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We decorate the house: autumn crafts with our own hands

Learn to group correctly (crafts for the house)

It is natural for women to combine skillfullydetails, group components and so on. It is during the making of the herbarium that you can show your sense of taste and show how well you have developed a taste and sense of combinations of color scales. Fill your vases with beautiful autumn bouquets and decorate the house with environmentally friendly and natural materials.

I gave myself a rose

So, the first lesson is to make the original roses fromleaves. In general, you can do anything from leaves, you just need to show imagination. Yes, Ikebana from leaves - as a rule, only this comes to mind to most of us, but it's only worthwhile to sit a little and think about it, and also put a drop of effort and you can get a real masterpiece. Unlike ordinary bouquets in which flowers are used, we will create These roses: they will not wither and will please the eye throughout all the colds.


  1. Find as many maple leaves as possible;
  2. For one, you need 10-15 pieces, but for the beginning it's best to take it with a stock;
  3. Leaves select the most vivid, so that in the bouquet the lights look original and natural;
  4. On the leaves there should be no tears.

Next, you flatten each leaf in half. Since the first leaf will go zasnovu and perform the role of a tight middle, then you will need to carefully twist it, so as not to damage your nails, into a tight roll. The rest of the folded sheets of paper we begin to wind around the original roll. When your rose becomes lush and natural dimensions are achieved (preferably not making it too big), you can wrap the product in colored threads. You can also use glycerin to save the rose. Spread the leaves with a mixture or treat the product with melted paraffin. You can even use a household candle. You can take a liquid silicone. In any case, all your leaves and products must be processed with glycerin.

The most durable Ikebana

How to make ikebana so that it is durable? For this you will need special canning. But start collecting all the twigs and berries that you will like, and see how they will look in your vase. Further selected and sorted products can be given processing. This method will help the berries to hold fast to the branches and not dry out, do not break down, do not deform. Leaves will also remain elastic, and their color, on the contrary, will acquire even greater brightness and color.


Mix 2 parts of boiling water 1 part of glycerin.

Harvested plants are carefully placed in the solution.

It is necessary to put all this solution of the product in a cool place (if there is a cellar or something else). To keep 15 days.

When the time has passed, take your wares and put them on a napkin, let them be shaken. And also let them still hang suspended in the sun parudnya, until finally shaken out.

Then do the ikebana.

"The candle burned on the table"

Now you can make sure that your candleburned on a table or on a shelf or in any other beautiful place, but not with the help of a flame, but with the help of beautiful, burning shades of autumn. For this, you need to be a super professional, but only to take suitable sizes of leaves.

A warning! Before you use the autumn leaves, see that they are whole and not fragile. Since if you put a bad material on a candle, it will be very noticeable.

Make the applique on the candleholder with the help of already dried fragments of leaves. But be careful, because the glue used is paraffin.


  1. Choose the best fragments of beautiful leaves, preferably colorful and bright;
  2. Buy in the market a decorative thick candle, but only white;
  3. Treat the candle with paraffin;
  4. Accurately glue the necessary parts into pre-planned locations;
  5. The candle should be lowered into the paraffin completely.

Crafts for children - materials

The most interesting handicrafts are those made by children, because these little people are more unpredictable in their work and can give vent to both fantasies, feelings, and other details.

What do we need and what materials are suitable for the work? Collect everything if there is something superfluous, then throw it away: the leaves are autumn (large, small, of various shapes, colors, species). They should not be wet or ugly. Put them in a book so that they do not start folding and retain the necessary shape. Also, twigs and tree bark (birch, oak, etc.) will be needed. take selective pine cones, pine needles, acorns, chestnuts. If there is a possibility, then you can type seeds (melon, watermelon, winged maples, etc.). Find and fluff with feathers. Seashells, pebbles, and moss are also welcome.

Once you collect all, be sure to immediately alldry and look, so that the materials do not get dirty spiders. You can combine natural materials as needed with household: flour, pepper, croup, pasta, nuts, etc. For example, when making a picture, you can use a large number of materials.

Modern crafts with children's hands

Hand-crafted house for Babkyaga

For the manufacture you need to take the bumps,twigs, autumn leaves, chestnuts, chestnut shells, dry grass, acorns, as well as hats from acorns, twigs of thuja, plasticine, paper cups, cloth and thread. But such a composition may seem too complex for children, so help them at the first pore in the provision of materials.

"Already at home"

It's absolutely easy to do it.Take a large number of acorns and disconnect them. Let the acorn itself be a head, and the hats the trunk. String on the string acorn, and after the cap, so they walked exactly to the arc.


This is the most simple ekibana.Vozmite half of the shell of chestnut and clay. From plasticine dolepitelovu: eyes, nose, antennae, and legs.


The hat will perform the role of chestnut, and the leg - a white clay.

"The Hut"

For this product you will need to stock up on dried grass. Take the wands. In order for them to be strong, rewind them with a thread. And instead of a roof take a bunch of grass.

"Baba Yaga in the Stupa"

The stupa will be a paper cup. In order for your woman to stay in a mortar, you need to lubricate the bottom of the glass with glue. Glue them in neveletochki and wrap them with threads. Next, make a grandmother's body. The head will be a piece of a sushi, the gases can be details made of plasticine, make the hair out of the thread, and cut the tissue from the cloth.

By making crafts, you can use many of them for joint games or productions. Play with natural materials. Autumn is a time of fantasy, use your chance.

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