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Interior in the Romanesque style

In the Romanesque interior, the use ofNatural materials, in the first place, stone. It can be marble, granite, brick. The house must be strong and strong, massive sculptures, high ceilings - this is what is characteristic of this direction. This style is suitable for spacious rooms and huge houses, it is here that you can apply all the elements of the interior that are typical of the Romanesque style. The architecture in the Romanesque style, in turn, Also assumed the presence of a strong elements, large windows and powerful doorways. This should be a room without frills, however, with an abundance of large decor elements.

Arched vaults, windows from the floor and practicallyPre-ceiling, the presence of columns, high ceilings, the floor laid with natural stone, stained glass with a variety of patterns, as well as many other features distinguish this style among others. It is important that the overall impression of the interior remains the same, as if you are in a castle or some other spacious, massive view and at the same time a simple room. If you follow the designer's advice on decorating your house in the Romanesque style, then the guests should have the impression that they were in a medieval castle.

Features of the Romanesque style

In addition to the above points, the romance styleIn the interior has a lot of other features and nuances. For example, walls in a given style should mimic the walls of the castle, be made of natural stone or outwardly imitate its texture. The floor should also be laid with a stone or marble, in case of emergency, a tree or laminate that looks like natural wood. As an option, you can use ceramic tiles. The ceiling should be the continuation of the walls and at the top to be joined in the form of a vault. Color ceilings are light colors to match the walls. Furniture should be simple and a few primitive. Suitable rough wooden tables, chairs, sofas, minimally upholstered with a soft cloth. However, modern reading of the Roman style welcomes rich fabrics, curtains, drapery, the presence of a large number of paintings on the walls in a beautiful framework.

Next, we will highlight the thesis of the basic features of the style, which certainly need to pay attention to all who seek to re-create it in their home:

  • Use of natural materials
  • The most suitable colors are golden, crimson, scarlet, beige, sand, blue, brown. Be sure to use the colors of natural wood
  • Spacious rooms and high ceilings
  • Using a massive and fairly simple furniture in shape
  • Presence of stained glass and patterns
  • The texture of the walls should be somewhat rough
  • Presence of medieval paintings - landscapes and portraits
  • Massive doors and windows made of natural wood
  • Minimal number of decorative ornaments
  • Muted lighting, especially in the bedroom and bathroom
  • Furniture made of wood or forged, other materials should not be present in the interior of the interior
  • The presence of a stone (brick) fireplace, at least decorative
  • The overall impression of the interior should be a sense of gloom and coldness, and at the same time grandeur
  • The decoration can only become paintings, tapestries, wrought candelabra or candlesticks
  • In the living room, be sure to install a wide wooden table for guests
  • It is possible to use statues and other powerful sculptures
  • This style is not particularly suitable for apartments, it's better to use it in a cottage in a cottage.

Most often, such a style in the interior is used in non-residential premises due to its coldness. These can be restaurants, country clubs or themed cafes.

Living room in Romanesque style

Living room in the Romanesque style should beA spacious room with large windows, a massive door, a huge wooden table and chairs in the center. A huge chandelier will be an excellent addition to the design of this kind of interior, it should be placed directly under the feet. A slightly different version of the living room is possible - a sofa, a pair of armchairs very simple in form and appearance, and a small coffee table made of natural wood. Curtains in the living room can be made of velvet or any other "heavy" material. The floor is necessarily wooden or stone, as an option, you can lay ceramic tiles on the floor. In this interior, it is also appropriate to look at a home wine bar or pantry.

Bedroom in Romanesque style

The bedroom is the only place where there is a placeLuxury. The bed should be huge and massive, from a natural tree, with a canopy from above. You can use drapery in a lot of quantity, and hang a picture on the expensive frame above the bed. Required element of the interior of the bedroom in the Romanesque style should be a chest of natural wood. Above the chest of drawers you can hang a huge mirror. The lighting should be muffled, you can also install several candles. As a decoration of the bedroom, you can also use figurines made of bronze. As an additional accessory in the bedroom, you can install a chest, which was previously used both as a table, as a cabinet, and even as a bed.

Kitchen in Romanesque style

For the kitchen, this style will do the best. A huge amount of wood, natural materials - this is exactly what will be appropriate in any kitchen. Furniture for the kitchen should be simple, with clear lines and shapes, floors - wooden, and ceilings - high. Decorate the walls with decorative bricks - this will be the main highlight of the interior of your house. In the center of the kitchen you can install a massive wooden table and a few chairs. The kitchen should be spacious with a large window, through which the daylight must pass. As curtains it is better to use louver of monophonic solid matter. For the kitchen, it is necessary to consider several light sources - a main lamp and several additional lamps.

Bathroom in Romanesque style

Here the most important thing is the original bath, floorsAnd walls of ceramic tiles, as well as the use of muted colors in brown-beige. You can put in a corner a wooden container for the clothes, hang towels made of natural materials, and fill the room with small parts, for example, a soap box and a shelf made of wood.

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