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Hawaiian Party

One of the most interesting and fun topics forparties is a Hawaiian style party, as it embodies the vibrant colors of island life, the romantic sunsets and the noisy surf of sea waves. A party in the style of Hawaii is perfect for a young (not only body, but also a soul) clockwork company, who loves to break away and have fun from dusk until dawn. Organizing a Hawaiian party, it is worth remembering some tips, following which, you and your guests will get a lot of bright and positive emotions during the holiday.

Place of the Hawaiian party

The best place to organize a party inHawaiian style is, of course, open air, it is desirable that there is also a pond nearby. The initial stage of the organization of the holiday will be the selection and preparation of the site, where the event will take place. If funds are available, it is best to rent a place on the shore of a lake, pond or reservoir, where there will already be stationary gazebos or canopies, as well as a grill or barbecue. In this case, you will be calm about the fact that none of the strangers will not interfere with your fun, and the party place will be tidy and well-groomed.

In room
A party in Hawaiian style can be held even inrelatively small apartment. But in this case all the same it will not turn out to realize all of your fantasies in life, because the island party means the presence of some kind of water environment, and if it is only a standard bathroom, then the possibilities are significantly limited. Of course, if you have a house with a large space where you can install, say, an inflatable pool or you have a large jacuzzi or sauna, then this is a completely different scale and the options for maneuver become much larger.

Invitation cards
Invitations should reflect the essence of yourtheme party. Therefore, for the party in the style of Hawaii, the invitations, made in bright, juicy tones with the image of palm trees, sea, gulls, sun and other summer beach paraphernalia, will be appropriate. On the Internet you can find many templates of invitations to the Hawaiian party. And you can show your imagination yourself and draw appropriate ornaments and sketches by hand or on the computer.

Alternatively, you can fulfill an invitation like a ticket to Hawaii or buy cards with images of tropical islands by writing the text on the back.

You can take the invitation text in a thematicstyle. For example: "Aloha! Catch the wave and row to the direction of the beautiful island, spread out on ... (address) .It should have a good mood and costumes of the aborigines."

Crockery at the Hawaiian party
Optimal variant of table accessories -disposable plastic dishes in case the celebration takes place in nature. But do not forget about the theme of the party, let it be bright plates and cups of monochrome flowers or with incendiary drawings, funny ornate tubes for drinks, colorful napkins and original tablecloths.

Drinks and food
As a drink for a party in Hawaiistyle will suit a variety of cocktails, both strong and non-alcoholic. For example: Mojito (rum, lemon, sugar, Sprite, mint leaves), Blue Hawaii (rum, coconut syrup, Blue Curacao liquor, pineapple juice), Honolulu (pineapple juice, rum, lemon, grindin, ice ) etc.

Necessarily the menu should include juices, the best freshly squeezed. They can be cooked right during the holiday.

The main focus of the table should be ona variety of snacks. Let it be different kinds of canapés on the beautiful bright skewers, fish plate, caviar. In general, seafood in all their abundance will only go to plus: squid rings, mussels, oysters, fish salads, crab meat, shrimp. As the main dish, you can prepare shish kebab from fish or chicken.

Do not forget about exotic fresh fruits, which you can use not only as food, but also organically fit them into the decor of the party in the Hawaiian style.

Party decorations and decorations
Hang on the wall posters and photos withthe image of exotic places and sandy beaches (you can take photos from your personal collection made during your travels). Live or artificial flowers can be put in wicker baskets or tall vases and arrange them around the house. Fruits are laid in flat dishes, decorate not only the table, but also shelves or other pieces of furniture. In transparent glasses or small vases you can pour dried flower petals, small pebbles, shells and also arrange them around the room. There will not be superfluous beautiful candles and aroma lamps.

Also, the appropriate attributes of the party in the Hawaiian style will be bright balloons, surfboards, underwater masks, pipes and fins, and everything associated with the sea, summer and sun.

If your house has a decorative palm tree in the pot, then let it become the central character of your event. Fits well with the environment and aquariums with fish.

The Hawaiian party is also good because the costumesfor her are easy and uncomplicated in performance. As a dress perfectly fit beach shorts and t-shirts, rubber slippers and slates, swimsuits and swimming trunks, sunglasses and beach bags - if the party is organized in nature. If the celebration is held at home, then men can come in light pants and shirts of light shades or bright with a motley pattern - "Hawaiian". For girls fit light sundresses, long thin skirts, tops, pareos.

Focus on accessories: in the hair you can weave an alive flower or put on a cheerful panama. It will be appropriate to have bright bracelets, boas, beads from shells or animal fangs, traditional Hawaiian flower wreaths, pearl jewelry, long plastic earrings.

The musical compositions for the party should becheerful, dancing, rhythmic. Suitable for any performer of Latin American and Indian motifs. Also include in the short-list lambada and melodies for the Hawaiian guitar.

In the intervals between dances, you can include the sounds of nature as a background: dripping rain, surf noise, nocturnal jungle sounds, thunderstorms, birdsongs, cries of seagulls.

The competitive part

No stylized party can do without merry competitions. Here are some game options for a Hawaiian style party:

Game-dance "Limbo"
Two people hold a stick at a level slightly lowernormal human growth. The participants, leaning back, should pass under the bar, without touching it. Also, you can not touch the floor with anything except the feet. Plank gradually falls. The one who will pass last wins, not having knocked down a stick and not having fallen.

"Banana Kiss"
In this competition take part the establishedpair. Participants from each pair stand up against each other, they are handed a banana without the skin, which they must keep from different ends with their mouths. Upon command, the couple begins to absorb the banana. the winners are the duo who will eat the whole fruit first.

"Turtle Running"
For this contest, you will need several ropesa few meters long, wooden sticks and toy turtles. At one end the rope is tied to the middle of the stick, and the other to the turtle. Participants, twisting a stick with both hands, wind the rope on it. The one whose turtle is first at the finish line will win.

"How much does pineapple weigh?"
The leader takes a pineapple in his hand and asks the guestsHow much does he weigh. Everyone puts forward their own versions, the presenter says more or less weight of the fruit. The first one who called the exact weight wins. Pineapple in advance, of course, you need to weigh yourself.
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