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How to properly call the holiday on February 23: the main historical events

The history of the memorable date

Initially, the holiday on February 23 was exclusivelyMilitary triumph and was called the Day of the Red Army and Navy. Since servicemen enjoyed great prestige, the service in the Red Army was prestigious, and every soldier was proud of his achievement. It is worth noting that getting into the ranks of the military in those days was not so simple. Selection was held by young boys with excellent health, who belonged to certain social groups. Most often in the army fell guys from peasant families, but the descendants of the aristocratic nobility did not even dream about it.

At that time, February 23 was not considered a day off,And was listed as a professional holiday of military officers and soldiers. At the same time, it was not accepted to arrange lavish feasts. After the end of the Great Patriotic War, the army was renamed the Soviet Army, which resulted in a change in the name of the holiday. Until the sixties, this day was considered to be exclusively a military holiday, in which not only servicemen serving military officers, but also women who belonged to former front-line soldiers were congratulated. At that time public concerts were held, solemn meetings, and in large settlements fireworks were even organized.

Modern tradition to congratulate on February 23Only the male population was formed in the 1960s. The reason was the general indignation that there was an International Women's Day, but there was no male day. Therefore, students of educational institutions, workers of factories and combines, schoolgirls began to present gifts and congratulations to their classmates, colleagues and friends. This attitude was correct and had to be liked by all the representatives of the male sex.

Holiday name

A festive occasion in different years woreDifferent names. The very first name was the Day of the Red Army, but after 1946 this date was called the Day of the Soviet Army and the Navy. And only recently, in 1995, the government bodies of the State Duma proposed calling February 23 the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland. Since that time, the term has not changed.

As you know, under the Soviet regime on February 23 wasA day off only for military personnel, as well as for those who worked in various military organizations. However, since 2002 the Defender of the Fatherland Day was recognized as the official holiday in the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Today on this holiday it is customary to congratulate not only the military, but also all representatives of the male sex - dads, husbands, brothers, colleagues, friends or sons. Because each of them is a potential protector of the Fatherland. Each of them serves and works for the good of the Motherland, therefore, a special day was set for the celebration.

Today it is customary to celebrate on February 23 in a big way andCourageous courage. At the enterprises the employees arrange a buffet or a sweet table for their colleagues, many firms prefer to organize corporate trips to nature or sports to prove the strength of the man's spirit and to rally the collective. In the home atmosphere is also often celebrate the holiday behind the table. Or friendly meetings are arranged.

Thus, we found out where the name of the holiday comes from on February 23, what historical events preceded its appearance and how it is customary to celebrate this day today.

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