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Kitchen interior in Provence style

The style of "Provence" is more extensive in its performance. If in the modern kitchen a large number of decor and souvenirs will be completely out of place, then in the case of the French province everything is the opposite. You can give vent to fantasy, observing only the most important parts of the style of "Provence".

Basic and mandatory elements of the interior inStyle "Provence" - natural colors and natural materials: wood, vine, tile. Finish a wall - rough light wallpaper and plaster. Antiquity, scrapes, roughness, patterns and seizures - all this will only give a greater depth to this French character. It does not matter, old furniture or artificially aged - all this will bring a part of the real province of France.

The color scheme in the style of "Provence"

Finishing the kitchen and furniture in light colors - beige,Olive, lavender, sand, as well as turquoise, pink, light-terracotta and sea-wave colors. Walls should radiate freshness, coziness and warmth. In furniture, more bright colors are allowed-green, blue, yellow, permissible and dark, but in this case all the rest of the elements should be kept in light colors. The most optimal "Provence" blossom is white.

Furniture in the style of "Provence"

Cabinets with latticed rates on the doors - one of theThe main elements of the style of "Provence". Wooden countertops and cabinets. With a large area of ​​kitchens, it is worth making a separate island for greater convenience when cooking. The drawing, which can be decorated with patterns, paintings or "aged" - is not necessarily a necessary element. The dining area is also important - a round wooden stall with a leg-glass, but square, rectangular tables will also be appropriate. Chairs - wooden or wicker, soft or hard. Windows with wooden light grid. Doors - wooden, with patterned notches or glass.

Accessories and decorated elements in the style of "Provence"

Kitchen utensils are of great importance. It is worth paying attention to the clay and porcelain utensils of different colors, with various wooden, floral ornaments. Dishes of different colors are welcome. The "Provence", in contrast to other styles, is welcomed by a large number of different decorated things, reminiscent of the French province. Various paintings with rustic ornaments in a wrought-iron frame, a bunch of onions and even dryers or bags. Decorated molded bottles with vegetables or fruits, wicker baskets, clay vases, plate sets, as well as patterned light tablecloths and non-veiled and floral curtains. One of the obligatory element are flowers, lots of colors - in pictures, on furniture, live or dried. Another attraction and an obligatory element of the "Provence" style is the symbol of France - the cock.

Provincial France breathes peace, warmthAnd uyutom.V Russian village or private city houses kitchen in the style of "Provence" will be very useful and bring a special piece of France, its elegance, sophistication and at the same time freshness, simplicity and naivety.

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