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Red color in the interior of the kitchen

Red is a bright, juicy and passionate color,Which little will leave indifferent. With the skillful use of red shades in the kitchen can achieve a visual increase in space, as well as give the situation an elegant and expensive look. But you need to adhere to the rule - red color should be appropriate and it should not be too much, because the smaller the kitchen, the less red it should be.

For small kitchens is optimalCombining reds with white, then a tiny space can be visually expanded. To do this, you can use the built-in corner kitchen in red, and the walls and put in white. Or paint one or two walls in red, and leave the rest white, adding a few accessories, such as an apron, towels, tablecloth the same shade as the painted walls.

But here, too, has its own nuances, since the combinationsWhite and red can make the situation too official and more suitable for the office than for cooking and eating. To avoid this, it is better to use warm shades of white - cream, creamy, light beige colors.

It is necessary to combine with caution red with darkShades, as this interior is more suitable for spacious kitchens, but for tiny rooms such combination of colors will not work, and will make the kitchen look like a dark room.

In order to avoid mistakes in the use of red color in the interior of the kitchen, you must adhere to several rules:

  • It is necessary to use accessories in toneThe main red color, it can be paintings, a vase with flowers or fruits, lace-like ales. Such small accents will revitalize the interior, emphasize the depth of color.
  • It must be remembered that the red color makes the brightFurniture is even more vigorous and aggressive, and the tender is still tender and lighter. It turns out that if the furniture, then it is better to limit the wallpaper to the red elements, and the walls and pour light colors. If the furniture is light, then the red can be used in larger quantities.
  • Some prefer a combination of red color withBlack, which can make the kitchen a dark and gloomy cage. But if you really want, then you can combine these colors in curtains for the kitchen or chandelier.
  • The combination of red with dark shadesExcellent for the kitchen, connected to the living room, it will distinguish between the area of ​​rest and reception of guests with a cooking area, but not suitable for a closed kitchen with a small space.
  • It is necessary to think in advance with what color it will beTo combine the red in the kitchen, the classic option is a combination of red with warm lighter shades (creamy, beige, cream, coffee with milk). But you can experiment and connect red with lemon, green or blue flowers, but this unusual idea is risky enough and you need to stick to the measure, otherwise the kitchen will turn into a standard of bad taste.
  • It is necessary to avoid the use of complex drawings and abstractions, which will divert attention from the main task - cooking and eating.

Red color is able to revitalize the interior of anyKitchen, expand its boundaries, focus on its merits and hide the shortcomings, give the holiday atmosphere. This shade will look like the same as when used in small quantities, for example, in various accessories, curtains, chandelier, and in a larger scale version.

But again, one must adhere to one's own tastes andInternal preferences, since the red color in some people causes a feeling of increased fatigue, irritability. In others, on the contrary, it increases mood and charges with a positive.

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