/ What to bring as a gift from Thailand?

What to bring as a gift from Thailand?

Something of real value

If you are not stingy at gifts and are willing to spendmoney, Thailand offers you a large number of antique coins, in which you can buy a lot of antiques. But where there are tourists who are willing to spend money, there are scammers who strive to make money on it, so it is possible that you will want to foist a fake. The real antiquarians have all the necessary documentation for their products, which you should check.

In Thailand, there is an active extraction of preciousstones, one of which, and maybe a few, you can bring home to your home. Sapphires, rubies and insects, brought from the Thai land, will be a wonderful gift for a friend, mother or sister. But remember about common sense do not buy jewelry from dubious personalities, in small shops with hands.

Naturally, natural pearls are a pleasureexpensive, but the Thais know how to produce cultivated pebbles so that their quality does not suffer from it. Farms for the production of pearls in the majority are concentrated in the South of the country. There is a high probability of buying natural pearls created by all the rules.

Versace Thai made

Thailand is the birthplace of silk. Tuthey produced since the Khmer Empire. This is a favorite material of many foreign and local designers. Of particular value are fabrics khid and mudmee. The national fishery of Fu Tai is an unbelievable kind of weaving, which is called a chok, with its help create a unique silkwort. In some villages, tourists are allowed to watch the fabric manufacturing process, starting with growing a silkworm caterpillar, and ending with weaving. As a product, born before your very eyes, it will be difficult to doubt.

If you liked something interesting, thenbuy it better in Bangkok, there are a lot of shopping centers with low prices for original products, on the streets of Silom Road and Patpong you can go to the night market. Naturally, the shopkeepers will want to shove your clothes with the Gucci or Versace emblem, is it worth it to talk about its origin? At the same time, Thai weavers know how to create good things, and you certainly will want to bring something of local production.

Your attention will be attracted by the crocodile farm, you can buy leather things here, and they will not only be made from the skin of green teeth, but also of snakes, elephants, skates.

Ceramics and lacquerware

Ceramic teapots from Thailand have fallen in lovetourists from all countries, it is believed that the pottery is capable of cleaning the water. Interestingly, in the northeast, dolls, flower pots, rusty-red ornaments are mostly produced. While in the North large-scale products of the color of the sea wave - green porcelain, celadon. Clay products are painted by hand, their production has lasted more than seven hundred years. Most of the clay objects are a reproduction of the classics, but modern models are also present. Tabletops and pitchers, earrings and decorative figurines, dolls and goblets.

Nice and Thai lacquered boxes, theyfamous Burma. Take care of such you can in the markets of Tachilek and MaeSai. In general, varnished items are produced here long ago, they are made of a forecaster or a tree, and then painted. The favorite colors of Thai residents are black and gold, often you can find souvenirs of red color, painted with green and yellow ornaments.

Cold metal with warmest wishes

Silver products are traditional Chinesesouvenirs. Various caskets, bowls, vases, cigarette cases - all this is made in the old days. Items can be decorated with niello. It is an etched ornament, it is made with lead, copper, sulfur or silver alloy. As a result, a brilliant patterned surface is obtained.

No less popular are isola articles - glasses, cups, beer mugs, various decorative figurines with a smooth base.

Cheap and angry

If you are not very picky in the selection of souvenirs,then you should look into the shops that specialize in small-scale, then you can buy from 12 identical souvenirs all in dollars. You can not trade here, unlike the markets where it is not only possible, but it is necessary to do it.

Wicker souvenirs

Famous and local wicker products. Earlier, Thai monks engaged in this, they meditated with the re-preparation of such sovereigns, so it was believed that such things are very valuable. People's creativity of Thailand involves weaving of bamboo. For the production of furniture and various souvenirs, coca, rattan, miracle, and cane are used. In addition, Thais weave women's handbags and cigar boxes, hats, earrings and hoops. All this can be decorated with precious stones.

Thai umbrellas

In Thailand, produce a stunning paper Sa. It differs from its usual strength and durability. It is connected with the fact that it does not attract beetles and termites. Previously, it created manuscripts, dance masks Khon, fans. To date, the most famous subject matter CA is a paper umbrella - a kind of symbol of Chiang Mai.

Dolls puppets

In the South of Thailand is very popular the shadow theater NangTalung. He is famous for his dolls with moving parts of the body. The classical theatrtenei Nang Yai (he associates among Thai people with the royal courts of Bangkok and Ayutthaya) uses dolls whose limbs are immovable, but they have decorations, ionias depict real heroes or scenes from Ramakiana (this is the Thai variantinodiyskoy Ramayana). This is a very unusual gift and you can give it as dear and close to you people, and boss.

Pure Thai souvenir

Souvenirs made from palm leaves. These are bright objects that are attractive and often used to decorate a house. Elderly people in Thailand adhere to the tradition of hanging them over the children's cradle, in the hope that the baby will grow strong and healthy. At the same time, a palm leaf, folded in the shape of a fish, is a symbol of good fortune.

In general, Thailand is a country rich in traditions. And it's better to bring something from here that will remind you of your adventures. If you intend to visit more than one city and several provinces, try to bring out something separate from them, inherent only to it. If you do not spend too much money, do not necessarily spend on expensive gifts, pay attention to small souvenirs, and most importantly bargain. Perhaps the Thais will immediately surrender, but in the end, your perseverance can help you save a lot.

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