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Provence-style bathroom

Bathroom in the style of Provence is aThought out environment, simple and at the same time rather expensive. The style of Provence at first glance seems somewhat massive, but at the same time all the lines in it are very functional and filled with elegance and beauty. Designers, choosing this style, highlight four directions:

  • Finishing work relating to walls, floors and ceilings;
  • Plumbing;
  • furniture;
  • Additional accessories and lighting fixtures.

Those who chose the style for finishing the bathroomProvence, you need to know that this entails considerable material costs. Since this style requires an original furniture, made by individual order. Plumbing must also be original with decorative elements, in addition, this styleminds the availability of various accessories and materials for decoration.

It should be noted that today's marketConstruction and decoration materials is very diverse, you can find inexpensive materials of economy class or elite at the sky-high prices. Here the main thing is to decide on the choice of style and, in accordance with it, to choose suitable materials for finishing. You can consider what materials will be necessary when decorating a bathroom in the style of Provence.

Materials for finishing the floor, walls and ceiling

Fundamental in the finish is the floor, it is fromIts color or the shade depends and the entire appearance of the bathroom. For the Provence style, you can select it in different shades. Sex can be both dark and light. It should be taken into account when finishing the floor, in which room it will be located. The floor for the bathroom has a number of features, the first and most important is that the floor must be resistant to a damp environment. The second feature is that the floor should be durable, warm, and also easy and quick to clean. For the finishing of the flooring, Provence usually uses materials such as wood, stone or ceramic tiles.

The floor in the bathroom, decorated in the style of Provence,Can be created using various decor elements: mosaic mosaic, rosettes, borders, skirting boards, etc. The tint of the floor should be neutral and do not attract a glance, as special attention is paid to the style of the construction of plumbing and furniture. Best if the floor is a honey or brown hue. As already mentioned above, the floor in the bathroom in the style of Provence can be made of wood, stone or ceramic tiles. Regardless of the material selected, the mat should be laid on the floor, the striped mats or those depicting the flower patterns are typical for the Provence style. It is with the help of the rug that a vivid accent is created, characteristic for this style.

The color of the walls is very important in style. For him, pastel colors, very light, almost white, but with a light tint, for example, beige, blue, green, azure or yellowish, will do. Typically, the walls are painted in these colors, but there is also an option for decorative plaster, in addition, you can paste wallpaper on walls or ceramic tiles. Even more original, but also in the style of Provence, will look like painting on the walls, as a rule, here dominate piagazhi and flowers.

As for the ceiling, it can be trimmed inClassic version, just whitewashing, as beams here are suitable beams or their imitation. The color of the ceiling should serve as an addition to the color or its reflection. Since the Provence style is dominated by light colors, the ceiling color should also be light. If the ceiling is trimmed, then paint it is not necessary, it is better to leave everything in its natural form. In this case, if the walls are decorated with wooden panels, then the color of the ceiling above them should be the same. In addition, on the ceiling there may be elements of painting, and stucco can serve as an ornament.

Plumbing in the style of Provence

To the whole bathroom was designed in styleProvence, you need the appropriate plumbing. This style carries a lot of free space and light, so the plumbing needs to be compact. If we talk about a separate bathroom, the bathroom or shower cubicle itself, as well as the washbasin, are required.

When choosing a bathroom you need to focus on itsForm, the lines should be smooth and rounded, the material from which the bath is made, the role will not play. The legs of the bath must be forged and painted in bronze, silver or gold. The shape of the shell should also be round or oval, forged console.

It is possible to place the shower enclosure separately andMake a sink in the floor. It is best when choosing a shower to get a decorative finish. You can choose the glass or the dampers with the scribbled colors. When choosing mixers, you need to be careful, you should choose those that have a rounded original shape and are painted in bronze, gold or silver. Suitable and chrome faucets.

Furniture in the style of Provence for the bathroom

The fact that the bathroom is made in the styleProvence, you can talk on the furniture, which it is furnished. Furniture in the style of Provence is made to order, special shades are created, as if the fabric burned out in the sun and rubbed a little. Each sample of the furniture is unique. It is designed to emphasize the richness of style. It is created in the form of an ancient rarity, not many can afford to have a rare bathroom furniture. The upholstery fabric is chosen with patterns of colors and landscapes, and the legs and backs are usually forged or cut out. Decorate furniture in the style of Provence in the technique of decoupage. The thread is made from various materials that are attached or glued to the furniture.

Furniture in the style of Provence combines massivenessAnd durability, since its service life is quite long. Modern furniture in this style has characteristic forged or cut parts, but does not have traces of aging. If the furniture is not painted, then it must be made of such wood species as: santo, Burmese, merbaui etc. Painted furniture should be in light shades of green, terracotta, blue or brown.

If the premise of the bathroom is quite spacious,It can be furnished not only with massive pedestals, but also, for example, to place there a decorative wicker table and chairs. In addition, in the style of Provence, all household appliances that are placed in the bathroom are built-in, it should not stand alone in sight, the radiator, If any, also merges with the situation.

Lighting and decorative accessories

All bathroom accessories should look likeAged, mirrors in curly forged or carved frames, all small items such as towel holders or cups should have a pattern similar to the rest of the objects. Towels should be made of natural fabric - linen or cotton.

The decoration of the bathroom is served by lively flowers, likeThe rule is hyacinths or tulips. Lighting devices must be forged, fancy. Typically, in the style of Provence - etotorshchery, chandeliers, chandeliers or lamps. Style Provence does not tolerate straight lines.

The windows in the room must be large andOpen, but in the bathroom they can be made under the ceiling and small ones. If the windows are large, then you can decorate them with curtains with various elements of the decor - bows ruffles, etc.

Currently, many designers for registrationBathroom use the style of Provence. Because it is very light, cozy, creates comfort and is filled with grace. In addition, its design does not require complex solutions. This style is characterized by the use of only natural materials, so it can also be called very environmentally friendly and safe. The modern style of Provence is somewhat different from what has been known from time immemorial. Now the furniture used in the interior does not age, but the basic ideas, accents and unique atmosphere of the Provence style are transferred in full.

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