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Multivarka - the best assistant in the kitchen

Multivarka will conquer your heart from the first minutesYour acquaintance. How to choose the ideal multivark? The modern rhythm of life makes us spend a lot of time on everyday life. And the manufacturers of household appliances came up with such a wonderful device. The multivariate has become a real treasure for any woman. It will simplify your life and make it better.

Now you can abandon many othersdevices on the fly. Each housewife wants to have a kitchen in the kitchen. It will replace the oven, pan, frying pan and even a steamer. Today, we'll talk about how to choose a multivark for your kitchen.

The multivara hides three different devices. And we have to choose the device that suits our requirements.

  • Rice cooker. You will say that cooking rice is an easy thing. But we must always be close and watch the boiling of oxen, then watch the cooking process itself. Only under such conditions rice will be crumbly and tasty. But if there is time for all this? After all, during cooking, you can do much more pleasant things than stand near the stove, watching the rice. And in this case, we need a cook. You just need to throw the water (broth), rice in the multivariate and the girlfriend will do everything herself, and the signal "pi" will inform us about the availability of the crumbly bucket. You can cook other dishes in the rice cooker.
  • Pressure cooker. It needs to save your time. Everything is prepared under steam pressure, this speeds up the cooking process. Therefore, you can reduce the cooking time by 2 times. And all the dishes that you refused because of active cooking, you can return to your menu.
  • Slow welding. The device for true gourmets. The food will be in the "languishing" mode. It will turn out very tasty and useful. And to cook it, you do not need to add oil or fat. The food will be cooked in the own juice. Try to cook a stew, stew, and boiled pork. The taste will be excellent. You have not tried anything like this. We assure you. Especially because you just need to throw all the ingredients, and the girlfriend will cook everything herself.

What modes do you need?

A loyal "girlfriend" will solve the problem of lack of time. With it, you can quickly cook any dish. Now you can feed the whole family without special power. To cook a chicken you need 20-30 minutes, abortion can be cooked for 30-35 minutes. Do you want to eat potatoes for a couple? In 15 minutes it will be ready! You should throw all the ingredients in the bowl and expose the desired program.

In each multivark there are 6 standard operating modes. There are models with more advanced capabilities. Now you can find it with 16 programs. It all depends on the price of the device.

In the multivark, you need a function such as "postponementstart "and" automatic heating mode ". The second function is included after cooking, so that it does not cool down. If you need to prepare porridge in the morning, then you can put all the products into the multivariate in the evening and postpone the start for the required number of hours. And in the morning when you wake up, you will be waiting for a delicious and fragrant porridge. The maximum time of "delay of start" is 30 hours.

When choosing a multivark, you need to consider allYour family's preferences. If you are for a healthy lifestyle, then you will not need a "frying" regime. And vegetarians do not need a "meat and fish treatment" regime. Therefore, it is worth choosing a device with the medium "soups", "quenching", "steaming". A very good function of "yogurt", with it you can prepare a home and useful dairy product. But in the "baking" mode, you can even prepare bread.

In many multivarkas there is a mode of "pilaf". This is a very convenient mode. He evaporates all the liquid, and at the end of cooking begins to roast pishchu.I so the dish is very tasty and crusty. If there is no such mode, then you can cook the pilaf in the "cereals" mode, and in the end, turn on "quenching".

Do you have a small child? Then the regime of "milk porridge" is just for you. Now you do not need to constantly stand by the stove to cook. In addition to milk porridge in this mode, you can prepare fruit and vegetable sauce for the child, stews without oil. With the help of this miracle, you can cook broth, soups and cereals for your baby. It's useful and tasty.

If you have a lot of experience in cooking, then foryou came up with a manual mode. You can put pressure and degrees in the melt welding yourself. So you can control the whole process of cooking. You can experiment and enjoy the cooking.

Now on the Internet there are a lot of useful recipes for the multivariate. Therefore, you can prepare any dish that you want.

Right choice

The greater the power of the multivark, the lessthere will be time for cooking. The power range is in the range of 400 to 1400 watts. If your family consists of 3 people, then you will have enough and 700 W. The price depends on the amount of power.

Now it is necessary to determine the volume of the bowlmultivark. Today it is possible to find bowls from 1.8 to 6 liters. What do you need? It all depends on the number of family members. If you are 2-3 people, then you will have enough and 3 liters. The most popular models of the multivark are designed for 4 liters. All manufacturers use for cup-and-stick coating. Starting from the usual coating, finishing with a multilayered smramornym spraying.

The body is usually made of plastic andstainless steel. For example, plastic is heated less, but after a while it loses its aesthetic properties and becomes less beautiful in appearance. But stainless steelmultivarker is more practical. That the unit has served you for a long time, it is worth choosing a quality product. Carefully study the pan. Stop your choice on the bowl of a multi-layer aluminum alloy with a double bottom. Otherwise, the bowl may deform after a while during cooking.

Some models can cook without pressure. And others have a more solid construction and a multi-layered bowl. You can cook even without using water.

And to make the purchase happy, it is worth choosingmultivarku with a beautiful design. Otherwise, even the most heaped "saucepan" disappoints you. Therefore, firstly think about exactly which one you want to see the multivark in your kitchen. It should gladden your eyes and have an intuitive control panel, a comfortable cover. The configuration usually includes extra spoons, scoops, cups.

Now you can prepare for cooking any complexity of the dish andto please the whole family with delicious food. Your new friend will become an indispensable assistant in the kitchen. You just can not understand how you could manage without it before. The multivariate will facilitate your life and will become a real cook. You can choose the perfect modelmultivarki, which fits into the interior of the kitchen. For each model offer a book of recipes, so you can immediately prepare something delicious for the whole family.

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