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House in Le Corbusier style

Le Corbusier had a famous celebrity, namely,"The house, like a car for habitation, presupposes aesthetics of accuracy of cleanliness". By a similar phrase, Charles Edward Le Corbusier substantiated all the perspectives and the positive aspects of the style of having an ultramodern design. It is the idea of ​​functionalism that is implicit in expression and fully reflects all the charms of the style. So, when creating the appearance of a living space, the author became an unstable competitor of the combination of forms and materials used, when constructing a structure, it was necessary to determine its original function and make it so that things were not conspicuous, colors, despite all their brightness and saturation, and also did not merge and did not differ much from the kind of walls and floors.

One of Le Corbusier's rules was not onlythe creation of a conceptual home, but also giving it a high-quality interior, and then - the formation of the necessary filling. The author of the style believed that architecture, as an image, should be without unnecessary decorations or decorations. Space and time should create a certain unity and at the same time be perceived by a person dynamically.

At first, the author did work more likemore on the absurd than on the new and functional style. But furtherstyle began to develop rapidly and absorbed the best features and quality. It became convenient, simple, practical, ergonomic, plastic. The main principles in the organization of space was the restrained internal comfort of the constructed space and its comfort. That is, the inner side of the house had to be functional and, at the same time, on the second level, aesthetically decorated objects and other design details.

One of the features of the style was lighting.The most important thing for the author was to preserve natural light. So in the houses of Le Corbusier windows should be distributed as follows: bedroom - east side, dining room (kitchen) - south side, offices, rooms for reading and writing work - north. The greater the daylight, the more successful it is to reach the visual entrainment of space by giving space with the help of solar rays. Le Corbusier's style implies creating the creation of a light effect not only due to large and well-illuminated windows, besides this, whitewashed or color, which has a light foundation, can enhance the effect and give the room an extraordinary size.

Space saving is achieved byspecial storage system. And these are built-in closets, compact shelves, which can be placed under the stairs, and so on. Such simple tricks help to save space and use the room more functionally.

Important windows and moments. They also need to pay special attention and decide where they will be located and what their decoration will be like. In the room you need to attach and artificial lighting, and then determine the modes of its work. Remember that the backlight carries certain information: it should strengthen the totes with a different effect and benefit either an aesthetic or a functional character.

But do not damage the aesthetic designremodel all space. This method can only achieve discomfort, it is better to successfully combine multifunctionality and mobility as a whole, as well as its individual parts. For example, you can order upholstery of furniture from fabrics that are inexpensive, in order to save on a budget. But at the same time you need to choose a quality fabric and see how much it accompanies the design of the apartment. Functionalism is not at all combined with expensive and luxurious fabrics or drapery, calico in flowery and other. These fabric decorations will be absolutely inappropriate and cause a sense of the lack of taste.

For temporary separation of space or partial separation, you can apply the following methods: "temporary walls", various screens, shelves, curtains or blinds, etc.

Even though this style is completelynot whimsical and ascetic, functionalism is still not the cheapest pleasure in creating an interior. The price is affected by the non-standardization of the design solution, and the tasks that are put before the professionals, etc. If you decide to order an individual project for your home, you will need to consider that the designer working on your living space must perform a large number of functions. So, before the expert there is a task in definition of a correct arrangement of the built in furniture, fixtures, subjects of an interior and accessories.

The basic rules of the organization of space for the acquisition of a living room in the style of Le Corbusier

To create a beautiful or even stunningThe kind of your apartment in Le Corbusier style needs to use special things. They should not stand out too much and attract attention, do not focus on a specific subject, as is accepted in most styles. For example, you can bring the registration of the guest in the right direction. So, you should pay attention to the shelves of a compact structure, cabinets or chests of drawers painted in black and brown colors. These elements will be a successful tandem with facing materials: ceramic tiles, laminate and porcelain tiles, painted in neutral colors.

In order to make the living room elegant,place two coffee tables. If possible, buy those tables that will be square and made of dense transparent glass. But the room also needs to be made cozy, so decorate it with indoor plants. Take only unpretentious species of plants, which will give a design of restraint and simplicity, and will be well-groomed in caring for them.

Maintaining natural lighting is important. Try to do without tight and heavy curtains in the process of decorating the room. Dark colors are best avoided, and replaced with curtains of light translucent and air material, which will let in the room a maximum of sunlight. Do not overdo and corrupt curtains and curtains, the fewer colors and stripes will be on them, the better.

To make the room austereuse built-in wardrobes. Let them be decorated with special inserts of metal. To this subject you will be fit for design and beautiful design. Let it be lilac or, if you do not like too bright colors, with a gray tinge. With the help of the sofa you can visually map the area to rest. The final stage will be sex. Under the above-described interior design, ceramic tiles with beige tint or light brown granite tiles are suitable.

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