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Competitions for corporate in nature

Quite often the organization of a corporate natureTrusted professionals, but it is quite possible to do it on their own. To realize the idea, it will be necessary to solve many questions: choose the place where the corporate will pass, find the necessary inventory, buy drinks and food, organize musical accompaniment. But, perhaps, the most important thing is to come up with and conduct fun contests, games, competitions and quizzes. We offer some variants of competitions for the corporate on the nature.

Competition for corporate in nature
"Water Sprint"
This competition is perfect for an exit corporate, if it takes place on the shore of an open water body.

The competition consists of several stages. Choose three participants who run, competing with each other, on the ankle in the water. At the second stage these same people are already running to their knees in the water. Then, to the waist, and at the end, the sprint passes through the chest in the water (you can not swim, you can only run). The winner is determined by the least amount of time spent at all stages.

The game "Edible-inedible"
This game from our childhood is quite suitable for a corporate holiday.

The leader becomes before the lined up orIn a circle of players. He alternately throws the ball at the players and, at the same time, screams out the names of the items, if this is an edible product, then the player tossed to the ball must catch it, if not edible, then recapture it. If the player makes a mistake, he must perform some pre-announced action (sing, dance). The winner is the one who makes the mistake less times.

Competition "Cross the swamp"
For this contest, the participant mustSplit into two teams. Before them the area is cleared about 3-4 meters in length and 2-3 in width - this is a "swamp". Each team gets two small cardboard circles (so that both legs fit into its limits). Participants alternately with the help of these circles should go "swamp", moving them from place to place and using them as "hummocks". After the first participant crosses the entire field, the leader passes the "bumps" to the next player of the team. The team that wins the swamp will be the winner.

Competition "Collect the rain"
Two or three people take part in the competition. Leading stands in the center and from the bottle sprinkles water around him - "rain". Players in the hands hold plastic glasses and they try to catch droplets of "rain". The participant who has the most water in the cup will win.

Competition "Potatoes"
To conduct this competition, participants are dividedOn teams of 5-6 people in each. Teams line up in front of the outlined line. A few meters from this line, an empty bucket is placed opposite each team. And near the line itself there are containers with potatoes. Participants of each team alternately throw potatoes into a bucket. The winner is the team that has thrown more "shells" at the target.

For a corporate holiday as aCompetitions are different different relay races, where the participants of the teams for the speed should run (jump, creep) a certain distance and go back.

Variants of relay race:
  1. "Poprygunchi". Competitors must jump on one legTo the column and in the same way go back. To make the task a little more difficult, you can hold a competition on the gentle slope, in which case the participants will jump there - into the hill, and back - from the hill.
  2. "Skiers" ("Scuba divers"). Participants put on skis and pick up sticks(Or put on fins and swimming masks) and run to the control mark. There they are waiting for the slingshot and the "core", with the help of which they must burst a balloon hanging at some distance. If a player misses, then he must run to the ball and burst it with his teeth.
  3. "Candle". Each team receives a candle thatLights up before the start of the race. Participants must run from the lighted candles to the bar, run to him and return to the team, passing the candle to the next participant. If during a relay race someone has a candle, then he must return to the team, set it on fire and run again. The team, the first who finished the baton, will win.
Competition "Three legs"
Players split into pairs. Participants from each pair are tied to the right leg of one to the left foot of the other. Thus, the pair on the "three legs" must pass a certain distance. The fastest hobbled pair wins.

Competition "Back to back"
Several pairs of participants are also selected,Who stand with their backs to each other and join hands. At the command of the players must go to the mark and return back. In this case, you can not break away from the back of the partner. Not everyone can immediately cope with this task, despite its apparent ease. One player has to pull on the other, and the second to back away, while synchronizing the steps.

Competitions for corporative nature in summer
Competition "Skillful handles"
It is held among the male half of the collective. Participants are given wooden sticks, the ends of which are painted in advance with red paint. Also, each man is given a piece of sandpaper. With its help, participants must wipe the paint off the stick. The first person who completed the task is declared the winner.

Competition "Your burden"
Participants are divided into pairs: guy + girl. A man puts a girl on his back, in the girl's hand a glass filled to the brim with water. The task of players to run from the "burden" to the check mark and return back, splashing as little water as possible.

Competition "Guess"
Leader calls in the ear a participant of someA well-known character (actor, singer, politician, sportsman, film / book hero), and he must portray it with his gestures. All the others guess. Correctly guesses himself to the place of showing.

Competition "The Battle for the Balls"
Each participant is given an inflated balloon,Clerical button and plastic dish. The ball is attached to the belt of each player. After that, all run out to a limited area (the size of the site depends on the number of people participating in the game). The task of each player is to pierce the balls of other participants, while trying to protect their ball, protecting it with a plate. Players whose balls have burst. The winner is the one who kept his ball intact.

Competition "Water Ropes"
Two people hold a rope in their hands (2-3Meter long). Participants of the contest alternately approach the rope, which they begin to untwist in the air and make several jumps through it. At the same time, the participant holds a glass of water in his hand. The one who has more water in the glass wins.

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