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How to Choose the Right Time for a Vacation

How to determine the date?

When choosing a date, you can build on the following factors:

  • If you want to walk for as long as possible, on vacationMust enter the holidays - New Year, May, Day of Russia or the Day of National Unity, since holidays are not counted in the number of calendar days of leave. Also, a rational step will be to take a vacation on Monday - by the time of rest, two days off is actually added.
  • Having bought tickets for a plane in advance, you can save a lot. At the very start of sales, prices are significantly lower than 2-3 weeks before departure.
  • Find the cheapest plane tickets to helpService "Low Price Calendar" from Aviasales. The cost of tickets for the same direction on different days sometimes varies significantly, and thanks to a convenient calendar you can avoid unnecessary overpayments. It should be borne in mind that the prices during the holidays are usually higher and buying cheap plane tickets on the eve of the New Year is very, very difficult.

In general, the "Low Prices Calendar" is extremelyUseful service. With his help, you can organize a dream vacation - find the time when air tickets to the country you want to visit for a long time, are sold at the best possible price. And then it is at this point in time to orientate, when there will be a distribution of holidays. To learn about the hottest special offers of airlines and tour operators, you can subscribe to the Aviasales.ru newsletter.

Where to rest?

Tired of year after year to spend vacations in some andThe same places? An ideal option for those who want to relax, but have not yet decided where to go will search for profitable directions on the interactive map on the site Aviasales.ru. It is enough to choose a city of departure and the service will automatically pick up the cheapest flights. In addition, you can set the date of departure and arrival, the absence or presence of a visa, as well as specify the budget, which must meet the air tickets.

Selecting from the set of proposals is necessaryTake into account the characteristics of the preferred country at a certain time of the year. For example, if you go to India in the summer, you can get into the rainy season, and in Indonesia, on the contrary, the wet season is winter. All these subtleties must be taken into account so that rest is not overshadowed by anything.

Vivid impressions will leave behind nationalHolidays and festivals. You can find out about them when searching for tickets in the "Low Cost Calendar". Select the direction and mouse over the month around which the letter i appeared - in the pop-up window Aviasales will tell you which holidays are taking place in the selected country this month and what can be seen on them.

How to get there?

Tickets are advantageous and convenient to buy online. The fact is that in this case, the ticket does not include commissions that are levied at ticket offices and go to the salaries of cashiers, rent of the hall and much more. Moreover, buying air tickets online, you can effectively use the ongoing campaigns and save significantly by picking up the best flights. To find advantageous offers, you should use the site Aviasales.ru. In order to receive information on cheap tickets in time, you only need to subscribe to the direction - and the latest information about the reduction of ticket prices will be sent to you by e-mail.

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