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Choosing a Tablet PC

There are two common types of tablets. The first kind is just a personal computer, but in the amount of a plan. On this device is a full-fledged OS, if you want, you can connect the keyboard and mouse and get a full-fledged laptop, and also such a device is compatible with computers. The second kind is an Internet device, something between the smartphone and the laptop. Accordingly, it is easier for these tablet PCs to work with web applications, ie read books, watch movies, work with mail, play various games and so on. On such a tablet installed a special mobile OS. In the stores there are different models, with different software, different screen resolutions, which tablet to choose, which one to prefer?

Let's see from the beginning, so to speakThe interior of the tablet, its "brain", namely from the operating system - OS. Any operating system manages all the processes that are necessary in the work of this or that device. In the tablets, mostly used OS Android, iPhone OS and Windows.

Android is one of the most common systems on the market.Mobile devices with touch control. It has a convenient and very easy to use interface. This system is used both in budget models and in quite expensive devices. If you like, you can download various applications and games from the Google Play service.

IOS - always installed only on tablets fromCompany Apple. All applications and games can be downloaded from the App Store. For the quality of programs you can not be afraid, because before you put the applications or games in the online store, they necessarily test the compatibility with the devices. For many additional installed programs you will have to pay extra.

Windows 7 - painfully familiar OS, because it is onMany laptops and computers are native Windows. Unfortunately, this OS is not optimized for touch input. But the developers released in October 2012 a new OS Windows 8, which, according to the manufacturers, is suitable for devices with sensory control.

Now let's talk about screens.Screen sizes can be from 5 "to 10". Devices with a smaller screen size are best suited for mobile use. Tablets with 7-8 "are used for viewing web pages and reading books. If you plan not only to surf the Internet, but also to work with documents or play different games, then you should pay attention to the tablet with a screen size of 10". The screens are also divided into two types: resistive and capacitive. To work with the first type of screen requires a stylus, a film. This screen is resistant to accidental touches, and with it you can work with any wand or handle. Capacitive screens respond well to touching the fingers or a special stylus. The only problem is that the device must be put on the lock.

The operating time for the autonomous mode isEssential role in the choice of "pill". Therefore, choosing a device, pay attention to the battery capacity, the more mA / h, the longer the tablet works without recharging. Note that the larger the size of the plate, the more it consumes energy, and therefore less time without recharging. The most optimal operating time of the device without recharging is 5-6 hours.

Performance plays an important role inThe work of tablets. If you plan to do only web surfing, that is, read, work with mail, listen to music, surf the Internet, then you need to purchase a tablet with a 600-800 MHz processor with 512 MB RAM. But if you intend to use a flatbed for the whole "reel", that is not only to work with documents and mail, but also watch movies in high quality and play different games, then the processor must be at least 1 GHz and 1 GB RAM .

When choosing a tablet PC make sure that the deviceEquipped with USB-connectors, a special slot for memory card microSD and an HDMI-port for connecting the TV. Many tablet models are equipped with both Wi-Fi and 3G modem, Bluetooth. If you want, you can use the tablet as a navigator, then check the availability of the GPS module and do not forget to purchase a car charger for the "tablet". And, of course, the built-in camera, where now without the camera! We all photograph something and then send it to friends. Just make sure that the camera has a web camera function, and with it, and with a microphone, you can make a video call.

Let's talk about the external appearance. There are tablets with a metal casing and with plastic. Metallic ones are more durable, stylish, but they catch Wi-Fi worse. Plastic ones are lighter in weight, but they can easily be scratched. Therefore, do not forget to "wear" a protective cover on your tablet to protect it from various damages. Covers produce universal, where there is a stock of 3-3.5 mm in each direction. And there are cases, sewn to a specific model. When purchasing a case, be sure to check the coincidence of the buttons on the tablet and the holes on the cover.

Well, finally, let's talk about whether it's worthTo buy a flatbed PC manufactured in China. The quality of such devices leaves much to be desired, although the price is several times cheaper than the firm's tablets. Yes, for many, price is a decisive factor, but having bought a device assembled in China, you get a "bomb" of delayed action. Do you need this? The build quality is low, there can not be any speed of speech, it often happens that 3G modems do not catch a signal, if there are problems with the device, there is no guarantee that you will be repaired with a tablet.

We hope that this article has helped you in choosing a tablet computer and now it's up to the little one - to go to the store, choose and buy such a wonderful purchase.

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