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Decor in the style of Provence

What is inherent in Provence?

In order to repeat this style in ourModern conditions, it is necessary to understand the long-term life of the southerners of France. But we will try to understand what style implies and how to embody it into reality.

It is worth noting that the style of the Provencal is the mostTypical furniture made of wood. Such furniture should be made in simple silences, without pathos and intricacies. Women calm and well-balanced style will be just right. Look at yourself light colors. In order to feel like an unfading rose in the garden, you need to create an appropriate atmosphere. It is light colors that give the atmosphere of lightness, beauty and other. Let the French concepts of charm, provincial simplicity and, at the same time, bourgeois charm enter into your house together with the furniture. All these components can help you understand what a provence really is.

Provence in the kitchen

The most feminine place in the whole house is the kitchen. That's it we will arrange it properly. For kitchen furniture in the style of Provence need bright fronts. The material must be natural wood, that is, oak, chestnut, walnut. If you do not want the fronts to be very bright and you need to add dark tones, then remember that you will have to wipe them. Creating a kind of scuffed, you decorate your house in accordance with the requirements of style.

For design kitchen utensils: Cabinets, facades, chests of drawers, you can use a wax coating or you can paint the products in colors: terracotta, green, blue. So, on the general bright and peaceful background of the walls, you create vivid images that blend in with each other and harmoniously complement the overall background.

The style is called ecological, because at itsOnly natural materials are used: wood, stone, canvas. Therefore, every woman who wanted to change the situation in the style, made the right choice and will not regret. Neither wood, nor stone, nor other natural substances will harm you and your family, unlike non-natural materials.

When decorating the kitchen, do not forget that every thingShould gradually find its place. If your style is a Provence, then you can manifest in it a feminine and your desire to connect with nature.

Provence and antiquity

In order for the decor to be truly perfect,Rich and beautiful in appearance, there are several tricks. If you want to make an apartment or a house in the style of Provence, but uvass does not have enough money for durable and expensive furniture or details of decor, ask your friends to furnish you furniture according to the following "recipe". Let them take the natural bars and they will specially make jags, chips, scrapes, and it's also nice to lightly "decorate the tree with long-lasting scars" -to artificially make holes in the form of disposals by bugs and bark beetles, etc. After all this, you can cover the tree with protective means and "voila" - everything is ready. So you can make sure that the tree looks like something ancient, expensive and solid. Such tricky tricks can be used in various variants.

Colors used in decorating the room

You can use the most beautiful colors,Which are. But they must show your femininity and emphasize the strength of your character, as well as the subtlety of taste. So, you will like: pastel colors, colors faded to form, white, milky, beige, lavender color, ocher or sea waves, sunflower or terracotta, etc. Provence is also well suited combination of colors: pastel blue and gentle yellow. Thus, you can shade the flowering meadows in the province of Provence on your interior.

In order for the decorin terrier to work out you needCombine two or three primary colors and use them in the work. For the fair sex it is easy work, because to whom, as it is not for women to be able to combine beautiful things, and tembolee colors. For example, take this combination: sand, beige, blue. You can also take red and white. To create an accent, take the bright accessories and arrange them around the house.

Decor in Provence

In order for the city to have a provence, and notA parody of this style, it is necessary to use lamps with forged details. If you do not like one in the store, tell the strong sex, let them make you to order. It would be nice to see the back of the chairs, they will not only decorate the house, but also give it an ancient and powerful look. By the way, it's much easier to care for such material, consider this as a mistress.

If you have a two-storey house, then a forged staircase will be very handy. In the street, place near the threshold of a step made of natural stone.

Bedroom Provence

Smoothly moving to the place of rest, we can say thatTo give romanticism and mystery to the female image is possible with the help of candles, as well as the forged head of the bed. Now your bed and beckons to lie down in it. Can you give up the wrought-iron bed? It neskripit, does not break, easy to care for and durable in use, beautiful vdekorirovanii. Ladies, you know, any kind of forged decor in the Provence will look great.

In order to light the rest of your body, take a wrought-iron lamp. You can hang the same chandelier and make sure that it is combined with the color of the furniture.

Real Provence is a one-off song, notYou need to hurry when assembling it. So, use vdekoro genuine ceramics, similar to the rustic style. Take napkins, beautifully embroidered from flax. Chairs should remind the old age of the product, you can attach the shelves, which also do not need to add age.

Decor is created for the most part and withUsing a plant motif. Place the bedspreads, hang the portraits, paintings and, most importantly, use high-quality textiles: bleached bleached, cotton, having drawings in the form of flowers, you can take a bright strip or cage. Bright examples of textiles need to be used at the time of ennobling the room with curtains, cloaks; Embroider a lace napkin or order a motley-cheeked mat.

Of course, in the bedroom there is a picture. When they are designed, you should not use complicated and complex drapery. You have already used enough jewelry in fabrics and other things. Put ordinary flowers on the windows, and on the bedside table near the window, if there is one, you can put beautiful dried flowers.

The most perfect decoration for any house and anyThe bedrooms will be works done by the owner of the premises themselves. Make a herbarium or a picture, decorate a blanket, a pillow, blankets. Provence always encourages independence and ease of work.

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