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What light to choose for a kitchen

Typically, kitchen lighting is formed from several light sources. But each of them performs its functions. There are several of them:

Ceiling lighting
Light falling from above should illuminate evenlyAll the kitchen space. An original ceiling chandelier is very suitable for this. It is desirable that it could attract attention as a detail of the interior. But one light source is not enough for good lighting.

You can use the LED lamps. They are endowed with some advantages over incandescent lamps: they work twenty times longer, and energy consumes twenty times less than electric bulbs. They are non-toxic, reliable and practical.

You can make the ceiling light from the LEDTape. Such lighting ribbons give a huge scope for the imagination of the designer. They are easy to assemble. But if the kitchen has a stretch ceiling, the best option is the built-in lamp.

Light for the workplace
The light for the cutting table is best for the day. Therefore, it should be placed as close to the window as possible. But if this does not work, then the fixtures will help.

These lamps should be given when choosing moreAttention. The desktop should be lighted well. For this purpose, point lights are suitable. And they will be beneficial to look and enough to illuminate the space, which has low ceilings.

Light inside cabinets
Lighting cabinets - the original addition toThe basic light of space. Its direct purpose is to illuminate the contents of the shelves. If the hanging cabinets in the kitchen are not provided, then you can stop on the lamps of the wall. They will also create additional lighting. The choice of them on sale is huge. The original version you choose without difficulty. You can choose from modern lamps with clothespins. They are practical and convenient.

Organization of lighting in the kitchen
The dining table is the main subject of the interiorKitchen, his soul. In the area of ​​the dining table, the light should be warm and comfortable, the diners should be placed in a pleasant atmosphere, and the appetite should be strengthened, creating a special mood for all.

If the table is near the wall, then good lightingIt can be obtained from a floor lamp or sconce. But if it does not stand at the wall, then the chandelier or another single lamp will be a good solution. It's great if he also has an adjustable height. It can be lowered or raised to a certain height by adjusting the intensity of the radiation of light above the table.

Very interesting is a large group of smallLamps, fixed on long bases, which must be placed strictly above the dining table. But only a table lamp, which has a beautiful lampshade, can create a cozy and truly homely atmosphere. But to acquire fabric lampshades for the kitchen should not be, it is impractical. They will absorb the smells of food, quickly covered with a thick coating.

Fluorescent lamps perfectly illuminate everythingspace. But they do not have a power regulator, this does not allow you to muffle the light. Directing the flow of light to the other side is also not possible.

Correctly choose kitchen lighting. And then it can not only create comfort and a warm cosiness in your favorite kitchen, but also visually increase its space, make the functional zones more attractive.
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