/ How to sign a valentine to a loved one? There are many ways to express your feelings on paper.

How to sign a valentine to a loved one? There are many ways to express your feelings on paper.

Traditional design of a love message

Valentine card - heart-shaped postcardA declaration of love for the addressee. From time immemorial this letter of a miniature format, all its charm - in a brief and capacious presentation of their feelings on paper. Imagine how to try to put in this intimate and romantic couple of lines all the passion that overwhelms you? Traditionally, the valentine is sent to the object of lust without a signature - let him break his head over this riddle! However, friends and relatives can write warm words with the wishes of happiness and good, indicating the sender.

Small "heart" cards are sold inMany stores on the eve of the holiday, but recently valentines are fashionable to make from any improvised materials that only will be at home. This can be cardboard, colored and corrugated paper, silk, velvet, sequins - all that your imagination can find application. On top of that, you can leave a couple of droplets of your favorite perfume on the ready heart: perhaps the smell will help the recipient to understand who confesses to him in love.

How to sign a valentine card

The content of a postcard is much more important than herDesign, because we, figuratively speaking, are interested in real feelings, not the tinsel that surrounds them. Approach with all responsibility to the signing of your valentine, then Saint Valentine will certainly patronize you on this special day.

Love does not tolerate templates and clichés,Originality can be claimed only sincere feelings that you want to share with an expensive person. Therefore, it is better to refuse the purchase of a postcard with a ready-made text - they are given, basically, to colleagues at work or friends "for a tick".

To sign a valentine to a loved one, immediately discard the banal phrases like "one heart is not enough to accommodate all my feelings for you" and come up with your own, original text.

Valentine for your lover

As a rule, those thoughts that appear in theMan in the first seconds after he brought a pen or pencil over a piece of paper, and there are the most "real". Imagine that the object of your secret feelings behind you - what would you like to tell him? Same write in your postcard. And remember, there is no room for pretense: everything should be honest-honest.

If you sign a valentine for a person,Which reciprocates you, start with the phrase "Do you remember ...". Briefly describe some funny or touching moment from your common past. You must be sure that your loved one will certainly smile when reading these lines.

If you are a maximalist by nature and hard for youFit in one small card all your feelings, make (buy) a few valentines. On each of them write one character trait that you like in your chosen one: charming, harmful, funny ... All the cards must end up with a declaration of love. Finished hearts folded into a small box and attach to it a beautiful bow - the beloved will be very pleased.

How to sign a valentine girlfriend

Good girlfriends often give each other amusingNicknames - safely use them in your message. Write to your friend that she is the most caring, understanding, most-most! Promise that you will remind her about this more often.

Valentines for family and friends

Consult the recipient with warm and sincere words. If you compose poetry, write a few lyrical lines for people who are dear to you.

It is not necessary to puzzle over howIt's unusual to sign a postcard to Valentine's Day. Your feelings for your beloved are unique, which means that the original will also be the text of a valentine written from the heart.

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