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How to spend a holiday on February 23: useful and original ideas

Army orders

So, the day of the defender of the Fatherland shouldMorning start accordingly. Since the army's rise at 6.00, but this day is still festive, wake up your chosen one at 7.00. And do it in an original way. You can sing a military march or record a drum accompaniment. And yes, do not forget to add gently: "Company, rise!". If you are sure that your wit will not be properly assessed, make the awakening more enjoyable and calm. For example, put a cup of coffee in bed with toast.

Morning exercise is an essential itemDaily routine of soldiers. Therefore, after a hot and invigorating drink immediately return to the army regime. According to the rules, the fighters carry out "running along the rough terrain with a system with physical exercises". However, it is still a holiday and your loved one should be pleased. Replace this item with something more enjoyable. For example, take the chosen one by handing out gifts that you can hide by giving him a card with a detailed description of where to go.

Morning toilet is an important point of the dailyTimetable of soldiers. Organize the shower together. This will be the best solution. Give your attorney a dose of tenderness on the day of February 23. Then boldly proceed to the next lesson - building. As a rule, the construction of military personnel is checked for a neat form, clean gates, footcloths and handkerchiefs. His man can simply dress up in a pre-ironed set of clothes, kiss him and assure that he is irresistible.

Breakfast on this holiday should beSpecial. You can cook him a typical dish of army cuisine - porridge, bread with butter and stew. Or on the contrary to please the culprit of the celebration with his favorite delicacies. Remember only that breakfast should be hearty and tasty.

Original ideas for pastime

On the day of February 23, you need to do everything the wayYour man desires. Therefore, meeting with friends will be an excellent option for pastime. Give the opportunity to your chosen one to spend several hours in the circle of old friends. As a gift you can rent for a couple of hours a path in a bowling club, billiards, darts-dash, etc. Remember that this entertainment should be male and entertaining.

Departure to the nature - this point of the daily routineLeave it for a family celebration. A hearty barbecue, cooked on a grill, cold beer in glasses, a sleigh race and a friendly family company - what could be better this day? You can rent a wooden house on the outskirts of the city or do a couple of days out of town. Remember that in these houses, as a rule, there is a bathhouse or sauna. It's nice to stroll through the woodland, play snowballs or ride a sled, and then steam in a bath - this is your chosen one will appreciate. Moreover, such a holiday will be to the liking of all family members.

Thus, we considered severalCreative ideas, how it is possible to spend a holiday on February, 23rd. Remember that this day should become special for your man, that he felt necessary and loved. Make the script as interesting as possible, draw to its embodiment all the household members and give your defender a real holiday.

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