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Bachelorette party in Ibiza

Collecting suitcases

There comes one of the most pleasant, but at the same timeWe begin to gather for a rest. Of course, so immediately and do not understand what is needed and in what quantity to take with them to the island. Ibiza is not only a warm climate and great beaches, and even a lot of parties, where you need to look your best! This island is saturated with freedom of thinking and style, so do not be afraid of experiments, because the unusual appearance is often encouraged in the form of free entrance to the club. True, in this case you need to know the measure, so as not to overdo it. It is not necessary to take a lot of things: firstly, it is not very convenient for transportation, and more than that, when the girls go without a man's help, and secondly, in Ibiza, you will not be scolded for coming to the club in a bathing suit or shorts, on the contrary, it is welcomed here, and luxurious evening dresses are better reserved for other occasions. Third, think about the convenience and practicality! Take those things that will come in handy every day: usually it's a simple open-shoe and a pair of sneakers, interesting t-shirts, light shirts, tunics, all sorts of shorts and skirts. Give preference to clothes made from lightweight fabrics, but do not forget about old ones - good jeans.

We begin to hang out

If your women's circle likes not only noisyrest, but also a little cultural-developing, then it is necessary to arrange a small excursion. This island is known not only for its incendiary parties, night discos, but also because most of Ibiza is included in the list of the UN World Heritage. Here is a chic nature, which became one of the reasons for frequent visits to a paradise corner by various film producers, artists, photographers. The rich cultural heritage of Ibisensso is only a small part of what is worth seeing when visiting Ibiza. So, where to go, so that your with your girlfriends vacation was especially interesting and saturated?

San Antonio is one of the most popularresort towns of Ibiza. A lot of high-rise hotels of idols, amazing bays, excellent beaches. In 5 km peacefully located the island-satellite of Fermentera: here you can plunge into the atmosphere of tranquility, if nashush and eternal fun is slightly fed up. In addition, do not forget and oshoping. Here is given a great opportunity to replenish your cloak-and-clothes items of famous brands. The nightlife of Ibiza is one of the reasons why you and your friends should visit this wonder island. Nestoit forget that, first of all, the Spanish autonomy has become famous for its wonderful beaches of Talamanca, Figueretas, Playa d 'en Bossa, Portinatx, Puerto de San Miguel .It is the identity of the musical beaches of Ibiza, nearby you can rent a room in one of the hotels located near Talamanca and Playa den Bossa.

If you and the girls are notoriousfanatics of modern electronic music and fiery dances, you simply have to visit the dance floors of Pacha, Renaissance, Privilege, Eden or Space. From sunset to dawn, you will be dragged into your network by a crazy atmosphere and the wild energy of youth. Chic bars Cafe del Mar and Mambo will happily meet you with the best service and rich assortment. In addition to dancing to the music of famous DJ's, you can give preference and rest on the warm sand of the locals. And, as they say, plenty to enjoy all the delights of the sea. Starting from a stunning sunburn and ending with the delight of an exquisite landscape and easy sipping a delicious cocktail.

A great place to spend your free timeThe most popular and large club of Ibiza - "Privilege" - will become the friends. It is in it that the famous weekly event takes place - Manumission. If suddenly you want to bring a little variety to your vacation, then recommend to visit the water parties in the "EsParadis".

Do not forget about the dynamics and activity! Buchty with an amazing purity of water attract extreme lovers. Here you can not just just buy, but also vigorously spend time for water sports in the famous marine centers of SantAntonio, San Josep and Santa Eularia.

When the fuss and the eternal festival of Ibiza will be in yourgravity - get together at the resorts of Portinatx or Santa Eulária das Río. Despite its "club" character, Ibiza can be cognitive. Due to its plausible geographical position, the "old city" of Ibiza was lost among the pine forests of the island. The ancient castle, the cathedral, ancient houses can calmly compete in popularity with the discos of the Spanish autonomy.

Ibiza can offer a variety of alternatives forthose who want more vivid sensations than just dances. On the jagged coast of the island are located dozens of excellent beaches, villages with well-groomed, like fairy-tale houses. The green hilly landscapes have left indifferent people, as well as the famous northern beach of Benarras, a view of the so-called "Finger of the God" - part of the rock that protrudes from the sea.

The well-developed infrastructure of Ibizaprovides thousands of opportunities for your unforgettable vacation. There really is everything. Hotels of various categories to fashion boutiques, music stores and the notorious hippie market. Also on the island are two large water parks Aguamar in Playad'en Boss and Agualandia near the beach Talamanca. And if you, the girls, will become completely bored, you can diversify your impressions by visiting the schools of the diving at the resorts of Portinach.

Multiple councils for you

  • Hotel rooms are best booked in advance.
  • To rent a car you will need the right of an international sample and the required deposit amount on the card;
  • In bars, restaurants, cafes, tips are 10% of the total;
  • Choose bright and creative outfits in the club! Then you can be held free of charge, and even treat yourself to a delicious cocktail;
  • Shopping in Ibiza is expensive. It is best to buy the souvenir products in the city of Santa Eulalia.
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