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Tour of Europe in October

Tour of Europe in October with a visit to Munich
At avid travelers from around the world, a monthOctober is associated with the famous beer festival Oktoberfest, which takes place annually in Munich, in the heart of Bavaria. Visiting this festival, vacationers will have a unique opportunity to taste more than 5 000 varieties of intoxicating beverages. Thanks to the famous German pedantry, the recipe for cooking beer in this country has remained unchanged since the beginning of the XV century. It was then that the law was adopted, on the basis of which it follows that the drink can be called beer only if only three ingredients are used during its preparation - water, hops and malt. Preparation for the famous festival begins in March. Approximately at this time, begin to brew the most famous beer - Oktoberfestbier, which needs to brew for several months. The opening of the keg with this beer symbolizes the start of the Oktoberfest festival.

The holiday itself takes place in the open air inSpecially equipped tents, located on the Theresa Meadow. Each beer manufacturer sells its products in separate tents. There you can also order typical dishes of German cuisine - shish kebab from pork, marinated fish, Bavarian sausages, etc.

However, the Oktoberfest festival is not limited toJust a tasting of an amber drink. Every day in the evening, the best dance and vocal groups of Germany perform at the Oktoberfest, which represent the national traditions, culture and folklore of this country.

Among other things, going to Munich inOctober, travelers can diversify their leisure by visiting the famous sights of the capital of Bavaria. First of all, this refers to an excursion to the castle of Nymphenburg, which was the residence of the Bavarian kings many years ago, to a walk through Europe's largest park, visiting the zoo in Munich and shopping in the Viktualienmarkt, the most famous food market in Germany.

Tour of Europe in October with a visit to the Czech Republic
Autumn trip to the fairytale country of the Czech RepublicWill give not only a lot of pleasant memories, but also significantly save the family budget. Despite the fact that tourism in the Czech Republic is flourishing at any time of the year, in October and November there is a significant decrease in the tourist flow, which is why most travel companies open a season of "hot" discounts. In addition, at this time, almost all airlines reduce the cost of flights.

However, saving is not the main thingThe advantage of an autumn trip to the Czech Republic. The climate in this country is extremely mild, so the air temperature in autumn rarely drops below 15-14 degrees, which contributes to comfortable walking and sightseeing tours.

The most tourist city of the Czech Republic, of course,is Prague. Travel to this city is worth starting with a sightseeing tour of the historical center, which consists of the districts of Hradcany, Malá Strana, Staré Mesto, Nove Mesto, Prague Castle and Josefov. In addition to the amazing Prague architecture, which was founded in the 7th century, traveling in the fall, tourists will be able to visit the Festival of Czech Wine, the International Jazz Festival, and also celebrate the Czech Republic's Day.

In addition, in autumn it is worth to rideon the cable car, which runs along the route from the tram stop "Uyezd" and to the top of Petrshino hill. At this time of year, the most picturesque corner of Prague looks particularly romantic.

Also in the autumn time is very popular rest on thefamous Czech resort - Karlovy Vary. This small and picturesque town has gained worldwide fame thanks to its unique mineral springs, which have curative effects. On the one hand, Karlovy Vary is surrounded by a forest, and on the other with hills, whose trees in the autumn are surprisingly golden in color. In comparison with the summer, the prices for rest in sanatoriums in the autumn are cheaper by approximately 40%. In addition, tourists will undoubtedly remember their autumn holidays in Karlovy Vary with the best side thanks to the world-famous music festival Jazzfest.

Tour of Europe in October with a visit to Paris
October is the perfect month to visitParis for the purpose of fashion shopping. It is at this time that the most eminent brands release their new collections for sale and arrange grandiose sales for the assortment of past seasons. A real paradise of High Fashion fans will be found in the largest Parisian shopping center - Galerie Lafayette. If at any other time the prices in this mall are difficult to be called democratic, then in October the value of the main production falls by approximately 70%. Also worth a visit is the Parisian district of Montmartre, where besides the huge center "Tati" there are a lot of small shops with clothes, shoes, accessories and souvenirs.

Tour of Europe in October with a visit to Austria
To true connoisseurs of good music in the autumn seasonit is worth to recover to Austria, or rather to Salzburg for the festival "Jazz Autumn". Throughout the festival, Salzburg's city squares are transformed into scenes featuring both world-renowned stars and beginning musicians. In addition to the festival, at this time in the city culinary fairs are organized, where you can enjoy the taste of the famous Austrian coffee and apple strudel with whipped cream. Also traveling in Salzburg, it is worth to go on a tour of the ancient castle Hohenwerfen, whose walls were erected in the distant XI century.
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