/ What to bring as a gift from Italy?

What to bring as a gift from Italy?

The most romantic city on earth

What is famous for Venice? Of course its channels, the romance that envelops the city and .... Carnivals. Bring a home mask. They are sold in two kinds. The first - a classic mask, personifying the personalities of the comedy: Harlequin, Pantalone, Doctor. The second is modern masks of fantastic heroes. Buy tsenuvenirovy can be both on the collapses, and in stores or special workshops. The price will depend on the material from which they are made and the degree of mastery of their creator. Cheaper, clay, you can buy and for $ 2, but the cossack will have to pay much more, and you can find it only in antiques salons.

Everybody knows how famous the Viane glass is. Why not buy it at home? But even here you need to beware of fakes. You can easily distinguish the original - it is heavy and strong. The production of a mirror dome with bronze elements is a very complicated process, so few undertake such work and its result is expensive.

The office, made under the antiquity,Is also popular with tourists. For example, you can buy a fountain pen, an envelope with a coat of arms or an embossed folder of leather. You can buy all this on the streets of Merceria.

Are popular and Venetian. In addition, you can bring a statuette of a gondola from Venice, a striped shirt, like a gondolier, glasses or glazed fruit. Another business card of the city are watches with the effect of molten material, which seem to flow down.

Homeland Romeo and Juliet

What to bring from Verona? Of course, the statuettes of Romeo and Juliet. This city is famous for its wines. The most famous of them is AMARONE, it is famous and loved by admirers all over the world. No less popular are CUSTOZA and DURELLO.

At the foot of Vesuvius

From Sicily, pottery is usually transported.All sorts of puppets, the figures of Pinocchio, the Sicilian coach. Papyrus, by the way, is mistakenly considered the property of Egypt, although it can also be brought from Sicily. In a small town located at the foot of Vesuvius, they create a porcelain - various figurines in the form of flowers, characters of fairy tales. Religious Sicilians produce and figurines of the Madonna, as well as beads with a cross, called the rosario. Interesting will be historical literature or albums dedicated to the holding of excavations of the ancient city of Pompeii. Buy in Sicily, you can and amphorae - no less colorful souvenir.

Visiting Pulcinella

What is Naples famous for? The theater of Buratina, his hero Pulcinella, statuettes which can be purchased everywhere in the city. For luck, buy "peppers" - the horns of the devil. Famous for their taste and Naples sweets, driving them home will be difficult, but if you choose a small "woman", drenched with liqueur and laid in a jar, it is quite possible that you can please the household with an overseas delicacy.

In Italy there is a tradition for Christmas holidaysTo establish prezepe is a scene of the birth of Christ. In Naples, various figures are not created: Mary, Joseph, various animals. The more the personages, the better it is to get prezepe.

Decorate your house and painted diamonds from Naples. Italians use them in the dance of Tarantella, and you can brag about it and just like that, without dancing.

What else to bring from Italy?

From Milan, as a rule, we carry models of cars participating in the formula one. In Liberty Square, you can easily buy a small Ferrari.

Being in the Coliseum, be sure to buy the ancientCoins, or rather their copies, figurines of ancient Roman gladiators, figurines made of porcelain, produced by the Capodi Monti plant. Will be a good gift and Vatican brands.

Will be in Pisa, do not forget to buy the figurinesLeaning Tower of Pisa. The ever-falling structure enjoys a huge popularity with tourists. With the image of the tower produced T-shirts, panels, mugs and much more.

From Florence, drag the terracotta. This is an unglazed article made of ceramic, colored porous clay. In addition, buy a notebook, let it remind you of Italy of the rustle of the famous Florentine paper.

The city of Padua, glorified by Saint Anthony of Padua, is famous for its candles. But from Bologna you can bring the figures of towers Torre Garisenda and Torre di Asinelli.

Of course, you can stay at homesouvenirs - magnets with the image of the main attractions of Italy. For a friend, you can buy a jewelry box. Suitable for a souvenir and a mug. For fans of Italian football, choose a T-shirt with the logo of your favorite team or another sports attribute.

Girls are probably heard oshopinge in Milan, therefore, having arrived here, it is possible to get on sale. Surprise the girlfriends with original items from leading European designers.

In the province of Ancona produce paper with watermarks, it is interesting that here is created a paper for money, which is supplied to different states.

In Reggio Calabria, they produce reproductions of statues of "Bronzi di Riace" - statues of bronze, the "birth" of which took place in the fifth century BC. Give your loved ones a piece of antique culture.

An interesting souvenir is a kitchenimage of naked statues. Such a gift with humor. Popular among tourists and calendars with pictures of the attractions of Italy, its regions and natural beauties.

Italian goodies

In Italy there are many vineyards. Sending to Tuscany? Be sure to buy "Chianti". Also, pay attention to the bottles "Brunello di Montalcino", "Nerod'Avola", "Barbera". On the Amalfi coast, sell an excellent liquor «Limoncellodi Sorrento». The famous drink of love Amaretto Disaronno produce from 1525goda, this is the choice of true connoisseurs.

You must have tried tea with sergamot. Did you know that in Reggio Calabria, alcohol is produced on the basis of this citrus fruit. We advise you to buy a bottle and surprise your friends.

Italian cuisine is famous for not only wines, but alsoCheeses. The famous edible souvenir is Parmesan, it will suit any gourmet. It is he who annually wins international competitions and is awarded the title "King of Cheeses". Gorgonzola - another type of cheese, only this species is distinguished by mold. Italians love macaroni, this good and unas are enough, but with real multicolored pasta from Italy nothing is incomparable.

Italy is a beautiful country thatA lot of impressions, which you simply have to share with your friends and family. Do not forget to take a lot of photos and do not skimp on the gifts. The main thing is not their price, but the fact that they are brought from a stunning old country, with a rich history and culture.

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