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Induction cooker - a modern device in the kitchen for a woman

Who needs an electric stove?

Have you longed to throw out your gas stove? Then it's time to do this. The gas stove is long gone. It was replaced by induction electric. This kitchen novelty works wonders with your dishes. Now it's ready for a pleasant pastime. And the cooking will be halved.

An induction cooker appeared not so long agoMarket. Therefore, we do not know much about it. But it's time to fix it. It can be noted that such plates at a price exceed gas prices, but it is worth it. You can see for yourself.

Now in many prestigious kitchens of the restaurantthere are induction plates. It is quite functional, convenient and easy to use. It can work in different intensive modes. And I showed myself the best way. This is the technology of our future.

How does it work?

This induction cooker differs fromconventional electric special burners. This novelty and its practicality is conditioned by the properties of electromagnetic induction. Therefore, the name of the plate is induction.

If you put a slab of frying pan oranother dish on the burner, it will only heat the surface where your dishes are now located. So you can safely put a hand nearby and you will not be burned. In order to activate the heating process, the area of ​​the dishes should be 70% of the burner. But they are small, so there will be no problems with this.

I should say a few words about the Booster mode. This function allows you to transfer the power of one burner to another, if required. This is convenient if you need to boil the water in a kettle urgently, while another is cooking the soup. That is, the function can be called an "intensive regime" during which the entire heating is directed to one of the burners. The regime is in almost all modern models of the induction plate. Induction electric cookers are winning more and more worshipers.

It is worth saying that the heat does not arise fromburner, but in the bottom of the tray in which you are cooking. The remaining areas do not heat up and remain cold. When there are no dishes, there is no heating. It is possible to make such an interesting experiment. Put a sheet of paper on the burner, and on top of the pan with water. After the water has warmed up, your paper will remain intact and will not burn.

What kind of dishes will suit you?

We recommend the use of special dishes,which is made of a material with suitable characteristics. It must absorb the energy of the magnetic field. Of course, the material for the dishes may not be ferromagnetic. But this way you can achieve the maximum effect from the burner. In particular, steel has such properties.

Modern induction cookers recognize immediatelysuitable for heating dishes. So if it does not fit, it will not heat up. Ideally, there will be an enameled ironware. Utensils from stainless steel cast iron are also suitable for slabs. The most important thing is that in the bottom of the glassware there is a layer of ferromagnetic metal, and what is higher is no longer important.

All the pros and cons of the induction cooker

It is worth finding out the reason why the induction cooker is gaining such popularity among the housewives. What is it that attracts people so much?

Advantages of the cooker:

  • Security. If you have young children who run around all the time and can not sit in one place, then this is an ideal cooking surface. In the plate with induction technology, do not use an open flame. Playing, the child, laying his hand on the stove, will not get burned. Everything happens by heating only the dishes. This reduces the likelihood of burns. Using its home, you will never cause a fire or other cataclysms. If the plate does not have disposables, it will not heat up. Leaning against or leaning against the surface of the plate, you will not burn, even when it works.
  • Easy surface cleaning. It is very easy to wipe off the oil and dirt. Do not worry if something spills up or splashes. It is very easy to erase it and it will not leave a trace of fat. After all, if you sip something on a gas stove, then it will have to be scrubbed with special detergents. The surface of the induction board is smooth and flat, so there is no place to accumulate here. I rubbed it, and it will be clean.
  • Power adjustment mode. The mode of heating power can be changed independently, so you are ensured the accuracy of surface heating. This will not work in the gas stove. You set the level of power only by eye, and here you know exactly the level of heating of the plate.
  • Rapid heating rate. Heating occurs twice as fast as a gas burner. Make warm the bottom of the dishes. You save considerable time during cooking. That's why in restaurants and use the induction burners. A conventional electric stove will boil 1 liter of water for 10 minutes, induction for 3 minutes. Is there a difference?
  • Economical. Induction cooking surface requires less energy consumption. After all, you do not have to expend energy on heating a thick spiral. Energy is spent only on the magnetic field in the induction coil. The temperature is regulated automatically by the system. It heats up the temperature of the heating temperature, then switches off, and is periodically switched on again as necessary to maintain the temperature.
  • Intense heating. The Booster function is necessary to distribute power between the burners. Sometimes it is necessary for you to quickly prepare the player, it's in your priority, but you do not need to disconnect the second one. Therefore, you can borrow a little power for another burner.

Disadvantages of the plate

  • High price. In two or three times the cost of an induction plate is greater than that of a gas stove. And it puts many at an impasse. This device can not afford anyone.
  • Dishes. Not all dishes are suitable for the cooker. As we said earlier, the bottom of the dishes should have ferromagnetic properties. And for electric and gas hotplates suitable for any dishes. At the bottom of the dishes, springs are sometimes sprinkled, this is a sign that it suits you. So utensils of heat-resistant glass, brass, copper, aluminum and other non-magnetic materials should be hidden in the cabinet, because such dishes will not suit you.
Induction cookers are not placed on refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, over the oven and other devices with a metal surface.

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