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How to safely hitchhike?

  1. For catching a passing car the most successfulAnd safe will be a road section with active, but not fast traffic, for example, at the exit of the city. There are enough people here who can give you a lift or help in an emergency.
  2. Clothing should be bright to attract attentionDrivers, but not too new or shabby. It is useful to get a reflective sticker or a vest. Women are recommended to take care as modestly as possible, avoid neckline, short skirts or shorts. Any jewelry should be left at home. This will protect you from robbery and sexual violence.
  3. Sitting is only in that car,Which stopped according to your signal. If the car stopped at the moment you did not vote (for example, lighted a cigarette, took out any of the luggage), you must take care with this machine with care. Perhaps the driver pursues his goals.
  4. Best if the driver is alone. If you notice that the driver or passengers are in a state of alcoholic drinking, behave defiantly or cause you the slightest suspicion, you can always softly refuse. It is not necessary to get on such a ride, even if you need to move ahead of time.
  5. If at your signal the car stopped,Is not happy, immediately happy to occupy the seat of the passenger. Ask the driver where and what route he will go. Do not limit yourself to your final destination when you agree to help. You must find out the route and check it on the map. After all, he can go on the road, greatly increases the path that will spend your precious time. Woodland with dirt roads is also not the best variant of the route, because the stupidest thing that can happen in this case is the car breakdown and the zero chance for help from the outside.
  6. Suppose you arranged a route. In this case, indicate the approximate place where you need to get there. Here, too, you can go to the trick. If during the journey to the car the driver starts to behave incorrectly, then at any time you will be able to leave the car, saying that you have already arrived. On the initial question of the driver about the point of your destination, you can evasively answer that you along the way.
  7. As funny as it sounds, butIt is worthwhile to ask why a person is going. Ideal is the option, if you are a man for certain cases and he just needs a company. If a person travels for strange and incomprehensible reasons or is aimless, it is better to refuse the help of this person. You can ask this question in the form of showing friendliness, for example, to smile broadly and say: "Do you eat at work? I do not bother you with my request? "
  8. Even before you get into the car,it is worth to ask about payment. Be sure to warn a person that paying you no money or the size of the route is incommensurate with your payment. If the driver does not mind, get into the car safely. If to you (concerns in a greater degree girls), make ambiguous hints or offer to pay off at the place of arrival, it is better to wait for another car, politely thanking the motorist for the time spilled on you.
  9. If you took a newcomer with you on the roadexpensive navigator or netbook, do not show it to a stranger, even to check the time or route. To do this, it is better to use the card and the cheaper ones. Phone before the trip is better to change to the cheapest model: you can buy a new one or during the trip to exchange with friends or relatives. This simple rule will protect you from robbery.
  10. During the trip it is better not to sleep, especially during the time. When traveling hitchhiking it is important not to lose your vigilance. By the way, it's hard to drive a car when you see that someone is dreaming.
  11. In the way, it's best to entertain yourself and the driverconversations. But if you suddenly notice that the driver is too tired or uninteresting, it is better to stop the conversation. One should refrain from talking about religion, personal and intimate questions. It's also not worth talking about those things that are inefficient - then the conversation can be supported by questions and find out what the interlocutor thinks about this. It is better not to talk about a topic that is deliberately uninteresting or an unknown interlocutor. It is unlikely that the long-distance driver will be interested in a nautical breed of dogs.

On arrival, be sure to thank a good person, wish him good luck on the roads. By following these simple rules, you can reduce your risk of hitchhiking by hitchhiking. Have a good trip!

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