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Parachute jump in tandem

The advantage of this method of jumping is its completesecurity. Usually jumps are made from a height of about four kilometers. At this freefall lasts a minute, this time is enough to feel the fullness of emotions, unavoidable for a beginner, to get a good adrenaline blood. And one more important detail: the instructor only controls the jogging and landing, the rookie controls the flight.

Why tandem is considered the safest type of jumping:

  1. Control of the instructor;
  2. The first seconds are the most dangerous. As a rule, a beginner is lost and makes mistakes, so the master instructor in the first moments takes control of the flight to himself, leveling the fall. Therefore, the beginning parachutist does not even have time to get scared, at the same time he realizes that everything is under control and not as scary as he imagined. Come feel the joy of free flight.
  3. When the parachute opens, beginner the sportsmanManages it independently. The wizard only helps when necessary. The design of the dome of the parachute is made according to the "wing" scheme, this gives a great opportunity for maneuvering. Descent takes 5-7 minutes, all this time the newcomer gets a maximum of enthusiasm from the opportunity to "steer" over the clouds.
  4. Landing is a very important stage, all of its load and responsibility are borne by the instructor, so landing comes to the soft on the feet of the master instructor.

One can not fail to note one more advantage: Time to prepare for the first in life, a parachute jump takes only five-seven minutes. Very many, having received unforgettable first impressions, having felt the force of the adrenaline explosion, can no longer part with the sky, and are fond of the parachute sport, for today this is one of the popular types of extreme recreation.

The construction of the "tandem" system

This system is not adapted, butOriginally designed specifically for jumping together. In it each parachutist has his own suspension system, they are connected to each other. The system is very reliable. Using a wing type parachute gives excellent controllability, and landing is very soft, as the vertical speed can be reduced before landing practically to zero.

Our innate instincts protect our health,Apore and life, this is their direct purpose. Fear of heights is inherent in everyone in one way or another, this is an innate feeling. How to defeat him and decide on the first jump? At its core, the jump is a victory over yourself, after which you get a huge pleasure from the realization: I was able to do it! There is a feeling of empire from new opportunities that have opened up from new strong impressions.

In overcoming fear, beginners are veryHelping with the people, same as they are not professionals, but who have jumped with a parachute. The second important factor is preliminary preparation by jumping. Experienced instructor will explain every little thing, and knowledge, as you know, eliminates the fear of the unknown.

Parachuting is an extreme. For many it comes as a method of active rest, it is a constant adrenaline shake, always a high tone, cheerfulness. Some jump only once to try, to experience these feelings. In any case, the memory of the first jump will last a lifetime. In addition, it usually takes a photo and video of the first burst specially for memory.

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