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Interior in the style of rationalism

Specificity and features of the interior through the eyes of women

Rationalism, created in the 20-ies of the XX century, beforestill has specific features. Similar features of the style are the following properties: simplicity, convenience, functionality, etc. If you decide to use the advice, then know that jewelry, accessories and other excesses should not be present in the interior of this style. You can admit adornment only if they play an important role in practical application. That is, if necessary, you can afford some adjustment of the style, but do not overdo it, because you risk completely change the look.

If you are a sensual woman, then it will be easy for you to bring this style into your home. Remember that the characteristic colors of the style are soft light colors, purple, light green, brown and others.

In turn, characteristic lines of design in the style of rationalizing are combinations of thin and thick lines, and also vertical and horizontal.

When determining some of the details you needto take an interest in the characteristic forms of style. They are usually considered rectangular, spherical, cylindrical and other types. An important role in rationalism is played by the forms of bay windows, verandas, loggias and balconies, which are provided in abundance. If you are a resident of your own house, then you will like a beautiful and chic bar in the style of rationalism. He will emphasize all your qualities and show striving, because nothing more than the style of arrangement of living space can tell about his owner.

Also try to take advantage of the characteristic elements of rationalism, which are geometric simple figures, brought to near pre-asceticism.

Tell your strong sex that during repair you need to know what are the characteristic designs: steel, reinforced concrete, as well as beams, three-dimensional latticed, and others.

A great role in creating a style is played by windows. This, so to speak, the eyes of your home. The style of rationalism is characterized by broad and rectangular or oval windows. You, as a hostess, need to decide which windows will fit best to your home.

Next, pay attention to the doors. The style is preferably rectangular or paneled; material can be wooden, glass, metal. Here, the choice is great, so there is where the fantasy will unfold.

Rooms in the style of rationalism
Finishing is carried out at the expense of newmaterials, for example, chrome-plated metal. Bathrooms and kitchens are built in a strictly functional form and have a small area. Interior and decoration of the facades of houses should be laconic and strict. For walls as a coating, plaster-like colors are chosen or light-colored paper wallpapers. For floors is taken parquet, which has a simple drawing or tile.

Furniture, like other items in rationalism, is nothas no aesthetic value, therefore it is also produced in a simple and unadorned form. In rationalism, there is one constitution of functionality - the object must perform some function, but do not have any decor or decoration elements. In the manufacture, either a traditional plywood tree or a newly invented chrome-plated metal pipe was used. The main motifs of the steel were straight lines, rectangles and squares.

Modern life in the style of rationalism
At this point in the development of progress, manyconsumers tend not to flamboyant and chic styles, but on the contrary, to rational and mental techniques for the construction of their homes. The main advantages of rationalism for urban residents is its functionality and contemplation, since the merging of these two principles leads to the acquisition of space in small-sized housing.

The interior decoration of such a house will beto smell with tranquility, steadfastness and stability of home life. Rationalism in the interior is always distinguished by a certain thoughtfulness in the functionality of solutions, compactness of volumes, as well as strictness in following the rules and requirements of the technical character. At the same time, the clarity in the identification of the framework and the technical clarity of the forms and colors are observed.

In order to get your dream home in stylerationalism, you should understand the techniques that will help to give the process of construction the necessary motive and bring it to the necessary channel. So, when you create a project together with the masters, then specify that you want a house in the style of rationalism. If you really want to make a project, then keep in mind the following: windows in the house must be high, walls - smooth, arched openings have a rectangular shape, in order to create a wide space. On the windows with an effusion, hang curtains in the form of screens or make strict frames from a natural tree.

Arrange the furniture in the room so that it isthe entire zone is completely grouped. Thus, you get more seats and visually increase the room. Do not add effects to furniture or make accent on it - it's more. Minimize the number of details of the decor, making your space.

To decorate the walls and floor, you can use the Venetian stucco and floor tiles. Tone should be chosen not catchy, adamchato-gray and beige.

Your house should breathe a logical buildstyle. For example: a fireplace and its flame - a living room, a green corner - a kitchen, special lamps - a bedroom and more. The color palette of the style includes such colors as: black, white, metallic, blue, red and yellow. Pay most of your attention to the compositional solution, but to the interior in general. Suppose that you have a predominance of chetykisiluety, simple geometric shapes and designs.

If you do not want to fully design a house in stylerationalism, then you will need to pay attention to the combination of styles. For example, you can make a children's room in the style of techno, and a bedroom in modern or art deco. But with this, it is necessary to choose the most combinable details from each individual style, in order to give them aesthetic reunion under one roof.
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