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Interior in the style of techno

The lack of a warm texture of interior details,Such as carpets from natural materials or curtains made of fabric - this is what can best characterize this style of interior. In the room there can be metal, a glass table, a spiral staircase, a cabinet and shelves of a bizarre shape, thus, it will quickly resemble a spaceship from the stories of Stanislaw Lem, but in no way an uncomfortable human dwelling. The color that can be used in this interior is silver, the color of steel, metallic. Gray, white, black, dirty orange or muted olive. Of course, this is not necessary, but it is they who create the atmosphere of the lack of human life and the prerogative of the existence of technology. Perhaps, this style will seem to somebody gloomy, gray and dull, but it can ideally approach the design of an apartment for young people who live mainly Not at home, but in society.

Interior Features in Techno Style

In principle, this style has a lot of featuresAnd unique features that are unique to him. Basically, this applies to the colors and materials used to create a similar style in the interior of the house. Consider the main features and distinctive features of the techno style:

  • The lack of natural materials, textures, natural lighting in the design.
  • The predominance of colors such as gray, black, khaki, metallic, silver, muted burgundy, dirty orange, reddish, dirty white or milky like.
  • The presence in the apartment or house of spiral staircases.
  • A rough texture on the walls.
  • Doors are necessarily metal, creating the impression of heavy and massive.
  • The accessories are also exclusively metallic.
  • Chairs with rollers on the legs - another distinguishing feature of this style in the interior.
  • It is necessary to have several lighting devices, they play a role of the continuation of the decor due to the lack of many additional decor elements in the interior.
  • Minimal use of wood, furniture should be metal, glass or plastic.
  • In general, any living room resembles a production room with an abundance of metal furniture elements and details.
  • All communications, which are usually hidden in any other interior, here can remain in sight.
  • If the interior uses upholstered furniture, it is covered with special bags and covers that make it more "uncomfortable".
  • This style is similar to the style of minimalism, constructivism and hi-tech.
  • The abundance of various techniques is one of the main features of this style of design.
  • The minimum of all is a motto of the given direction in design of interiors.

As we see, this style assumes the simplicity,However, do not think that its reconstruction can cost you a penny. In fact, it is not so easy to find and install such furniture and equipment, modern furniture is oriented towards classical design options. This design of the interior, as already mentioned, is suitable for modern young people who do not aspire to create comfort in the classical sense of it.

Interior of the living room in the style of techno

At the very beginning it should be said that the style of technologySuitable only for the living room, which will have a large space and size. The walls in the living room are better painted in a light gray color, the texture can be rough. Simulation of the wall of light brick will also be quite appropriate in this interior. Such an effect can be achieved with the help of special plaster or paint. As a floor covering, you can use linoleum of the appropriate color, marble or tile. The ceiling must fully correspond to the color of the walls, however it should be a few tones lighter. A great role in this style of interior is played by lighting - it should be appropriate and fully illuminate the entire room. Furniture should be chosen in accordance with the general style, it should be observed in the style of minimalism. It is better that all geometrical proportions be observed. The sofa can be square or rectangular, in the form of a designer, which, if necessary, is assembled and dismantled. Coffee table choose a glass, ottomans or chairs can be made of metal or high-quality plastic. Instead of curtains on windows, you can hang jalousies or roller blinds.

Interior of the bedroom in the style of techno

The bedroom should be aA fairly spacious room in light colors, with a metal bed and without extra furniture, which will only clutter up space. The walls and ceiling are light-use plaster to create a "rough" texture. The floors can be laid with a heated cafe, as an option, they can be marble. In any case, do not use carpeting or carpet in this design - they are absolutely irrelevant here. Pay close attention to the lighting of your bedroom-an unconventional placement of lighting fixtures will turn the room into a veritable place for a restful sleep. On windows it is better to hang the blinds of the color of the metallic - they will optimally supplement the entire interior. The chest of drawers in the bedroom must be miniature, narrow and have a color that will harmoniously blend with the complex tones of the room.

Kitchen interior in the style of techno

Kitchen in the style of techno is the place where prevailsClear geometric shapes, and each thing has its place. Metal, plastic and glass are the main materials that can be present when creating such a design in the kitchen. The coldness of this style in the kitchen will not be as noticeable as, for example, in the bedroom, here you can explain the presence of a huge amount of equipment, glass surfaces, metal dishes and plastic panels. Kitchen furniture in the style of techno must necessarily be developed and manufactured only by individual order. You can boldly say that this style in the interior of the kitchen today is seen by many designers as the most promising, because it is in the kitchen that many housewives strive to create an ideal order and turn to minimalism. The only condition for creating an interior in the style of techno in the kitchen is the space. This style simply requires a large territory and space, and therefore it will be ideal for a large house, rather than a small apartment in a panel house.

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