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Traveling with a child: useful tips

A child who is not yet one year old can evenDo not notice the movement to another country. If his mother still breastfeeds, then he will notice a change in diet. Try to eat the same as at home. Drink only non-carbonated water and eat only a healthy and simple food, carefully choose fruits and vegetables.

It is forbidden to stop breastfeeding less than 30 days before departure, and also earlier than 14 days after you return.

If your child eats artificially, then onthe time of the whole journey, take as many blends as you can, so that you do not have problems. And very carefully choose water for the baby, because he has a very sensitive stomach, which immediately notices the change, and you will save the child from colic, constantly changing diapers.

The luggage of a child is somewhere in five times hisown weight. Such a small creation needs a lot of things. It's very good that in all countries you can buy the goods that we use. In Europe, you will not be able to find the right diapers, so beware before departure. Try to take them with you as much as possible, especially if you use one and the same type all the time. In this case, in general, it is best to buy these goods for the whole holiday at once. Mixtures of one firm can also be completely different in Europe.

If the child can already walk, then you need to havessoba few pairs of shoes, in which the child is comfortable to walk. Do not forget to take the slippers and some of the most favorite toys of the baby. Especially it will save you if the baby with a certain toy and without it can not fall asleep. But in any case do not lose the plush pet!

If you travel without a stroller, thenask representatives of the airline about special cradles and places for passengers with children. That such companies like Aeroflot and Transaero have such good, but it is very small, and you need to arrive at the airport early. When you book a ticket, you have the opportunity to order baby food. If you fly far away, in the business class in the company "Transaero" for a small children an entertainment program with games and quizzes is conducted. If a child from 2 to 8 years old is alone in the whole plane, then he will be dealt with by a special stewardess.

Sleeping bags and cradles for small childrenprovides KLM. There are also places for passengers with children, they are wider than usual places. There are Austrian airlines that provide cradles, but only in business class, but in the Hungarian company Malev, if you do not inform in advance, you can stay without a cradle. According to the international rules of transportation, there must be a children's food on the menu that you sign when booking a ticket.

The most unpleasant moments arise when the aircraftgoes to take off and sits down. Avromya, when the plane is in the air, the child will not even notice. But parents will have more difficult: many children do not sit still and parents should give them special attention. If in normal circumstances children behave calmly and like them, then in the plane with the provided children's package there will be no problem. If this does not help, then try to entice him with your favorite or new toy, which he has not yet seen. There are such airlines that conduct excursions to children on board the plane and even lead to the pilot in his cabin. But it only takes a few minutes, so think carefully about where to go. You should clearly understand that you will have to keep and entertain the child for 4 hours, or maybe 8.

So, if you came without a wheelchair, then in anyEuropean country is very much a lot of this rental, but at the same time you must have a credit card. It's good to have a "kangaroo" or a rucksack on a trip. If you usually do not use such things, then try to accustom the child to this by pre-departure. Nobody knows whether the baby will be comfortable in it.

It is best to stay in a family pensionor a small hotel in the center of the city. Here are baby-calling services, than $ 4 an hour you will not find. But this is in Western Europe. Anywhere in a provincial town you can find some nanny in a student or a high school student and pay her half as much. Such services in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Israel are a little cheaper. And if you stop outside a very expensive hotel in Hungary or the Czech Republic, then for a baby-sitter you will need $ 1.5 per hour.

If you want to find something cheaper, butquality, then go to the Yuzhno-Vostok. In India, Thailand and Bali, your child will be looked after for 25 cents an hour. Even without knowing your language, they will perfectly cope with this.

If your kids are blond, then you will bepay excessive attention and even ask to be photographed. Not very pity the child for the benefit of a large temperature drop, so it is better not to go to the winter. It is best to go in the spring or fall. You can even go to the South-East, if not in a hurry to return back. Smart spouses do so - first someone goes with the child, and the second comes a little later and stays longer in the other country or the parents and grandparents come to replace their parents. This is called the occlusal method. Do not forget that other people will need permission to travel with your child. A notary must assure him. And keep it until the very departure back home, because it may be needed.

To travel to other countries, vaccinations may be necessary. Consult before this doctor who heals your child.

Such travels as resorts of Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Croatia, the child will suffer, as well as the stay in exotic countries.

Do not forget that you did not change the situation.only for themselves, but also for the child, so pay more attention to the baby. They need 2 times more time to get used to the climate. Take care that the baby is not drowsy, do not heavily load it with activity and let's rest. But if he is on the contrary, does not want to sleep, then make him useless. Better spend a few hours with him in a quiet environment, paint, play and then he will calm down and get used to going to bed when necessary.

Children are very fond of sorting out everything around, andespecially food. Therefore, it is not necessary to feed exotic dishes, which he does not know. And if a few days a little guy does not eat, do not force. It will not be harmful for him. Take care of the usual products: bananas, meat, bread, cheese, apples, etc.

If you have a lot of activities planned,allocate time to visit the usual playgrounds with local kids. To the child it will be more than interesting. Most of all, he remembers that other children are not speaking his language, but this will not be an obstacle to playing together.

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