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The interior of the bedroom in the style of Provence

It is worth noting and the moment that to embody the style of "Provence" in the bedroom is much easier than in the kitchen.

So, what is the style of Provence, and how to make it live in the example of a bedroom.

As a rule, when developing this gentle styleExtremely bright white-blue, white-yellow, pastel and powder colors are used, which will be deprived of bright contrasts. In light colors, not only the walls are made, but also the floor. It is desirable that it was made of natural wood lighter color. It is allowed to use light carpets, for example, this may not be a large carpet, but small bedside mats, but it is desirable to avoid all kinds of ornaments.

Developing the interior in the style of Provence, veryIt is important to follow the combination of colors, because the mismatch of shades can give anyone an unnecessary contrast and reduce all your efforts to zero. It happens and such, when the interior uses furniture of the wood, but this is more the exception than the rule.

Provence-style bed

The bed must be made of naturalWood or metal. The back and legs of the bed should be patterned or carved, but be careful and choose a bed with firm legs. Excellent fit in this soft style of metal vintage beds. They look very expensive and give the bedroom a soft tint of a certain raisin.

Be sure to take care of the presence in the interior of lightpoles - they will give the interior a mystery and successfully bring in the room of the oration.

Bed linen must haveBeautiful rishiki, embroidery, sewing. It is very important that these elements have nothing in common with their aristocratism and luxury, they must radiate exceptionally tenderness with an imitative rural comfort. Avoid brightness and splendor, pretentiousness.

No one bedroom in the style of Provence will not do without the curbstone, on which there will be not only beautiful lamps, but an imposition of lovely charming knick-knacks.

It is desirable to put in the room and beautifuldressing table. It should be quite elegant, the same as the chair beside it. Although it is permissible to replace the stool with an ottoman or a small chair on thin legs. On the table, too, apart from the necessary cosmetics and perfumes, beautiful trinkets and frames should be photographed.

One of the main conditions of the Provence style is the presence of elegant furniture. Things should have carved bent legs, expressing playfulness.

Trinkets, with which you will decorate yourBedroom, must also be charming, charming, small in size, not screaming. Walls should be decorated with mirrors, embroideries, paintings. Empty walls in the bedroom will make the room faceless and unfinished, which should be avoided.

It would be great if all the elements,Which you decide to decorate your bedroom, will have some common element in order to achieve the maximum harmony and compatibility. A repeating pattern or ornament on furniture and walls is the best option!

Windows - another integral part of the decor

As a rule, the style of Provence is the best optionFor private possessions, in the case with which the window leaves the initial territory, as a result of which they practically do not require curtains. Initially, this style was considered "rural", and the windows were then small in size.

It is enough to cover the window with light, airy,A translucent curtain. Although the style and likes small trinkets, but a very long time this rule did not apply to the windows, until the Provence was removed to the large villas and apartments with large windows. But even so, in windowshtil remained unchanged, they should be as open as possible, free and let the maximum of light and air into the room.

Curtains must be made necessarily fromNatural cloth and painted in pastel colors. Remember one very important rule - Provence is a style of natural colors and materials, it does not accept bright colors, catchy things and plastic.

Accessories that are made of fabric,I choose purely natural - satin, cambric, chintz, linen. Knickknacks can be made from ceramics, wood, glass, porcelain, cardboard. Most often these things are decorated with decoupage, artificially grow old. Favorite element of Provence were flowers. This applies not only to decorating gizmos, but also small vase-crocked bedside tables with beautiful bouquets of peonies, for example.

The style of the Provence for the bedroom is good for many: it gives it coziness, warmth, tranquility, decorations can be done manually, making the room unique, exclusive.

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