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Safety of children when swimming in open water

Be sure to check

Any pond is fraught with danger, and those rivers andLakes that are located in cities or close to the line often turn into a household waste collector. Of course, you can not check the pond for the purity of water, but you can fully ensure a clean bottom for entering and leaving the water. It is necessary to check the bottom for all kinds of glass fragments, boards with nails, metal protruding objects, sharp shells, and everything that can cause injury.

You can, of course, not reinvent the wheel and not look fornew places, but just go to a verified place where you or your friends are safely bathing. Nevertheless, there are times when you find yourself on holiday in an unfamiliar place, however, it will not be superfluous to check out the familiar places before the parents go there.

Strength check

The current is an invisible enemy, for childrencurrent is particularly dangerous. As a rule, children, after learning a little about swimming, begin to demonstrate their successes, in the end, not calculating their strength, they are picked up by a current that very quickly carries far and deep.

With strong currents on the rivers in certainplaces are formed twisting vodovoroty, they are called "vires or funnels," even an adult, hitting a strong water, sometimes unable to escape from it and goes to the bottom. Children especially can not escape from the whirlpool, or from the clutches of the current. Before swimming in an unfamiliar place, you need to know from those who have bathed, about the presence of such funnels and the strength of the current. However, you can check the strength of the current by bathing. If the current is very strong, it is better to look for another place for rest with the child or be always near it. It is not necessary to count nasasatelnye circles, they sometimes cause the tragedy for different reasons.

Buying temperature

The most optimal temperature for bathing water isthe child is 24 ° C, at the very minimum value it should not fall below 20 ° C. It should also be taken into account that there are cold currents and spring springs in the river, which are simply ice. Getting into cold water for a child's body with prenatal stress and muscle cramps, even with a minor cramp the child can panic and drink water. Also it is worth remembering that the children's body is not ready for such temperatures, especially in the genito-urinary system of the boy.

Depth check

If the child is just learning to swim, then heput on shallow water to the waist and not more. Let him learn to confidently stay on the water, and then just go a little farther, any fear can always develop a child's fear of water. In any case, parents should be nearby to be timely in time for the child.

First aid in case of drowning

This is a very extreme situation and requiresadult possession, speed of action, and most importantly correct actions. It is necessary to completely get the child out of the pond, if there are people nearby, then ask them about the call of the guardians, regardless of the state of the child. Sometimes it happens that a number of non-net, in this case do not panic and do all the necessary actions listed below:

  • the most correct option is to bend the child and put it on his knee with his stomach down, the head should be tilted down, but not stuck to the ground;
  • check the mouth for algae, and also clean it from possible foam, sand or possible mucus. It's not up to the choice, if the girlfriend does not have a fabric, then just do it with your fingers;
  • it is necessary to obtain from the body of any response,the most optimal method is to induce a vomitive reflex. You can do this with your fingers, pressing the tongue deep in the mouth. Most often it helps, there is a nausea and cough, which removes water from the body, this is a good sign, a significant amount of water will go to the lungs and stomach. Do this for 5 minutes or even 10 minutes, no matter what, press down on the root language, in addition, you need to hit between the shoulder blades to the child, this will help remove water from the lungs. Having made such first measures, it is necessary to put the baby on its side so that the water can leave its mouth on its own, and it is compulsory to call for help, even if the child is better. The problem is that temporary improvements can be replaced by deterioration, up to cardiac arrest, so constantly attend to the child.

Worse, if these actions are not helped and vomiting is notappeared. In this case, put the baby on his back and do artificial respiration and mass the heart, of course, it would be nice to understand how to do it. If the child wakes up, then immediately turn it on his side to get out the water, and it is mandatory to take him to the doctor with a description of what had to be done. A drowned drowning with the body can be a problem, it is better to leave it for 1-2 days in the hospital until complete rehabilitation and examination.


Not all, but many jellyfish, however, like othersInhabitants of the sea have reflexes of protection, which are very often very painful, and some are completely deadly. In the case of the jellyfish, the danger is quite high, depending on the type of jellyfish and the area covered by the mucus. The burn for a child's organism and skin can be very problematic and certainly will be painful. The first thing to do is to wash the body with fresh water, it is mandatory to give an antihistamine, and also need an anesthetic. Depending on the area of ​​the burn, you may need to consult a doctor.

For those suffering from allergies the jellyfish representsspecial danger. Also it is necessary to find out from the local residents whether there are sea urchins in the water, if there are such, you need to dress slippers for bathing, and when the child is required to show the doctor.

Swimming on the waves

Yes, it's incredibly nice, but the mostdangerous a variant of bathing. The wave in its beauty is insidious, firstly, the force of its impact does not always pass without a trace, and secondly, it begins to twist the baby's body and does not release under the water. Thirdly, the most dangerous thing is that the wave is very strong pulling in the sea, so watch your child on the waves, but the exact ones are nearby.

Inflatables for swimming

Often parents, having armed the child with inflatableround and oblikavnikami, send the child on a free voyage, with confidence in his safety. This is a big mistake, any swimming inflatable equipment does not guarantee security, and some, on the contrary, are dangerous. Single-layered circles, ducks, mattresses and other means are not reliable, they quickly tear, all the more, lying on hot sand. A small hole can also form, and the witch will come just in the water because of strong pressure.

The most optimal is to purchase a multisectiona waistcoat, even if one section bursts, the rest hold. In addition to inflatable products, there are foam plastic, these are the most reliable swimming means, they are bulky and not as comfortable as inflatable, but it is still better to pay attention to them. In addition, it is worth to purchase the right vest, with a back and a collar for the nape. Particularly good are such vests for hiking on the water by boats.

The highest security guaranteesattentive supervision of the child, and of course you need to wear a life jacket on it. The fact is that even in a waistcoat, a child can fall out of the boat and sip water, at sea it may simply not have time to retire from a strong wave. Of course, it is necessary to follow, but more importantly to teach the baby to swim well and be able to fight the situation.

Thermal and solar shock: first aid

  • the child must be placed in the shade, the head must be at the level of the body;
  • if there is vomiting, then you need to put the baby on his side, be sure to help him cleanse from vomiting;
  • face and head should be moistened with cold water, you can put a wet towel on your head and forehead;
  • the child should drink water, it is recommended to add a little water;
  • if he does not consciously let him sniff the ammonia, and at times try to smell it. As a rule, in this case it is possible to do without delivery to the hospital, but care and tranquility are required.
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