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Bedroom in English style

For example, the British determine aThe house is attractive by the number of bedrooms in it. And when you make a hotel reservation all in the same England, you will certainly be asked what kind of person: with a single bed or a double bed. This is entirely reasonable, because even vodonochestvo it is better to sleep in a spacious bed.

English style is often associated withDemanding classical traditions and absolutely vain. The eccentric orientation of British houses is full of a rattling mixture of "antique" classics, preferred by Queen Anna, a Gregorian fan and Victorian Victorian spicy motifs.

While Anna cared more aboutPracticality and eclecticism of design, Victoria introduced diversity into it, adding curls, ornate and patterns, diluting the patriarchy of her predecessor with feminine frivolity and beauty. This idea was taken up by male designers, through the centuries they tried to diversify the English style more, supplementing it with colonial elements. In the end, after going through long and complex transformations, the bedroom in the English style really acquired a royal look!

Organize space

Romantic people in England are virtuoso inTheir homes the atmosphere of the cloudless charm of the village house with the painted objects of furniture and wallpaper with a floral sprinkling and a cold aristocracy.

Thematic center of each bedroom has always been andTo this day it remains the bed. Admirers of English style show special love for her. It can be made of a wooden massif, covered with a chic canopy or be ordinary, forged. Such a bed of copper brass with knobs will look no less beautiful than the wooden one. The bed is usually set by the headboard to the window. But many people do not abide by this rule, being afraid of drafts. Although you can hide from them by installing a luxurious screen at the head of the bed.

Next to the "Queen of the Bedroom" is a highChest of drawers, standing on the legs with a thread or at least elegant mirror. In addition, in order to achieve a style, it is important to put a round table in the room, covered with a long-table cloth. Also around the bed, you can put a few tables overhead with table lamps. Above the bed, place lamps similar to the old candelabra. But before the bed you need to put a stool. A little aside from the bed, install a rocking chair or a large comfortable soft chair.

Fresh air is simply necessary for the people, theyBetter to hide a lot of blankets than to close the window. Therefore, one blanket can not do. In addition, the bed is dressed in a magnificent decoration: special skirts, soft plaid, embroidered or knitted bedspread, lingerie from damascus. They throw decorative pads of different sizes (the more they are, the better), put the feather bed.

Color solutions and lighting

Traditionally the most reveredcolour in EnglishDesign is white, it is simultaneously solemn. Light pastel colors can also be used. The carved elements from wood stand out perfectly against the background: skirting boards, doors, borders, pieces of furniture. During the reign of Queen Anne, color was also chosen depending on the part of the world on which the windows came out. So, if there was a side of the window, then the walls were painted in bluish and green tones, but the northern side required warm shades - golden or pink.

When Viktoria came to the board, the spectrum of colorsFor the bedroom has expanded. The most popular became terracotta. The walls were decorated with wallpaper, which were covered with drawings. Both epochs have shown an influence on the modern English style, so as for the color gamma, there is diversity. Some prefer shades only one era, others do not disdain them by mixing.

Lighting in bedrooms with English designClassical. Several chandeliers hang on the ceiling (it can be iodine) with pendants, over the beds - openwork sconces. Required attributes - table lamps in the form of candelabra and floor lamps with fabric lampshades. If you want to add a little coziness, the fireplace or candles will help you. The basic rule of selecting lighting devices - that the light was not too bright, it is better to be scattered soft, maybe even muffled. The external surroundings and lampshades indicate a generous and refined taste.

Walls, floors and ceilings

The ceiling does not require special finishing.It is either painted in white and decorated with cornices and stucco, or given to a fashion and hanging designs are used. In the latter case, it is necessary to pay special attention to the lamp, so that the modernity of the ceiling cover does not destroy the tradition of the English style.

But with the walls of things are different. "English" bedroom requires the presence of panels or wallpaper that simulates brocade, covered with floral patterns, heraldic pattern or strips. Fortunately, moldings, Victorian rosettes, friezes made under stucco molding will look good. Although, as for friezes, they are quite often replaced with cheap analogues of polyurethane or vinyl. The luxury of walls should not attract too much attention, eclipsing other elements of the interior.

The floor in the English style is a parquet. You can use just a tree. It should be covered with carpets with a heraldic pattern or with an ordinary plant fragments, which will not be evident.

Furniture, plants and accessories

If we adhere to the classical approach, thenSave on bedroom furniture in the English style is impossible. As a rule, dark rocks are used in its production, while in the Gregorian variant the furniture can be light. It is best to make furniture to order or to buy antiques. And do not forget about the textile decorations. It is extremely important on the windows, it will help to dim the light even more, creating a dark, romantic twilight. Figures and patterns on the tissues can be different: otmalyusenkih flowers on a thin chintz to the enchanting eye of majestic velvet. The Scottish cage is often combined with an excellent damask, this is diluted with ordinary cotton drapery, embroidered with hydrangeas.

Indispensable attributes will be a mirror in heavyGilt frames, portraits, oil paintings, family photos. The English appreciate family comfort, so to create a suitable atmosphere in the bedroom there must be a lot of small antiques.

Plants also play a minor role in designEnglish interior, they revive it and soften the impression of excessive gloom, lack of light, dark furniture or a massive baldachin above the bed.

I must say that English style in the bedroom is not suitable for everyone, but if you definitely decided that you want such an interior, then take advantage of our advice.

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