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The clerk with his own hands

However, at the first stage,Complexity, especially for beginners - those who recently joined the art of sewing and sewing, or those who did not previously have a needle and thread in hand. Do a pattern, just stitch the fabric on the sewing machine so that the line is straight and straight - from the first time it will not always be for everyone. Therefore, in order for the sewing process to be as quick and simple as possible, we will tell how to sew a housekeeper with the help of the latest technology, which will be useful for all skilled craftsmen - both young and inexperienced, and hand-woven needlewomen - a computer sewing machine with a touch screen. If you do not have one, and the acquisition of this miracle of technology is not part of your immediate plans, it does not matter. Following the step-by-step description below, you can easily sew a housekeeper with a conventional sewing machine.

You will need:
  • Sewing and embroidery machine with built-in computer control (but also suitable);
  • Upper conveyor;
  • An embroidery foot with an LED pointer (you can use the usual one);
  • Touch pen (you can do without it if the sewing machine is not a computer type);
  • Linen cloth for the front side - 16x23 cm;
  • Fabric for lining (any material is suitable, but it is better to use synthetic fabrics, such as viscose or polyester) - 16x23 cm;
  • Glutinous sintepon - 16х23 cm.
For edging:
  • 2 strips of fabric - 3,5х16 cm and 5х16 cm of different colors.
For decoration:
  • 3 multicolored flaps - 2.5 x 2.5 cm;
  • Thread for sewing and embroidering;
  • Glue stabilizer for embroidery.
Operating procedure
  1. First we do the workpiece preparation. We lay each other lining, glutinous sintepon, fabric for the front side and iron all three layers.
  2. Align the rectangle of three layers of fabric to a size of 15x22 cm.
  3. We prepare "denticles" for decor: Each 2.5 x 2.5 cm square is folded diagonally twice so that a triangle (denticle) is formed. We connect them one at a time, one by one, fixing the denticles along the edge, using a straight line.
  4. Next, we process the short edges of the rectangle with edging. One edge - narrow edging 3,5х16 cm.
  5. The second - a wide edging 5x16 cm, in which you need to insert denticles.
  6. For the execution of lines we use a very convenientWork the laser guide to ensure that we have perfectly smooth lines without basting and drawing. Decorative seams on the center are made using the upper conveyor (it allows you to better control the supply of material on "puffy" products or problem areas) and the laser guide - with it you can make perfectly even parallel decorative stitches.
  7. If there is no sewing machine with a computerControl, first draw on the fabric (on the back) a simple pencil line, through which we will keep a line, and only then carefully perform it.
  8. Now we make embroidery. We prepare everything we need:
  • We set an embroidery foot with an LED pointer (to make it very clear where the needle will drop);
  • We set the glue stabilizer in the hoop (this method makes it possible to perform embroidery on small items);
  • Remove the protective paper from the adhesive side;
  • Attach the product to the adhesive side of the stabilizer;
  • At a distance of 4 cm from the edge of the mark.
9. With the help of the touch pen and automatic positioning, we plan on the screen the location of the selected pattern and its direction. The machine performs centering and automatically places the drawing in the right place and at the right angle. If you use a conventional sewing machine, the pattern is applied manually to the fabric with a pencil.

10. Finally, the final assembly of the product. Fold the workpiece with the wrong side up so that the machined edges are located on top of each other. We grind the edges, in the middle we tie the ribbon with the ring. We process the edges of the over-edge seam and twist it.

An exclusive housekeeper is ready! Of course, all this work can be done on a sewing machine easier, which does not have such innovative functions, or even sew a housekeeper, as they say, "on hands" - without using any equipment at all. But we wanted to show how using modern tools to make the sewing and embroidering process as easy as possible.
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