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Fashion ideas in decorating windows


The choice of fabrics for curtains is truly impressive. In terms of the proposed variants of interlacing, combinations of textures, colors and accessories, any fashionista can envy. Some designers advise to get a few sets of curtains depending on the season or season. For example, in cool weather, the curtains of dense fabrics, silk, wool, velvet, will help to keep the heat of your hearth, and the fashionable transparent organza "chameleon" will suit the tulle. In the warmer months it is better to hang curtains of natural threads: flax, cotton, viscose or their combination with synthetics.

Fashionable novelties: Flax with interweaving of bamboo, coconut paper, woven with thread, imitation of matting, sewn skin. Popular neighborhood of different intertwining and textures: jacquard with printed plantery, crinkled silk, embroidered with beads, embroidery with a double-trowel stitch. Of the ornaments in this year's fashion, a combination of plant forms with a classic Latin font. As before, a cell with a volume texture and abstract pictures of the motives are in demand.

Shape, color and style

The choice of color depends not only on the overall colorInterior, but also from the seasonal appointment of curtains and the location of the window regarding the sides of the light. For example, for a cold season, curtains of warm colors will suit: all shades of yellow, orange, golden-ocherous, green. They will create a solar illuminance in any, even the most cloudy weather. In the sunny year, the eye rests on white and pastel colors.

In the decoration of the windows four styles are in the lead. The first, of course, is classical. Its indispensable components: lambrequin, curtain, tulle. One-tone or with a discreet graphic ornament of fabric: wool, silk, velvet. As decorative additions serve as brushes, ties (small vertical drapery), edging, jabot (long vertical drapery). In this year, the theme of the East is also popular. Abundance of draperies, accessories: brushes, braids, cords, pins. The luxury of silk, taffeta, organza, velvet will recall the fairy tale "A Thousand and One Nights".

Competition for the two above styles isNew-fashionedecological style. Curtains for him are sewn mostly from natural fabrics, although pure polyester and its combinations with natural threads are used. The decorations are compositions made of dry plants, shells, bamboo and other natural components, the choice depends only on the imagination of the artist. Fashionable drapery - overturn (asymmetrically and freely thrown over the cornice fabric).

And finally, the style for advanced - "high-tech."Here the minimum in everything is important, except for jewelry made of metal. With this overdo it is impossible, because polished metal is one of the main materials of this style of the future.

It's fashionable now that the curtain fabric is muchLonger the window lay on the floor with loose folds. In addition to the usual curtains, hanging skarnishes, there are also several types of curtains similar to blinds, popular in modern interiors. For example, smooth, without draperies, roller shutters are vaulted with impregnation.

Roman blind - a relative of the roll-shutters. When lifting such a stator forms a rigid horizontal folds, on the lower edge of the Roman curtains paint edging or a figured cutout. The French curtain is assembled from soft "marquise" collections, all of us familiar from concert halls. All these sister twins are well combined with a light draped tulle.

Cornices and decorations

But after all, the windows are decorated not only with beautiful curtains,But also cornices, and much more. Of course, no curtains can do without the eaves, akrasheniya will be a pleasant addition and variety. Undoubtedly, cornices should be approached in style to window draperies, their choice is no less great than the selection of fabrics for curtains. In fashion, forged iron cornices made of Brass yankel, decorated with matte gilding, antique.

The novelties of this year are hair clips, clothespins andDecorative hooks for curtains in the form of heart, moon or sun, - made of white or yellow metal. Various and holders for curtains: colored, gold, silver, matte, wooden. It is also worth mentioning the popular brushes and picks of different shapes and configurations of silk, beads, leather, jute.

Choosing clothes for the window, you need to take into account the wholeA number of necessary conditions and competently use a combination of textures, colors, shapes and all attached accessories. Believe me, it is much more pleasant to shift these problems onto the shoulders of a professional designer. Together you will plunge into the variety of shapes, textures, novelties, trends and choose the best and best option.

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