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The main mistakes of summer holidays with a child

Skin protection with sunscreen cream

At the seaside, the sun and the weather are a bitothers, there is always a breeze and it seems that the sun does not really bake. But this is a mistake, even if the day is cloudy and the sun often hides behind clouds, it is necessary to protect the baby's skin, especially for those children whose skin is very white. It's easy to do before leaving the room, even if it's pretty cool, it's better not to risk, use the cream and stay on the beach for too long. For children to be on the beach is permissible not more than 3 hours a day, even despite all precautions such as umbrella or protective cream. Kids are very mobile, which means they spend a lot of time entering the sun, so sunburn and bumps are a very frequent occurrence, when parents carelessly allow children to spend half the day at sea.

Sweet drink and eating on the beach

Of course, rest and the sea are associated withfreedom and the ability to do things that can not be in the ordinary life of vanity. In the case of nourishment and drinking on the beach, there seems to be nothing wrong with fruit and lemonade in zhaluochen by the way. But here there is a problem - all this is very fond of insects, which also bite, on the sweet will fly very quickly the wasps, bees, hornets and other things. Therefore, whatever you eat on the beach, before biting, look at the product, the striped kid with a sting can be inconspicuous. It is better to eat the sweets on the beach, of course.

But in all children it is difficult to secure and it happens thatan insect will sting a child. In this case, without necessarily waiting for a reaction, it is necessary to give the child something from antihistamines, and also the place of bite should be treated with ointment against bites. Worse, if the bite was in the mouth, do not pull and be sure to see a doctor, in a hospital or clinic there are necessary drugs against a strong allergy, so it's better to make sure to do a shot.

In addition to insects, the enemy food on the beach issun and heat, in such conditions, any product quickly deteriorates. It is worth remembering that you will eat food, not my hands, especially willingly the child will do it, perhaps to some extent you will be protected by wet wipes.

Swimming and diving in the swimming pools with children

About pools and so it is clear, no matter how they promisedcleanliness, this is not. And the children at bathing get drunk this water very much, to warn them it is useless, they do it not specially. In the case of sea water, the danger is slightly lower, although there is an infection there. Basin water polnabaktery and infections of all kinds, even regular cleaning by different means is not always effective. Children from different regions and countries can be resistant to their infections, but their immunity is not ready for the "import" ones, as a result - the child has an infectious disease.

Cold drink and air conditioners in the heat

Another sure way to get sick, because the bodypobneletietsya in the cold and to the throat of an ice drink. No good this contrast with the heat and cold will not lead, the child's body receives a powerful stress. It is not necessary to bring the room air temperature up to 20 ° С, if it's 32 ° С on the main line, it will be optimal to make 24-25 ° С. In this case, the child's body will not be too shocked by a sharp transition and easily adapted. In hot weather so it is necessary to drink ice-cold drinks, it does not help to cool down more quickly, but to earn a child the right angina will certainly help.

Water, mattresses and inflatables

A very common mistake parents make when they takechildren are inflatable means for swimming and stop following them on the water, believing that they are safe. Virtually any inflatable can slip out from under the child or from the hands, tear or burst, they can indulge and pick a friend from a friend for fun.

If it is a question of swimming at sea,That the circle was in hands, instead of is dressed on a body, tk. any wave can turn it upside down. Even such a tool as a water mattress here is not an assistant, because it is very quickly carried away by pulling waves, in addition, the mattress can also turn the wave when the child is at a decent depth. All this indicates that the child, while in the water, should always be in the field of view of the parents, and it is better that one of them bathed with the child.

The danger of the "Swedish Tailstones"

Children and delicious food are very compatibleconcept, so much so that it is sometimes difficult to separate them, as a result, there comes the same gluttony. As you know, many hotels and agencies tour practice the all inclusive system, where the principle of the buffet is working. This, of course, is convenient and pleasant, but it is necessary to closely monitor what the child eats and how much. After all, children in the gastronomy do not understand, and can eat absolutely uncomparable foods. It is necessary to limit the child to the food that should not be consumed together and of course to monitor the amount, especially if you know that your child is not averse to "an adult snack". Children's tables in this case are filled with what they generally can not, such as French fries and a variety of foods cooked deep-fried. Just be careful of the food the child is eating.

Children and motion sickness in transit

There are children who, according tobuses. If you find out that the child is rocking on the bus, then do not make excursions on the transport, as a result, you will spoil the rest yourself, surrounding and exhausting the child. If your child is traveling normally, then try not to feed him strongly, take mineral and plain water on the way, and also lollipops that are good at the symptoms of nausea. Well, of course, armed with sachets and napkins for any special case.

Replaceable swimwear

Despite the sun and heat, the child can easilyTo earn money is on a duty in wet bathing accessories. It is recommended to take a couple of bathing pairs on the beach and change after each swimming. You can easily disguise the child in ordinary panties, and before bathing to dress swim.

Hygiene in exotic countries

Even adults in exotic countries are vulnerableinfectious diseases and gastrointestinal disorders, so you need to monitor hygiene very carefully. Often in a country of the third world tap water is dangerous even after boiling, for food, drink and washing it is better to purchase water in large bottles. In addition, it is necessary to monitor the purity of fruits and the proper use of them.

Rest for one week

Do not forget about the adaptation, any organism withChanging the climate is time consuming for habituation, children need up to 10 days. The first 2-3 days of the baby can sleep badly, have problems with appetite, there may be problems with the temperature in the evenings. One week for a southern holiday will require a double and emergency rebuilding of the child's body. Therefore, it is recommended to rest for 2 weeks or more. First, the child will not receive such painful stresses for the organism. Secondly, both you and the baby will be able to have a normal rest without haste, for if you have only a week, it's better to spend time in yours.

A trip with the baby on the train

Of course, on the train it is difficult to go with the baby, somore, if the trip takes a day or more, it is impossible to follow the hygiene normally in the train. In addition, the child can catch skin diseases, conjunctivitis, lice, and little else what else. For the child, take your own set of clothes and keep the cleanliness.

Catarrh and air travel

When climbing or landing in an airplanethere is a slight pressure drop, you will feel how your ears are laid. In the normal state, this is not a problem, but if a person with a runny nose is a problem, especially for a child. With a strong cold and cold the baby is better to postpone the flight, but if you do not, you need to reduce the stuffiness of the nose by all means. Rinse the nose, remove the mucus, if it's just a baby, it is necessary to drip with nonspecial drops. If the ears pawned to pain, then you should do swallowing movements, you can eat something or put a lollipop into your mouth. The child needs to explain what is the cause of the discomfort, and he will do what is necessary to facilitate the body.

Moving alone by a little child

With children under 2 years of travel in any transportare very problematic, especially if the parent is one. It is not worth dumping such a small child to elderly grandmothers, for them such trips are incredibly tiring. Even more difficult if the child is sick, the same applies to the patient and the adult. Moving with these babies is better to do whenever possible together or to either parents, or with grandmothers, in extreme cases with friends. Even if the child is obedient and healthy, one parent will get tired of what will constantly monitor the baby, even at night.

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