quality materials. Then the thing will look expensive, as if you bought it in an antique shop.

Decorative wallets from glossy magazines

Many of you probably saw on the InternetVarious articles and videos on how to create your own original rug with your hands. To create it, you can use the most diverse materials: beads, lace, yarn, thread, wood and other materials. We suggest you create a decorative carpet from the read glossy magazines, which you will not need anyway. To someone such an idea may seem absurd. But if you are not afraid to experiment, then try to do this.

To create such a rug, have patience,You will need it. Plus, that you do not have to spend a lot of money on consumables. In addition to glossy magazines you will need scotch tape, glue, scissors, wooden sticks and thread. Instead of wooden sticks, you can take sticks for sushi. Before you start, remove all the staples that hold the sheets from the magazines. Then unfold the sheets and fold their edges so that you have a square. For one square, it is best to use several sheets. The sheets need to be glued together beforehand, then the rug will be denser. Wood sticks well grease with a light and on them wind the edges of your square from the side where you bent the edge.

To understand how this is done, createNo more than eight squares - four lay horizontally, and four vertically. If you want to do this for the second time, you can use more sheets. But for the first time, it's better to stop on this amount, so as not to complicate your work. Lay out the billets on the table or on the floor in such a way that the square is replaced. The joint between the journal sheet and the wooden stick should "look" at you. The resulting parts must be fastened together. To do this you need a thread and a thread. Where it is convenient, sew with threads, and after that, glue the sheet. After that, turn your product over - your rug is almost ready. In order to give it a more attractive look and strength, the rug can be covered with acrylic lacquer on top.

Such a strong and unique rugs, made byHands, will look good on the coffee table, and on the wall or on the floor. If you decide to put the mat on the floor, then choose for him a place where you rarely go. After all, your rug is made of short-lived material and its purpose is to decorate the interior.

Mosaic of an egg shell

Accessories for the house can be made from everything thatIs at hand. Do not believe me? But in vain. For example, from an egg shell you can make an original mosaic. The resulting mosaic can be hung on the wall of the kitchen or hallway. If you have a kid, then you can make a mosaic with a picture of fairy-tale characters. To create such a masterpiece you will need a shell from several eggs (the amount depends on the reflectance), a sheet of cardboard, a glass bottle, PVA glue, a pair of notebooks, a pencil.

Begin preparing the shell. To do this, place it between the sheet-like sheets and gently roll them out, using a bottle for this. Roll until you get the pieces of the right size. After this, deal with the processing of cardboard. Give it the desired shape with scissors. If you can draw well, then create a sketch of the future drawing yourself. If you do not have the talent of the artist, do not despair. Just use the stencil. You can buy it in the store or you can download the picture on the Internet and cut it.

Now we have to do the most difficult - decoratingDrawing. To do this, apply a small amount of glue on a small area in a thin layer. After that, take a pinch of egg shell and sprinkle it on the site with glue. To make the boundaries more precise, you can use the blade to align the edges of the picture. The shell should be evenly distributed throughout the entire area of ​​your product. After you finish the work, paint your masterpiece with colors. If you think eggstock is too simple material, then you can use beads instead. If you use beads of different colors, you do not need to decorate the picture.

Wooden column in the technique of decoupage

SuchaSolonka will be an exclusive accessory forYour favorite cuisine. The stores offer a very wide range of different napkins for decoupage. This will help you to realize any fantasy. If you have an old salt cellar that you left behind on the back shelves for a long time, then change it into a new one, give it a second life.

You will need to work: Salt, primer, fine-grained sandpaper, PVA glue, decoupage napkins, lacquer, acrylic paints and brushes. Start your work will have to grind. The surface of the salt shaker should be perfectly smooth, there should be no traces of the old paint or varnish. After grinding the surface, cover it with a primer. Wait until it is completely dry, and then treat the surface with sandpaper again. After this, attach the decoupage napkin to the salt shaker and glue it with glue. When it is dry, walk a little more with sandpaper, but very lightly. If the drawing is damaged when applied, it can be restored with the help of paints and kakistokki. The last step is to cover the product with varnish. You got a new new original salt shaker.

Instead, you can take any object andTransform it with the help of decoupage techniques. This technique is very popular today. Anyone can easily master it. Some of them, with the help of decoupage, give things a new life. For example, cabinets, cabinets, chests of drawers. It always looks original and beautiful. You can create any style in your interior if you decorate your cabinets with decoupage.

Internet can be found many ideas for creatingGorgeous little things for the interior. If you like to make by yourself, then do it as often as possible. Rejoice yourself and your loved ones with fun things of your making. Such gifts are always valuable. After all, they are made with a soul. They have warmth and comfort. Aeto the most important thing!

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