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Create a spring interior

To give the apartment freshness, not necessarilydo a repair and change all furniture. You can just buy gay accessories, arrange new furniture elements and spring in the house is provided. Today we will talk with you about how you can create a spring style at home, showing only a little imagination. You do not need to spend a lot of money to refresh the room.

Freshness and comfort throughout the house

Start a new season is necessary with the general cleaning of the whole house. It will help you clean up the premises and clean out all the corners of the house.

First of all, it's time to hide all the warm things,which were issued during the winter. All thick plaids, bedspreads, dense winter curtains. All this must be washed and hidden in a closet. We remove things until the next frost. You will not need them yet. You should maximize the space in the house from unnecessary winter things.

In addition, you need to go over your wardrobe. It's a must! You must get rid of all unnecessary things. Especially from those that evoke unpleasant memories and emotions. Throw them all out or give them a charity fund. Try on clothes, and one that does not suit you (for example, a large size), tilt to the side. Reconsider the dishes. From the old bored cats and plates you need to get rid of it. Noodles, etc. should be dropped. Free up space for new better things.

Set up for the spring

To create a spring interior in the house,it is necessary to make bright and fresh colors in our lives. The juiciness will create a spring mood. Spring is the time of awakening from hibernation. We wake up together with this at times. It's time to take a look at our life. it's time to make plans for the future and to believe in yourself.

Discover yourself for new opportunities. Do not sit in a room. Now it's time to discover new talents. Spring is time for adventure. Do not limit yourself. Create your own style at home. Use your imagination. Enjoy life and make happy your loved ones. Charge them with a positive. Add novelties.

Get your tea set, which you were given. Do not keep it until better times. When will they come? Maybe today? Live and rejoice. Feel the spring with your whole body and soul!

The garden in your house

Right now everything around will blossom andto please the eye. Around will be circling aromas in color and various herbs. They are so dope ... Aromatherapy is provided. So it's time to turn your house into a garden. Not only the streets grow flowers, but also in your home. In the spring it will be easy to arrange a real greenhouse in the apartment. In fact now there will be so much light for room friends. And if the right choice of plants, then care will be minimal for them, many of them will bloom until the fall.

We choose large and beautiful plants. Perhaps the most effective and high will be a palm tree. Palms can grow up to the ceiling. Right in the middle of the apartment you will have your little island! Start dracenu or diffenbachia - they are also large and beautiful room inhabitants. If you arrange plants on raznymugolkam at home, they will please you with their appearance.

Flowers are needed in the house, thanks to themcomfort is auyut. You can collect your plants all together, creating a small spring veneer. If you like flowers, then you should choose flowering plants. You will fit chrysanthemum, it fits perfectly into the spring interior, you can have a hypecestrum hyacinth.

As soon as spring comes, try to bring inhouse fresh flowers. They will create a pleasant aura in the apartment. Put them in glass vases. They will refresh the interior of the house. Glass accessories in the form of vases will give a transparency to the style, so try to buy more accessories by the spring. It can be dishes, table, vases, etc.

Glass looks stylish and easy. This is a natural material that fits into any style. But do not overdo with the glass. It is necessary to put on the dish table with bright fresh fruits. It will look juicy and tasty.

Get rid of otlama!

Very soon your windows will be constantly open, andcarpets will only collect dust. Therefore, it will be more rational to put them down until the fall. But only if you have where to put it. Before folding, it is necessary to clean it. When it is already warm, it will be more pleasant to walk on a cooler floor than on a fluffy and warm carpet.

After you throw away all the unnecessary things in the house,it's time to start wet cleaning. Wash all cabinets, bookshelves, remove dust. Do not forget to wash the doors and windows. Wash all the curtains, wash the blinds, etc. You must wash everything. Of course in one day it will not work. But within a week you will bring your house in order. After this cleaning you will feel that even breathing has become better.

Spring joyful light

The day will be longer and we will enjoysolar lamps. They will illuminate our room and please our eyes. It is necessary to curtain the windows with light curtains from a loose cloth. Give your preference to silk or tulle. The colors that are brighter and juicier will be, the more beautiful will be in your room. Therefore, choose green, yellow, pink shades.

You can pick up a bamboo Romancurtains or blinds. They are in no way inferior to conventional curtains. They will give the opportunity to manage the lighting in the room. If you want to stay in the shadows, you should just close them.

For the mood we recommend to hang on the window"Music of the wind." This Chinese "trick" will play a pleasant melody at every blow of the wind. You will be charged with positive energy, and it will give a spring mood to you and your household.

And now you need to come up with something with soft furniture. If in winter they were covered with blankets and blankets, now they are "bared". With this, it is necessary to do something. To begin with, you should buy multi-colored covers for furniture. Choose a bright and colorful shades that will "scream". Choose them from the cotton fabric, they are very pleasant for the skin. It is worth to buy covers for pillows. Pick up something cheerful in the spring style. To look at the sofa, you felt that it was spring.

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