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Neoplasticism in the interior

Professionals and ordinary tenants of apartments, for a long timeapply neoplasticism as a style, which can successfully decorate the interior. From the very beginning, it was used as a design tool for creative people. This type of direction, for the most part, was chosen by those who preferred bright colors and some liveliness in the expressions of geometric lines in space.

Features of style

Back in 1917 in the style usedexceptionally straight lines, and they were defined in a strict proportion. The main color for the design was the one that suited only the basic colors of the palette, for example: red, white, blue, yellow, other. The color distributions also had their own special characteristics and instructions for use in the work. These methods gave the style and charm, and charm.

If you decide to place your home inneoplasticism, then you should understand in advance that such a style of vodka to create is virtually impossible. To decorate the interior will need a professional who has been dealing with this profile for many years. Style has a large number of "pitfalls" and requires special pedantry in the work with the design. But this should not frighten you, because women can always feel, and this is the most important quality for creating the necessary style.

Today, neo-plasticism attractsa lot of attention not only in architectural circles of interior design, but also in many other things. For example, style features are easy to recognize in clothes, magazines, often the style is used in the production and painting. Plane and lines are the basic elements in the design of neoplasticism, it is from them that they construct more complex constructions.

How to choose the right furniture?

In neoplasticism, there is a possibilityUse furniture models of different directions: modern or classic. But when choosing you need to be able to avoid too saturated or oversaturated colors in the upholstery, as well as furniture decorating. Your main task is to find furniture, which will shade saturated sounds and tones.

Female look at the ceiling

Few of the professionals can argue with the fact,that a woman's sense of beauty can not compare with anything. Therefore, when designing the entire residential complex in each issue, it is necessary to take into account this factor. You, as a mistress, must understand all the nuances, in order to later know how the room in which you live will look. So, remember that neoplasticism allows you to install suspended ceilings, but at the same time the ceiling must have strong lines and bright colors. It is interesting that you can dose the colors. The way your apartment will look bright will depend on your perception and, of course, your wishes. If you see that one color is a little dull for you, tell the specialists to make it brighter and invert.

Apartment in neo-plastic style

Apartments in the style of neoplasticism have abundantlighting, as well as a lot of free space. Even if there is little natural light, then its defect is compensated by using artificial light devices.

Unthinkable, but true: people who decided to decorate the interior in the style of neoplasticism, prefer this gesture in life. For example: in clothes, when choosing accessories and so on. Also, I can compile a psychological portrait of a person: a strong willpower, self-confidence, optimistic attitude towards life. Neoplasticism has a great influence on humanity, because it is not just a style, but a way of life.

The task of neoplasticism was to synthesize, aspainting, and architecture. In architecture, style was interpreted as a slogan for creating and combining three colors: red, yellow and blue, -it were chromatic paints. And achromatic colors of steel: gray, black, white. This principle is successfully embodied in the development of walls, ceilings and various furniture. The expression of modularity was achieved by dividing different colors. In the style, each element is a reflection of the entire interior of the whole. This knowledge can help you create the right atmosphere in your home, because playing rules of interior decoration, you can achieve not only what you want, but also to exceed all expectations.

Who is the style for?

Neoplasticism is the style of home for the averageclass. Furniture should be inexpensive and modular, based on modules of wooden boxes and plywood, as well as timber. It was neoplasticism that laid the foundation for the present type of prefabricated furniture.

But if earlier neoplasticism was the style of the averageclass, now the situation has changed. Think only, in the current conditions of technical and industrial processes, you can recreate any type and style based on modern frames. That is, you can take some details from neoplasticism, and those that you do not like and in your opinion externally make interlacing, simply to remove or not to use. It is best to replace unnecessary things with something practical. And it concerns everything: furniture, wallpapers, paintings and other things.

Particular attention to the living room

Even the designers themselves admit that it isthe living room is for them the most interesting space while working. Since the living room is the place of gathering and meeting, it needs to be given special attention and ennobled in accordance with style preferences.

When decorating the interior track tothe living room combined with the rest of the rooms in flowering, style, composition and so on. You, as the hostess of the house, make sure that the center of your home has a maximum of conveniences for the reception of guests. Facilities are also not only admired, but also in the exterior design of the room: let the colors be both warm and bright. If you decide to combine the kitchen with the living room, then you will come to the aid of furniture geometric shapes, which can be used in several ways. So it will be easier for you to hide unnecessary items or arrange the necessary attributes. Neoplasticism is calculated on what to give the owner of the house as much space and opportunities as possible, so do not clutter up the premises. Put the folding table so that, in the case of visitors, it could be disassembled, and if they are not available, save and save space. Take care of special chairs, which can be used for storing things or the like.

It is important to correctly distribute the light, sincelighting is an integral part of design. Also, lighting should be of high quality, as it has an effect on vision. If it is difficult for you alone to cope with this issue, let them be occupied by specialists.

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