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Vanguard in the interior

Avant-garde is far from traditions and classical methods and receptions. It is called to create new forms, consonant moods that dominate the community.

Women who chose this style, asinterior for his apartment, you need to consider that the fundamental in style are the colors and shapes, which must necessarily have some kind of contrast between themselves. This contrast is the most basic feature of the whole style, therefore in the forefront can be combined the unreadable things, objects and materials. When you go to the market and a specialized store, then look yourself to interesting things that, at first sight, can not be combined in one composition, and then try to experiment. You can put next to the figurine of the elephant in a different color vase or something like that.

When choosing, try to take into account the fact thatVanguard is inherent in such pure colors as white, black, red, yellow, green, etc. In a single room, you can use several colors at the same time. Professionals believe that a successful combination can give the room dynamics and expression. Kakisvestno, the best sense of taste is inherent in women.

Features of style

Interior in the style of avant-garde is convenient and interesting anddesigners, and customers, because when you create it you can use almost any kind of material. But the owner of the house mostly prefers materials that are made under the present conditions of development and look like a present, and also bring a new accent design. As an example, you can use a wide use of decorative plaster, metallized wallpaper, suspended ceilings, new paint and varnish compositions and laminated coatings.

In the forefront, contrast plays an important role, soit is often used not only to create a special image between the ceiling of the wall, but also for a separate type of decoration. This method is often used in the design of walls. Example: one of the walls can be made of a large number of different colors. Or you made one wall in one color, and the other in inomi etc. At the same time, as a hostess, you should see that the contrast is not too overstrained, but on the contrary - it brings comfort and coziness to your home.

Decoration of the room in the vanguard of the avant-garde

To create avant-garde your house to youyou will need to purchase experimental furniture. It is worth noting that furniture in this style should also carry a certain flow of information and reflect the character of its owners. This technique is also good because before you there is a large space for the final choice, that is, the furniture can have a variety of shapes: rectangular, rounded, morph with sharp angles and clear contours. Remember that in the forefront you can not afford a simple finish, but also buy something small, all the details should be weighty and expressed on a general background.

Next, think through the Viscount. A common feature in the design of curtains and furniture is that the selection rules are identical. Thus, the decorations on the windows must have an original and original coloring, which will contrast with the color of the walls. The fabrics need to be taken only modern, and the materials must be of high quality. It is not necessary to take small details into account, they will only spoil the appearance of the whole decor. Give the curtains a special and interesting shape.

When you finish the finishing work and proceedTo the interior of various objects, consider the following requirements. In the forefront is to use only modern types of sliding-door wardrobes, plasma and LCD TVs, the same applies to computer monitors, all tables, chairs, bed and other items must be made exclusively of high quality metal. All items without exception should be combined with high functionality. For example, you can buy a table that will move out of a niche in the wall. By the way, there will also be a kitchen table that will be laid out or a closet, for example.

Do not be afraid to experiment and you will succeed. Novelties and uniqueness will give your interior an individuality.

When you work on lighting, remember,that in the forefront are used light bulbs, which are built into the ceiling niches. This kind of coverage will give your intimacy an intimacy. This kind of fixtures is best used in the bedroom. But it is not superfluous to place several lamps in the living room or kitchen, but only as additional lighting. In the bedroom, this is an option, since it will not be too bright, and in other rooms of light there will be little, so in addition to dim lamps, use the main lighting: lamps, chandeliers and so on.

Avant-garde is an interior style that is perfectSuitable for people who have common features with experiments and progress. If you are creative and unique personality, then this kind of interior will be close to you. Many female representatives have similar features, so they will certainly be interested in style. With a created or another image, learn to think outside the box; this vision of the interior of the ideographer will lead you to the vanguard. Avant-garde is a style of dynamics and energy, therefore every room that is executed in this style direction is of a personal nature. The style is ready not only to convey the inner values ​​of the master, but also to give it impetus to development.

You do not need to use the avant-gardelong-regarded classical methods, such as a couch and a pair of armchairs. This is not an acceptable step. You are a woman, so think and act more broadly - go beyond the accepted framework. Avant-guard is a complete opposite of the classics. You can even take furniture for the living room of one subject, but in different colors. Color the walls in different colors and put them against the furniture that has the same color. But in no case on the background, for example, the walls of red do not put the same chair. Let it be blue, atam, where the wall of blue color, put a red chair, etc. If you do not have enough experience in registration, order a job for a specialist. If you do not have enough money, you can make an order to the designers and ask them to develop the project and orient yourself on it and independently extract all the items for interior decoration.

You can paint the walls in light tones, and furniture to buy a dark color or vice versa. But the second option is not so successful, because the wallpaper dark color can create the effect of psychological crush.

If you are not sure of your abilities, look at the magazines already ready-made songs and adding something from yourself, start acting.

Experiment and you will succeed!

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