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Interior in the style of fusion

Today fusion is a very popular style thatBased on the freedom to choose materials, colors and furniture - this is what attracts many people. Fundamental fusion in combining many colors, a mass of decorative elements, baroque walls and high-tech furniture is really a fusion of many styles and cultural trends. Most often, this style is chosen by young people who are striving for diversity and creative individuals who are familiar with this environment and they try to preserve it at home. It is important that you understand that fusion is not a mess, but simply an unthinkable combination that will ultimately bring about a new nature and make your home cozy. Many designers characterize this style as an "organized disorder" and it really is.

Features of fusion style in interior design

The style of fusion is so universal that it is possibleMake out not only houses and apartments, but also private clubs, restaurants, hotels and even shop windows. It is this direction gives real freedom of action, and therefore fusion style is more suitable for brave people, creating a bold and original environment. Interior design in the style of fusion is always an exclusive design, this combination of colors, textures, furniture and other elements will not have anyone. The interior in the style of fusion can be luxurious and bohemian, or it can become simple and absurd, but that's it "Zest" and a distinctive feature.

So, let's list the main features of this style:

  • The combination of incongruous and the fusion of several cultures and trends.
  • A complex color scheme and a lot of elements, decorative details, abundant materials.
  • Lighting rooms should be part of the interior, using a spotlight.
  • Feel free to use floor lamps, sconces, lamps, chandeliers, they can be asymmetric and dissimilar.
  • Organized disorder is the main motto of the designer who creates the interior of the fusion.
  • Experiments with textures are a prerequisite for fusion style.
  • The absence of neutral or pastel tones, a preference for bright paints iglubokim, juicy colors.
  • Intimate atmosphere in the bedroom and pathetic in the living room.
  • Fusion is almost always an unfinished design, which can always be supplemented with many new details and elements and thereby update or change its direction.
  • It is very important to use in this style of detail and materials, as close to natural and natural materials - stone, wood, sand, leather.
  • In the style of fusion it is important that the interior is full of fabrics and materials, rich drapery, as well as original curtains and bright pillows.
  • Often in interior design in the style of fusion it is recommended to install the kamin in the living room or create an interior so that you can use a large number of candles.
  • It is recommended to use in the design also animal skins (can be non-natural), thus creating a more harmonious style.
  • The use of expensive furniture from natural wood or forged combination with a soft and bright upholstery is all very welcome in the style of fusion.

Living room in fusion style

The floors in the living room should look natural.There may be stone floors or analogy of stone, wood, parquet or resistant laminate. Abundance of drapery and natural fabrics in the living room is the most squeak. Lusters, sconces and lamps can be not only bright, but also completely different. The sofa is one of the main and most important elements of the living room, it must be massive, comfortable and preferably of natural materials . A coffee table can be anything - wood, glass, plastic, any material is welcomed in the fusion style. Curtains must be relevant and harmonious with the rest of the terrier. It is not bad to use in the living room the opportunity to build a real or install an artificial fireplace. So you turn the living room into a cozy corner, which is completely ready to receive guests. The use of carpets and other design elements will be an excellent addition to the interior in the style of fusion.

Bedroom in fusion style

The main element of the bedroom is, undoubtedly,Comfortable and beautiful bed. Pay attention to the beds of natural wood, as well as on a bed with forged legs and headrests. You can decorate the bed with a bright plaid or several miniature decorative pillows. Particular importance should be given to lighting in the bedroom, it is better to create an intimate environment with the help of a special arrangement of lighting devices. Also in the bedroom you can find a place for a chest of drawers that can be executed in any style. The bedroom in the style of fusion should not have a wall in pastel colors, it is better to give preference to deep colors. Pay attention to the floors - they must be made of natural wood or stone, give preference to natural materials and you will never regret it.

Kitchen in fusion style

As part of the design of the kitchen in the style of fusion,Combine a variety of colors and textures, as well as shapes. You can put a gray table in the middle of the kitchen and pick up salad dressing or plastic chairs. In general, such a kitchen can become a center for combining several directions. Technology in the style of "high-tech", and furniture in the style of minimalism - that's what can be an ideal kitchen solution in the style of fusion. It is necessary to observe a harmonious combination of furniture and other parts of the interior. Furniture may not be expensive, but must be multifunctional. Great importance is given to lighting in the kitchen, as well as curtains or blinds. The design of the kitchen in fusion style is an opportunity to create something new and destroy existing stereotypes.

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