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Color strength in the interior

Each person has his own uniquesensation of colors: someone likes shades from the pastel scale, someone dreams of black and white guest, and for someone the perfect color for the kitchen headset will be a bright yellow. Here the choice will always be yours, but there are a few basic rules that will help you decide and make the right choice regarding color solutions for your home.

First, you need to remember that even your passionatelove to a certain color can simply not stand the test of time. Especially it concerns bright and intense colors, so when choosing red wallpapers for a living room, remember that this color is very bright, saturated and heavy for the eyes. Brisk and aggressive shades of wallpaper, upholstery and large elementoviternera will irritate the eyes, riveting to yourself excessive attention, and modernity cause rejection. Therefore, it is better to replace all bright colors with less aggressive shades, and it is better to leave such bold color solutions for rooms and rooms where you are in a minimum amount of time: a dressing room, corridors, a hallway or even a loggia.

Secondly, preferring polar colors(for example, black and white), do not forget that it is much harder to pick up the shades of accessories and other elements than meets the eye. It is highly probable that the elements will either be lost against the background of the contrast of the base part, or be beat out from the general color ensemble, that the eyes will immediately rush. Accent in such a monochrome gum is not a simple matter, of course, except for all the known combination of black, white and red, all other experiments with the palette must be weighed and careful. Only in this case you can achieve harmony.

Third, pay attention to the semanticsEach color has its own semantic components, and the knowledge of such subtleties can help you achieve not only visual and aesthetic harmony, but also to balance the atmosphere of any living space.

Fourthly, if you have chosen a certain stylefor your apartment, it is important to comply with the color rules due to this style. For example, for an apartment in an elegant French style, it will be more appropriate to give a preference for pastel tones, for a Scandinavian style, do not skimp on the shades of white and blue, for avant-garde style choose saturated colors, but do not give preference too bright, vulgar tones. Brightness is more suitable for small decor elements. Having sustained all the elements of the ensemble in the appropriate colors, you will give the interior a completeness and harmony.

Finally, never forget that eachThe room has its function in the house. That's why all the colors you choose should be functionally and logically combined with these rooms. In other words, do not choose dark shades for the children's room, and saturated toxic colors for the bedroom. Let any color experiment be elegant and subtle, and most importantly justified. The desire to make your apartment unique should not be the cause for another repair, because the colors you have chosen have transformed it into an abstraction room in the modern art gallery instead of a cozy family nest.

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