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The most unusual, expensive and beautiful houses, photos and descriptions.

Hollywood Mansion

This private building is located in the western partAmerican city of Los Angeles. The building includes many rooms: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a dining room with a kitchen, leisure facilities, and an open living room. The interior of the mansion is made in pastel colors and is tinted with luxurious furniture, the design of which was developed by the best specialists in this field. This house cost its customers not cheap, at more than $ 3 million, but from its terrace opens a chic view of Hollywood.

Wooden cottage in New Zealand

In the bosom of New Zealand nature is cozyLocated this relatively small dwelling, made in a rustic style. As the main building material in this case, the tree was chosen - the most optimal option for those who love naturalness and naturalness.

Villa in Vale do Lobo

This is a luxury building with a huge swimming poolIs built on the territory of the famous Portuguese golf resort. An unusual architectural solution is seen in the form of this house: it resembles the letter U by its outlines. The main highlight of the project can be considered a suspended two-level pool, remotely resembling a waterfall.

Mansion on the island of Koh Samui

In the hot tropical climate of Thailand, amongRiot of greenery, amazes look with its luxury huge villa Belle. Its advantageous location on top of the hill offers a wonderful view of the bay. A lot of rooms with chic interiors, large terraces, a swimming pool and a pond on the territory of this dwelling - all speaks of the wealth and exquisite taste of its owners.

House Gallery in Brazil

A collection of photos of beautiful houses can be refilledOne picture depicting a private residence of an informal style. The unusual design of the building-gallery gives the impression that we have a large modern hotel in front of us. But the interior design of this building speaks of comfort and warmth, and a significant area of ​​the house will invite a large company to visit.

Beautiful yard

Famous Dutch designers from the companyCentric Design Group present to our attention a photo of the yard for recreation. This place is an excellent addition to the overall luxury of a rich residence. Natural materials, green vegetation and ponds create a sense of closeness to nature, and the presence of a swimming pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi and a fireplace zone make rest a pleasant ritual.

Unusual home in Singapore

This project is called The Wall House. Its originality consists in the fact that the territory of the residence is divided into two parts, between which lies a small artificial pond. Such a decision was invented in connection with the insignificant size of the plot and the desire to introduce a piece of wildlife into the interior design. The trees in this interesting house grow directly from the granite floor and leave their crowns in the holes on the roof.

Mansion in Malaysia

The architecture of this luxurious dwelling in three floorsWas developed by the design studio ArchiCentre. The highlight of the project can be considered a two-level living room. In addition, the house has as many as 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms. On the territory of the site there is an artificial pond and a swimming pool, as well as some office buildings.

House in the countryside

This elegant structure stands out prominently on the backgroundRural landscape, but it is this contrast that gives it a special charm. The design of the mansion, in addition to its rich appearance, also features good functionality.

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