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Interior in the style of expressionism

Expressionism style features

There are still certain distinctive features of this style, which can distinguish it among others. Among them it is necessary to tell about the following:

  • Floors in such an interior should be smooth and smooth, perfectly suited to the situation linoleum or high-quality laminate.
  • The walls should have a discreet background with small elements of bright colors, they can be supplemented with paintings and reproductions of the classics
  • Particular importance in such an interior needs to be given to lighting - it is necessary to create a soft light by introducing the sconces and floor lamps of the original form and shape.
  • The most characteristic feature of the interior in the style of expressionism can be called that in this style it is allowed to combine incongruous, which is not present in other areas of design.
  • A significant place in this design should be givenFabrics and materials. An important place is occupied by curtains, they can be bright, original, but without armor, ruches and flounces. You can use in the design of fabric colored blinds, which are so popular today.
  • Use Expressionism in the interior can be not only in the apartment, but also in the house, cottage, at the cottage or in any other premises.

In order to give the interior a completeAppearance, it is necessary to add a few decorative elements in the form of bright details. It can be miniature bright pillows, original blinds or curtains on the windows, interesting on the form of logs, hangers, pictures in bright colors or well-processed pictures. In general, plus this style in the interior design is that it assumes not only a riot of colors, but also fantasies. For a designer, this is simply an excellent field of activity.

Living room in the style of expressionism

In order to create an interior design in styleExpressionism in the living room, refer to pastel monochrome paints or wallpaper for walls, on top of which you can hang a lot of bright pictures or apply bright drawings, ornaments. In general, the walls in such an interior should be a clean cloth for further creativity. On the floor is best to lay parquet or high-quality laminate. The windows can be covered with original curtains or blinds. It is necessary to have a modern room in the living room of an unusual shape and bright color. Put a large and roomy sofa, on which guests can relax, decorating it with bright pillows. The sofa can be trimmed with several kinds of fabrics of different colors or have an unusual shape. For example, today many furniture stores can buy sofas in the form of lips or musical instruments. Such a furniture will certainly impress your guests, and therefore the main goal of interior design in the style of expressionism will be fulfilled. In the living room, there must be modern technology - a TV, a music center with speakers. If you know how to play any musical instrument, be sure to find a place in your living room for it. For example, put in the middle of the room synthesizer or grand piano.

Bedroom in the style of expressionism

Very important, creating an interior in styleExpressionism, to make everything perfect. That's why it's better to entrust this to an experienced designer who knows how to combine incongruous, which the style of expressionism demands. Walls in the bedroom can be covered with a special paint in bright colors or in pastel colors, applying them later with a special ornament or bright pattern. Floors should be smooth and preferably in light colors, for example, linoleum, parquet or laminate. On the floor you can throw a bright and soft carpet, which will perfectly match with the rest of the interior. The ceiling must be made in accordance with the color of the walls.

The main subject of the bedroom is, undoubtedly,Bed, and it is she who will give a tone to the rest of the design. The bed is best to choose a large and unusual form. This can be a square or round bed, located in the middle of the room. Very beautiful looks a single-colored, soft-colored bed, decorated with bright miniature pillows. Alternatively, you can, on the contrary, choose a bright, massive bed, which will not need to be formalized. You can put in a bedroom a modern-style wooden bed, which can be supplemented with other furniture made of natural wood.

Must be in the bedroom a few brightDetails and accents. These can be original and bright curtains on the windows, a chandelier or sconces of unusual shapes and colors, as well as paintings by contemporary artists located at the head of the bed. You can put a few chairs, ottomans or chest of drawers with a huge mirror. Relevant in such a bedroom is also a wardrobe of unusual shape, color or with an unusual pattern in the form of a spray on the mirror. In general, the expressionism style allows you to create any mood in your bedroom by using the basic principles of this style.

Kitchen in the style of expressionism

Kitchen in this style can be very different, toFor example, a light background-walls, ceiling and floor, combined with bright furniture, unusual chairs, as well as beautiful porcelain dishes, which complements the interior. You can choose those shades and colors that you like - bright orange color will cheer up, asalatous will help to develop an appetite. In addition to these bright spots, you can use inserts of gray or beige colors. So you will achieve the effect, to which the expressionism strives. To supplement the design with small elements in the form of kitchen utensils of bright colors, sets of utensils and bright colors. Place on the table a basket with seasonal fruits or a vase with flowers - they will necessarily become an ideal addition to the created interior. On the walls you can hang still lifes in bright colors, and decorate the windows with practical and original colored blinds made of fabric or plastic.

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