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How to change an apartment so that it starts to play with other colors?

Wash and iron the tulle. This will add to your optimism, give you a charge of energy and vivacity. It's much nicer to look at the world of a clean and well-groomed window, right?

Well, now I'm using a very cool designMove: place the lamp on the window sill. If you do not like this option, you can install a pair of luminaries between the windows. And Eureka! Now you have your place to relax, rest and recharge with positive emotions. Especially in the evening after work, or even better before going to bed - it's a pleasure to turn on the lamp and dream, meditate, think about what you are interested at the moment or how you spent the day. Many will agree that this is very cool.

Now came the turn of the trash. Do you remember how many things are stored in your chiffoniers, all sorts of boxes, shelves, behind cabinets, deposit and under the sofa? Certainly, without first noticing, you will not even answer this question. Why? Because you do not need these things, and you do not use them. By the way, all these things are huge dust collectors, which you need to get rid of. You should have this rule: if you forget that you have this or that thing, and you have not used it for 3 years, then its place in the dump. And if the thing is good and you throw it away, then give it to someone who needs it. Let's think: if uvlas in the closet hangs a dress that you have not worn for 2 years, then in the near future you will not like it. Cleansing the apartment junk, you release the place for new things and new bright positive emotions. Several times a year, check your apartment and throw away the trash. Free space for yourself. You do not need to collect dust! The less dust, the lighter the apartment, the lighter the apartment, the better the state of mind. Agree that the dark, gloomy wallpaper of the dull light is oppressed and suppressed. And before the depression near!

In addition, experts say that cleaning a lotWell affects the female psyche and is able to remove signs of depression. Women who maintain order in the home are much less likely to suffer from mental disorders.

Your accommodation is a place where you can relax,Retire and hide from the world, so every detail must correspond to your inner worldview. Of course, the more vibrant colors of the interior will raise your spirits, but light colors - light beige, green or cream color will be the opposite to soothe. Pay attention to the orange shade, it is able not only to cheer up, but also add vomesty and self-confidence.

The light in the apartment must be natural, white,Day. Beware of lamps with greenish, blue and gray shades. The color of the items in your housing should look natural. Lamps are allowed with yolkymottenkom. It can be compared with the sun and the room will become much more cozy and visually warmer.

Get away from depression and a bad mood! Let there be light and order!

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